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  1. if someone could throw together a quick demo, that'd be really awesome.
  2. There was a thread recently where a guy asked pretty much the same question. No one seems to mind by the way, the link in your signature doesn't work. looks like you put , instead of .
  3. I think that was me! I think it's pretty incredible how artists potentially halfway across the world from one another can collaborate on such an amazing project. You guys are awesome for making it happen.
  4. Just started listening to it! This is great.
  5. Actually, I'm pretty mad that they seemingly abandoned the plotline from the first game. Crysis ended on a great cliffhanger and it looks like they've ignored it entirely
  6. Wasn't the Sims 3 leaked in full like 2 months before release? That sold like hot cakes. I for one just hope there's a demo somewhere along the lines. I really don't want to risk buying a game I might not be able to run very well.
  7. I'm 17 years old, but I think growing up on emulators, Japanese RPGs, and my stepdad's library of ancient mac games has left me with an older person's taste in video games. I don't really care for games like Call of Duty and Gears of War. Then again, maybe I'm just a hipster who hates everything that's popular.
  8. I'd recommend including something by Jeremy Soule. The Morrowind theme, perhaps?
  9. Holy crap, I love Spacesynth. Buying this as soon as I have money
  10. Speaking of the fire starter, someone pointed out to me that "Boarbeque" would be a fitting name. I can imagine it having some kind of badass boar evolution (kinda like from Princess Mononoke). the starters can't really be judged until we've seen the evos.
  11. Wow, Japanese TV is nuts. 3d looks nice and smooth; shame it's such a brief clip though.
  12. Hey, this has got me thinking... Aside from solo piano/guitar mixes, which ReMix is composed of the LEAST number of tracks?
  13. So this is the point where everyone who was yelling and cursing yesterday admits they were just trolls, right? ...right?
  14. I hope we can all enjoy many great strokes of the ASS in the near-future.
  15. A+++ and 16 thumbs up. I love the creativity of combining "Ice Cap" with "Metal" - a risky choice, but one that has clearly paid off.
  16. Is that the default Fruityloops kick on the Ice Cap Electronica mix? Truly a glorious sound. The future of ReMixing is bright. Edit: Is ocr looking for suggestions/improvements? 'cause i really think the subtle delay is just a bit too subtle. You can barely notice it...
  17. Nuts. Ah well, guess I'll check it out tomorrow morning, if I can find the time.
  18. You sure are mean to us GMT folks, OCR. I have to get up at 7 tomorrow morning
  19. 11PM GMT, huh? Looks like I won't be getting much sleep that night
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