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  1. But in order to use it, you'd have to get in close to two or three other brawling players to use its effectiveness. And on top of that, it leaves a huge opening... ...if you miss.
  2. Hmm, I wonder if Luigi will suck as per usual... ...or will I have to weave through all of the Mewtwo, Mr. Game & Watch, Ganondorf and Peach players to slightly prove his worth... Hmm...
  3. Ouch... ...Not to self, log off E-bay... ...immediately...
  4. A highly interesting piece. A friendly reminder of how annoying it was to actually fight Kefka, along with a playfully complex theme that is... Kefka. Noppz, you did one hell of a job on this one.
  5. I've been listening to this track for a while and I've taken to it as much as SEDUCTiON's "Chillout" remix and this track is awesome.the Metallica feel is indeed there. This'll making you want to play this game again, whistling this very tune.
  6. Has anyone ever thought about that "Festival of the Hunt" tune to remix? I think it's under Battle 2 or 3, not sure. There's already a piano Remix of it already, but what about like a classical or jazz tune?
  7. Hey everyone, I just found this thread and I have a request for whoever can go through with it. I have a variety of characters that I like, but the problem is, the main one that I was originally looking for is Ultimate Rugal. Since no fan art or any original is within my grasp, I won't put any of you through that "Arc the Lad" trek in findng any. All that I'm requesting is this image of Lenneth... my handle name and the creator's name in it as well. As for anything else, I leave to the artist's hands. I'm currently borrowing one of R-D's free sigs and will happily wait as long as it may take to complete.
  8. Yay, I learned something in English. lol. Thanks a lot, Drack.
  9. *sucks teeth* ...Yeah. That just summed up why I couldn't run any p2p programs on this electric brick for a PC. Thank you for clariying that.However, now I need to know exactly do you set a DMZ correctly and what do you have to watch out for if anything should occur?
  10. Okay, since I've been hearing a lot about NAT routers, what are the greater pros and cons about them and what do they ultimately do? I've only heard bits and pieces about the subject, but no one can honestly tell me what the hell are they exactly. You seem highly-intelligent and fully incapable of leaving people on "Cliff-hangers". So please give me a quick rundown on this, please.
  11. This Program called "Avast!" has one, but it comes with Viral Scan and some other package. It's pretty cool to use, but the updates sometimes takes a little longer than it should.
  12. I definitely second that. A Windows comp without a firewall is a gateway to the unimaginable. Use protection well, my friend.
  13. Okay, what firewall are you behind...? If it's McAfee, then you have no worries. If it's Norton... you technically don't have a firewall. At least, in my eyes you don't. Now in terms of your net privacy, your firewall shouldn't determine that. You do, with your average net activities. If you spend your time downloading roms and music, you may want to have one. But if you manage to find yourself continuously visiting the same set number of secure sites, day after day, then you don't have much to worry about. Once again, your firewall shouldn't determine that. Your choice in firewall along with your daily routine online determines that. Not sure if that helps, but I did try.
  14. Figured as much. I just... "re-installed" XP 32-bit onto my 2 year old system and I was just wondering about since I don't have much on it -- except errors from its previous user's continuous fuck-ups, I was wondering about just going for a new system, or just simply gutting the entire thing. Programs run fluently. That's not the problem. I tried adding Flash 8 w/ crack (a perfect one, mind you) and it just became inordinately slow. Frooty Loops is a program that I've been looking into for a while now and I was wondering about the key schematics so I could possibly avoid what happened to me in regards to Flash 8 from happening again. But I'm a lazy dude. Personally, I don't feel like dealing with Vista right now. The whole RAM whoring thing is a small blessing and a massive curse that I don't have the patience for it. Thanks for your support and the first chance that I get, I'll try to bump up whatever I concoct to a 64-bit XP. It's gonna take a while... but I'll get it done eventually.
  15. Zelda: Link to the Past - SNES & GBA Tetris - GB & NES (God, what an odd looking case...) / Tetris Attack - SNES Super Dodge Ball - NES and GBA Doom - PC, (still in box, unopened...) SNES & PSX ...That's all that I can find for right now. I don't feel like digging through my closet... I really don't... Oh, yeah... I still have my gold cart Zelda - NES in the house... in a crate... *sucks teeth* my closet... Damn.
  16. Yeah, I figured as much. I just didn't want to be the lazy bum that I am and just try to save up the funds for a Vista'd laptop. I don't want any more hassle than what I have now. I might as well just find some spare parts and go from there. Thanks a lot.
  17. Hey all, I was looking at the specifications of Frooty Loops and all of the corporate stuff and it metioned nothing about being compliant with Windows Vista. I'm reallly hesitant to get some random laptop to dump funds on and swap parts for and Frooty Loops not work on it. Can I ask all of you to cross reference and possibly fill me in to if FL works on Vista? Thanks.
  18. I'll give you a response to that by tomorrow hopefully. I believe it should be either 21...or 15? I'm not sure. I'll get back to you on that.
  19. Hey all, I was wondering, for those that can recall off the top of their heads without making a quick run back to their emulators for just a moment, *lol* there is that tune in SMB 3 where you're in the clouds and everything. Now has anyone thought about turning that into a possible project? I mean, I have my ideas, but I just wanted to just throw that idea out there and see what sprouts up. Anything is possible and I just wanted to see what everyone thought about that. Any feedback?
  20. Hey all, I just finally gathered the courage to join this awesome community that is music and video gaming. You can refer to me as A.S.F, or my gamer tag Mirage, whatever works for ya. I hail from New York, but I'm at a really... "interesting" job in Boston. It sucks, but a job is a job. I've been gaming since the dawn of my life and I don't see that changing anytime soon...*eating ramen* I don't currently have the equipment to start remixing right now, but I do have like... too many ideas. I play pretty much everything nowadays, so the whole thought about what do I dabble in has pretty much diminished into sawdust and shadows. However, I'm glad to have such a warm welcome here. Thanks and take care!