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  1. I would say twin snakes wraps MGS2 visuals and controls around MGS1 amirite? (never played twin snakes so I don't know)
  2. so is anyone still watching the countdown? I get so confused everytime It finishes and goes to the next one
  3. i was thinking more along the lines of between 2 and 4
  4. So in keeping up with the timer...turns out it's not a "5", but an "S." The recent timer for today was am "E"
  5. It's a sequel (or prequel) to MGS3...I'm callin' it...right now:!:
  6. Im very rusty but Ima try a new "medic" auradin I was readin about...be up in say a week or so Red9 as usual
  7. More political if you ask me...you can't have a pure conservative or pure liberal government as one becomes too restrictive and the other leads to general anarchy. Sorry bout the potenially offtopic of this post:tomatoface:
  8. Viruses from a specific franchise comes to mind...
  9. Gargle with hydrogen peroxide, and then with warm apple cider vinegar . Helps when I get sore throat or Strep...usually cuts recovery down to 2-3 days tops, also "Fisherman's Friend" lozenges really soothe the throat...and are rather potent.
  10. That could kill a whole lot of websites in a hurry.
  11. don't sweat it man

  12. http://www.avast.com/eng/download-avast-home.html What I use personally, works well. <.< >.> ...damn...
  13. Red9

    I miss arcades

    That's all slots and crane games.
  14. Red9

    I miss arcades

    Don't lie to me...that's a movie. I actually haven't seen any arcades here in Misawa...:{
  15. Red9

    Gamer Shame

    Bless my soul, your right! Couldn't find the original this will have to do
  16. Red9

    Gamer Shame

    In general I'm not a fan of any nintendo games, with the exception of the megaman series. I find Zelda repetitive and mundane, metroid is the same but you can jump now. Mario....meh Sega was alright. Nothing special but alright. Sony gave me some hope, and when the PS2...PS3 came out I pretty much become just a hair under fanboyism for Sony. I'm angry at them right now for the lack of testis with regards to Fallout 3 DLC, and a piss poor games selection. PSP hasn't failed me yet. Never got into gameboy (DS as well) just because when I bought one my sisters stole it and I got about 3 hours total play time on that thing. Beaten every FF upto 12. (I don't have 13 yet) Beat all the sonics, everything valve has ever created, and all the metal gear and metal slug games. Finally beat SSF2HDR with Guile on easy for the 1ST TIME with any character EVAR! Castlevania has been my whipping boy on every system I owned. Star Ocean Series is the all time favorite series of games...I just sad that 4 is 360 only for now. XP Contra will forever be my hatred. Fuck that game:!: P.S. I have violated all of those commandments, except for action replay IDK what that is.
  17. But tickets are sold as an understood one-time use item though.
  18. I like the start-up, but after .40 I get bored and travel to other threads. I guess what i'm saying would be some volume and sounds dynamics along the lines, even a slowdown of the tempo especially during the piano segment. Sounds very good aside from that. Definitely like it.
  19. You can't download a car duh. But when you sell/transfer the car/game you lose the rights to it without permission of the owner and any retained copies of the game that weren't paid for are now illegal. Amirite?
  20. We all gotta start somewhere, keepin pirating music and see where it leads...
  21. Is there a link to this?
  22. In the States it's: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copyright_infringement, and more precisely this is the result : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NET_Act Do we still do it? Of course we will.... However I agree with linkspast on tv shows.....
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