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  1. So you were looking for an instantaneous solution? My friend that is unreasonable to request of a company merely searching for profits based on ancient famed titles. Marketing beat out special interest. Your opinion > My opinion, based on speculation? Excellent technique.... And what empirical evidence do you have to back up your side of all of this. I have the story (thxs NNY) that supports my side and you just have personal attacks because no-one agree's with your childish behavior. Edited for benefit of others here
  2. yes...yes it does.....mr OCEAN STAR productions....hmmm
  3. Here's three points that you fail to accept. Since you obviously can't read I put them into laymen's terms for you. ...So mebbe there'll be another game collection soon to follow like other Sega collections... ...Or mebbe we could download some off live or PSN in the near future... ...ran out of time because and would've killed several other games straight off the project and broad variety means appeals to more people = $$$... If you wanna complain, at least follow yer own damn rules: Make a point. John Doe (and his supporters) make a counter point. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  4. Yeah I'd like to file a complaint about this soundtrack. I got to the zangeif stage mix and I was forced automatically by an unknown force to put it on repeat and now I fall asleep to it at night. Can I get a refund? But seriously awesome, i listen to it while I play dawn of war lol
  5. i've learned over the past to all out avoid "begginer" instruments, the low cost ones you try to see if you like that instrument, b/c over all they end up being teh suck and kill you dream cuz they sound bad in addition to yourlousy beggining skillz. (my english teacher would have a cow over that sentence) Also depending on the style or specific sound of music you want to create, you'll want to look into various body designs, pick up, strings and even fret boards! Good luck my friend
  6. win....I peed my pants when you said that:nicework: I agree with JCvgluvrabout the lock on technol....ooo 48 other games to play.
  7. this is almost something diehard von nut would create.....
  8. At work so I can't access youtube but I find the soundtrack for Vandle Hearts (psx) very excellent indeed.
  9. Shinra forced me to realize that using a planets resources is correct and necessary for life and profit. Even if it involves a meteor coming to hit us in 2012.....lol but out of the mgs series, it was 3 that really touched my brain in a strange manner. I silent walk everywhere. I wear neutral and earth tone clothes that fit in with the locale. I have a decent stock of calorie mates(delicious), a ww2 era tactical weight bearing harness with a home brewed medical kit, that would rival most local medical facilities in terms of usefulness. and i even went so far as to regularly eat raw fish. scary.
  10. Battletoads...the NES one not the snes or gameboy ones
  11. you could send it to me and i'll pay for it. SO1 was the first game i played on zsnes emulator. "....and it was good." SO2 was (IMHO) better than ff7. after you got onto the second disk and could actually get into the extra dungeon and all that. Also for 2 at lvl 100-ish after completing the 50 round survival arena you get this cool lvl 100+ only skill that if an attack on you would cause no damage, the character auto-counters it as a full attack, so if you work for it thats a good thing to look forward to. SO3 was pure love, my sister and I would actually chart out what you would produce for each person at each price level and the combinations and so on. we tried posting it as an FAQ but ign refused on account of that it was an excel spreadsheet at a whopping 14mb. Even the attempt at achievements is pretty slick. But my sadness explodes at learning that SO4 is 360 only. Not that i'm a fanboy or am against microsoft (I want dlc for fallout 3 on ps3) but i dont wanna buy another system for a game that has typically been on one system (sony) to begin with. Finally bunny shoes help if you feel slow and run up manually and attack when there is an opening, dont assume you can make it work every time
  12. the most recent homebrew hack and such (m33 line of custom firmware) is up to version 5.00 on the psp 2000. however i believe the psp system firmware is at 5.03 or such.....they keep releasing updates as the firmware is cracked. EASY FIX is don't update, but it defeats any online capabilities of the psp.
  13. i was always donatello....but i'm the nerd of my friends so it's okay
  14. Red9

    Dawn of War II

    The Emperor smiles upon his enemies fighting.......Xenos Absolutum!
  15. Just got a stiffy.... MGS3 limited edition (very difficult to find), came with a dvd that had all of the cutscenes strung together from the game. actually was decent to watch and explained the story better with a big bowl of popcorn. 's so far: 2
  16. yeah dart gun then any weapon you like (with exception to melee and unarmed) pretty much eliminates any threat from deathclaws...especially shotgun or magnum.....
  17. Red9

    Xbox 360

    ZOMG! almost forgot Rainbow Six Vegas 2. the better of the too in my opinion.
  18. ^quotes himself played through or actually played?
  19. ^is a real life superhero i wonder if ocr-tan would qualify.....
  20. wowza....i might have to break out my stormtrooper armor and defend the ever-expanding territory of the Empire.
  21. Red9

    Xbox 360

    towel trick? (i don't own one so i don't really know deese tings here)
  22. Red9

    Xbox 360

    I wonder about the RROD a lot actually, my friend got it on his while in Iraq and he shut it down and fired it up the next day. It worked just fine, and the same thing happened to myself, so I think it's more of an overheating problem than an actual critical error.
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