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  1. Quality, not quantity my dear boy.
  2. Ima recommend saints row 2 if you just wanna have some gta ripoff fun, the orange box, and Endwar. I beat endwar using only a mic and only needed the controller to load my file. Very cool vox detect.
  3. ZOMG! EPIC WIN! Sorry I won't make it to the wedding, it's a long swim from over here...... Congrats and best of luck!
  4. Merry Christmas from Misawa! It's 3 ft snow and gale winds! And the road crew still hasn't plowed the roads since last week. On a lighter note, a plow truck missed me by about a foot this morning on the way to work, I was walking on the sidewalk. Yes Merry Christmas!
  5. Ska: tsunami bomb, bim skala bim, the suicide machines, planet smashers, mighty mighty bosstones, the insyderz, B.O.B. (*if you like christian music at all), mephiskaphales, skatalites, OC supertones, Catch 22 (part of the band from streetlight manifesto),operation ivy, the specials, Big D and the kids table, Buck o Nine, fishbone, mad caddies, spunge, skankin pickle, the toasters, don drummond, Rancid (some albums more than others) Reggae: The Expendables, Rebelution, Bob marley and the wailers, UB40, 311, Anyone that ends with the last name marley (there's a lot of them), The Ethiopians Jazz: Herbie Hancock, the yellowjackets, after hours, the seatbelts(cowboy bebop music), Stevie Ray Vaughn (tin-pan alley), Santana (obviously), Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Thelonius Monk, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Red Nichols On a related note almost all of the bands for ska and reggae cross over into each other one time or another, ska is essentially punk and reggae, and reggae could even be looked at as just slow ska with weed lol. Hope this helps!!!
  6. i played and successively beat each megaman game I thru X8 from jan 1st until two days ago. Epic, absolutely epic, it's such a great series.
  7. I love you. Awesome remix btw. On a relevant note: So i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say we can't change your mind because you are a little bit butthurt about a mod for wii not coming out because of big bad Nintendo and the laws that back it up? Also wanting a place to complain hoping to get some sympathy for something explicitly illegal? I agree with your view on allowing mods and modding but not on how you're going about it. I recommend going the political route rather than the fansite route. We really don't have the direct power to change the copyright laws at a wim. Go talk to Uncle Sam about that.
  8. ^Agreed on biwa Personally SKA, kinda reggae, kinda jazz, kinda punk, kinda rock, kinda thrash, kinda awesome. It fits my life for most of the day (except sleeping).
  9. true that. especially that one ghoul by tenppenny tower, he was always a dick to me when I tried to help get him into the tower
  10. Red9

    Xbox 360

    300...but AF galley decides to take it automatically for food I dont eat (am currently resolving this issue). btw who are you and what exactly do you know?
  12. just watch, it'll end up being a cell phone game......or one of those one time old school systems like what are so popular in happy meals nowadays...... http://www.monstersandcritics.com/gaming/ps3/news/article_1384409.php/....makes you wonder.........
  13. I remember reading on the back that mgs4 included a demo or trial version of MGO. The Japanese version is freakishly addictive BTW.
  14. Red9

    Xbox 360

    I'm just sad that sony decided to not fight for dlc for the ps3...damn microsoft! i'm just too poor to afford a 360 anytime in the near future
  15. This is actually what I thought when I first saw the thing, but it'll prolly be a raiden game as the ninja during mgs4 or what he does after 2 or mebbe his childhood as a vicious killing-machine kid. Or a brawler like dissidia.......though I'm hopin for an mmo.... ! Metal Gear Online ! the demo tat comes with mgs4.....that could be finished soon eh? (it's out here i japan already) i don't know, i just don't know anymore........
  16. Originally it started as metal gear and then metal gear 2. The "solid" series started when konami introduced the franchise into the 3d world on the psx. MG, MG2 nintendo and i believe the msx or msx2 MGS -psx MGS2, MGS3 -ps2 MGS4:razz: -ps3 understand? YAY!
  17. especially with bloody mess....i love the rocket launcher in vats after getting that perk. Everything just flies everywhere:tomatoface:
  18. it's the company that made half life's program management application. Like windowslive or w/e it is.....only it's better and generally accepted
  19. This is deffinately a sleeper hit..........i need a cup o' joe after listening to it for too long. I like it.
  20. the missle launcher "miss" launcher...is in ft independence
  21. Andale is I believe in the north west region of the map....and it's a quest but it doesn't show up as a quest....just go digg around in the basements if you wanna do it. There is no spread, the weapon is easy to repair because of the commoness, the ammo is cheap and common and it's patriotic! (YEAH American Made!) If I can't change your mind then why not take them both?
  22. Behold! I am Red9, the finest handgun in RE4, the oddball Red Squadron Pilot, the 8th variant of the color red and the Greatest Pisser Off of People the world has ever known!. Ask me whatever you wish!
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