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  1. Gonna go ahead and say (in a good way) the album put me to sleep....after the fourth time listening through it. Worth the wait unlike Too Human... Great Job guys
  2. Red9


    That would be an epic thread I dare say.....like, like, like..two deathstar rays firing simultaneously at each other...at close proximity I can see it now....the day PPR got nuked.....
  3. Red9


    that sounds like a thread for wacky, AD, PP and zircon to decide upon.....
  4. Red9


    Relevence is? Bah whatever I'm overreacting.
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    I read the book a few years ago in high school cuz it looked interesting and was the only comic book at the library. Usually when I see movies coming out for something i like I just sigh and go "lets see how they mess this stuff up." But from how you guys all react I can't wait til it comes overseas so I can see it....in about a month. and I was like, "Oh yeah." Meaning what?
  6. Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Mr.T and Chuck Norris combined into cartridge form
  7. Red9

    O the horror!

    AAAGGGHHH! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN! You could try a rediculously(sp?) lousy game and play it with you feet. Did anyone mention Dead Space yet?
  8. Just so long as the majority of the acheivements aren't just "X number of posts", the thos dumb acheivments for completing a level, or every level.
  9. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/casualness
  10. you still looking to buy MTG cards?

  11. you know i believe it's blue = C and red = F I think....
  12. lol....my ex's mom played the harp....she taught me where the C's were. Think verticle piano is what she said hope this helps?
  13. hey what do you know about the Punk Spring concert in tokyo around mid april? on topic: How close in game play are tales games to star ocean? I only played the star ocean games...
  14. it's in aomori (sp?) the north end of honshu on the southeast corner of the big lake.....about an hour east of aomori city. We should man it'd be freakin sweet:nicework:
  15. :nicework:hi everybody I'm Deathtank:< I think all of you suck, I'm so glad I gave up impersonating malcos8-O This guy is more fun to be:|my avatar is wearing a pair of briefs on his head
  16. ARRANGEMENT / INTERPRETATION As long as I can recognize what song is being arranged within the work original work is o'tay. This reminds me of The Black Mages almost based on the sound set. PRODUCTION Loud=gud There is something captivating in this mix that forced me to bob my head. I don't know what it was but I just got sucked into bobbin at about 1:03ish, I Like. PERFORMANCE (live recorded audio/MIDI parts) The guitar towards the end keeps pace but sounds off by just a hair, but i didn't really think so til I listened to it about 6 more times so mebbe it's me. STRUCTURE I wouldn't mind perhaps a hint of choir mixed around or injected in magus theme areas. PERSONAL COMMENTS I blared this in my car and pissed off the cops. Well Done:nicework:
  17. doesn't that kinda defeat the purpose of black mages?
  18. What's behind this mask is not a man. what's behind this mask is an idea.
  19. Thank you:nicework: @Sologamer - Agreed:nicework:
  20. im in japan what came out? what is it? Can I have it too?
  21. Ace Combat four....got to the end mission in the A-10 wanabe, and the music sucked me in so much, SO EPIC (not a good enough word) I had the cockpit view on, lights off and sound cranked. Absolutely burned into my mind as awesomest memory
  22. Stand a 12 hour watch in a small noisy room and try not to get irate with people.
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