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  1. It lacks Richard Christy's "helpful" input, but it's pretty good overall.
  2. Well, if you need to... Start this far back... clicky. clicky. clicky. It's best to learn Kung-fu before you attempt to take down a dojo on your own. And if anything fails, all of your questions will be generally answered on here. clicky. Edit: And as in terms of what programs to use, I'd say whatever you are somewhat familiar with. There's tons of programs out there like Sonar, Fruity Loops and many others. Pay your friend Google a visit. Good luck to you.
  3. Well, I was at work originally when this remix was released and my co-workers are all into electronic music (in fact, that's all that we listen to collectively - - except for a few jazz and old-school hip-hop moments) and when I was taking a personal listen to this song, my co-workers stopped what they were doing (piles... of paperwork, mind you) to see who was it that made this mix. The first question that came up was "Is there anything else by that artist? That was hella-good and I hope that's not his/her first one." The rest of the day pretty much entailed them listening to it off and on for the next 6 hours. Then, when I brought it to their attention that it was a remix from a game, they just... did not... believe me. Got a chiptune of the original track and let them listen to it. Then I had them sit through the remix for at least 2-3 more times. On the level, they were seriously struck by the originality of this mix and have been frequently looking on the site for anything that they can remember. (gamewise) Bear in mind, out of 79 people who work at my job, three people including myself avidly listen to game soundtracks considerably. The rest of them left video games behind with their childhood. That was until my co-workers found OoT's "Prayer" by Pixietricks. I've heard it every other day from each of their ipods since the 6th of August. Edit: I'm sitting in my office as I type and Teem.Rokit's playing upstairs... and it's not me.
  4. I second the ball-biting part.
  5. Well, since you said nothing depressing, "Last Action Hero" is out of the window. You could sit back with Night of the Living Dead. I'm not really referencing to the original, unless you can brave it. Seven - Morgan Freeman & Brad Pitt. Crimson Tide Rumble in the Bronx ...That's all that I can think of for right now.
  6. Aw c'mon, he's/she's clearly staring at the binary encoding of the game. That's cheating. j/k. That's pretty cool considering that Tetris Attack gods can use their awesome display of skills to attempt to freeze their DS... Right, Bahamut?
  7. Happy Birthday, DrumUltima. Same goes for you, Majin.
  8. Well as of this morning, it turns out that my ipod now has been named "Kuno" by my mother and a few of my silly co-workers. How? With 80 gigs of space, I completely forgot that I had the first episode of Ranma on it.
  9. Somehow, I ended up calling my laptop Hikari. I forget the story behind it though, but I know for certain that it involved me being tired.
  10. Sure thing. I'll be available during the evening (EST). In fact, I'll probably be on MSN a good majority of the night. If you do have MSN, "smoke-signal" me.
  11. For one, forgive me since my wireless router is literally a Ver-high-zon P.O.S. Two, I have no knowledge of irc or what it does... I'll google it before I sleep... Anyway, give me until tomorrow and I apologize for the wait.
  12. Yep, that's what I meant. Also, I'm quite sure that I could battle you now since I'm like... fresh from the E4. You might not have much of a struggle since my party is a rag-tag bunch. Edit: Heavy emphasis on "fresh". Also, I'm not doing anything special, just racking up on BP. I'll be there for like... the rest of tonight so if you're around, I'll pop in every 15 minutes or so on WFC at the battle tower.
  13. Thanks for answering both of my questions. As a matter of fact, I'll add you after I eat (30 minutes) and just go from there. I might need some assistance with evo's, though... if you don't mind.
  14. Okay, Not that I care, but is there some sort of... prize? (...I'm hoping just the glory of staying alive...) And what's the lv. cap? 50 or 100? (Please don't say 100...)
  15. Actually, I wanted to add you while I continue to train my last two pokemon. At least I'll have someone set up for when I'm finished. I should be done in about 3-5 days time... (Providing that nothing catastrophic happens at my job.) Is that cool with you?
  16. Albeit that I'm just a lowly noob who's trying to get his musical stuff in order, I see it as a cool add-on to the OCR community. However, I do agree that the impact of possibly giving everyone a blog would be catastrophic. It's hard to believe that it's only $50. I would say that should if there's no little support within a given amount of time, I guess I could chuck $20 into the pot to make things easier for everyone I guess. Just to make things slightly easier for the community. Hope that helps. Edit: I'd probably have to send it as a donation, due to my Paypal account being just short of "cruci-fucked" for the time being.
  17. Holy fuck, that looks awesome.
  18. I just finished with your survey. I tried my very best to be as understandable as possible. I hope that you do well with your essay. Godspeed, dude.
  19. Shining Mirage


    It truly does. A sense of Rage, Kemistry as well as You & Me are as good as dnb are going to get in my eyes... at least for a while. Come to think of it, I kinda feel bad that we're the only ones who mentioned that CD's glory... Eh, no worries.
  20. Well dude, Aurora and Circuit Breaker: *nods* I took a second and third listen to Atlantis Groove, not only because I liked it but I was deep into the intro up to :51. Seriously, it's been ages since I last heard a xylophone. And on top of all of this, you managed to create a smooth, ambient finish is what really got my attention. The album itself is great and I can't wait to hear more from you in the future.
  21. Good to hear about all of this. I'm downloading it now so I'll give some comments after I get back from my food run. Sounds promising so far.