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  1. Awesome. I'll check it out next time I go online^^
  2. Character name's Aarlen, I'm currently floating around Renyn IX. I'm wondering about careers atm. I'm thinking of doing business, but I don't realy know much about any of them. Any ideas?
  3. I started an account about 2 or 3 days ago. It's fun stuff. I'm still a bit lost though XD
  4. Tried a couple of things in Photoshop to make it look a little nicer. I'm out of practice, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out: I I'm unsure about what genre they'd be though. Any ideas?
  5. Now that is very interesting, as I actually read an article the other day about parents raising children with huge amounts of talent in a certain area. Kids who are praised for their intelligence and talent tend to devalue effort in what they do, and, when faced with a challenge that they can't overcome solely on natural talent, they assume that they simply cannot do it. This is why, in my opinion, effort and hard work are more important than natural ability. If your success stems from effort, then you have a variable that you can control yourself, rather than being dictated by natural skill.
  6. OP is very true; I'm still new to music production and sometimes I feel as though I'm going nowhere.I've played keys on and off for about 5 years, but I've only been seriously interested in producing and composing for about half a year. In fact, I bought FL Studio only 2 or 3 months ago. It's particularly crushing since I know music is a skill I want to learn above all others. I've never even considered giving up on it though.
  7. I got the torrent this morning and had it on on the way to work <3 I'm only about 4 tracks in, but so far it's been great I've never actualy played ToP before, but I loved ToS. Looking forward to the second half!
  8. I've really been looking forward to this. UT3's been pretty much my FPS of choice since I bought it
  9. Ah, I'm playing through a trial at the moment. So far it's been all good! I can't find time cards anywhere though, and I can't get paypal to work, so I'm having a hard time subscribing >_<
  10. I forgot to mention before, but my username is Power_Smoothie.
  11. Don't forget to create a system restore point if you can get your system working properly again. I had a tonne of trouble before because I hadn't set any of them.
  12. Have a good one, mate! Happy Birthday!
  13. First time I've posted on the forum in ages, but I think it's my duty to congratulate you guys on such a successful project, that truly deserves a place in everyone's music library Happy Easter all.
  14. I know how you feel, I recently lost with a score of 6 months :/ That picture is seriously odd.
  15. Yeah, I thought the Harpsichord-ey part really added to it.
  16. Currently I'm playing Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 on the Wii, it's t3h leet roxxorz! I'm jealous of all you over the Atlantic being able to play Super Paper Mario. The UK release is still quite a while off...
  17. Yes, I'm a noob. Hi! I've been listening to OCR tunes for yonks and loving every note, so I decided it was about to time to join the forum! Um, about me... I'm male, British, and I have (in my opinion anyway...) at least a bit of musical talent, I've got about 0 experience though, but I'm taking grade 1 piano soon... Uh... I'm already a member of several forums, so I'm hip with the whole business of not spamming and that. Oh yeah, I love fruit smoothies.
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