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  1. Hey Taucer, I was wonderin'... since you can do those wicked flips and all... have you tried space jumping?
  2. Should? When the only thing to reach you are blue shells and common human error, it becomes a necessity.
  3. You should've ended it there.
  4. Oh okay. I couldn't remember if this was the term used for what I saw in a MK64 vid some time ago. Similar to it, but not as tasteless. Thanks. Now I'm tempted to ask for a race or two on my DS...
  5. That is fuckin' impressive. But still, no one wants to go through that much work powersliding... I mean, I'm pretty good in MK, but there is no way in hell that I'm that skilled. Edit: I have no idea of what "snaking" is, either. Anyone care to give a short explaination?
  6. It's getting like that nowadays. One of my co-workers recently bought a PSP only to buy Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. She has no intention of buying anything else... Solely because nothing interests her. Outside of that, she's always playing her emulators. And yes, that was very much relevant.
  7. Well, granted, this is one of their patented phases that they've been sporting by releasing as many mini-games that so many kids pick up, decimate and boast about in such short periods of time. Meanwhile, the rest of the gaming populous is desperately waiting for that big game release that will "...possibly occupy" us for extended periods of time. My thing is, I didn't really account for Nintendo to start the Wii on the mini-game kick. I mean, there was Wind Waker and a few others, but then it slipped into the release of mini-games - - hardcore. Now I'm reading up on Mario Kart and Smash Brothers and this seems like what some of us were actually waiting for. I'm not inclined to disagree with you on Nintendo not being on track into profitable ascension, but they have this unique habit of slipping into their mini-game habits.
  8. ...Aaaaand I'm assuming that you don't have a Wii/not planning to get one/just not interested in the release titles thus far?
  9. No more Tetris Attack? Awwww...
  10. What's the scoop on this one...? Every Mario Kart course ever created?
  11. Whoa. I remember that game... barely... I remember beating it once and never playing it again. I don't know why, but I had more of a challenge braving the 100 stages of Galaga or playing Xevious.
  12. Wait, are you referencing to that group who listen to a guy who wears a Power Glove...?
  13. I almost forgot... To hell with Battletoads.
  14. ...Very depressing. By chance, is there even a TA of this game?
  15. Well, Gallaghers may be a bit over your heads, since it's rare to see the place not busy. If anything, I hope this list might help you all... And if all else fails... Hope you all have a good time.
  16. Wait a minute, there are actual human beings that have beaten that game...?
  17. Am I the only one who found Necros (FF9 Final Boss) to be downright annoying? Also, the last boss to Thunder Force 4 was pretty cool... until the screen lit up with all of those lazers and shot pellets...
  18. Oh lord, I don't even want to hear that word... Take that back, RD. *shudders* ...
  19. Best, you say? Making 3 variants of the same damned system in order to keep up with the damands of the already twisted industry. Can you imagine what lines you're going to hear after this E3? "Hey man, I got that new DS that so many of my friends wanted..." "Oh, you mean the one that costs $20-30 more than the previous one..." EDIT: *sighs* Whatever. I understand you, B.M.
  20. I purchased my DS lite maybe about a week or two ago and am very much satisfied with what I have. Now that I hear news of another DS variant, I'm wondering the true purpose in this? Any news on what these spectacular changes will be... (Other than the possibility of larger buttons, Like Bigfoot said...)
  21. Seriously, I second that. I don't think I've gotten back to Ridley as of yet... Correction, I don't even think I've gotten back to hard mode in general. But anyway, Kefka made me curse for a few weeks before I spent a whole week devising some ass-backward plan that actually worked. I don't remember what it was exactly, but I barely beat him. Sabin (the fists of god) was the only one left standing. My team made entirely no sense, but I beat that son-of-a-bitch. Dark Force from Phantasy Star 2 made me shed a tear in preventing myself from shredding my Genesis entirely. Death and Dracula from the original Castlevania... Why was it configured for them to fight for their lives? Still, to this very day, that game is the only one out of that series that I haven't beaten... *sigh*
  22. Oh, well, you'll be dealing damage by the shitload if you hit 'em at least twice... ...Three times is "a bit critical"? What do you say, Atma? (I'd keep rammin' 'em until they start bitching, but that's just me.)
  23. I was wondering, Is there anyone that clearly remembers the music from After Burner 2 for the Genesis? The tracks that I am interested in hearing possible remixes to are: "Super Stripe" "Red Out" "After Burner" Not necessarily in that order, but hey, whatever anyone is willing to attempt. Thanks.