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  1. Hey djp, I just wanted to know what's the status on the OCR stickers and those mugs that you mentioned a while ago?
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    Well there's Orbital, due to their ambient side of electronic. And then there's BT, like Black Mage stated. This is way too vague to answer, but I could give a few artists for you to check out. Thievery Corporation DJ Shadow B-Flat Moby (I guess?) Suisse Modular ...I mean, just go from what everyone here gave you and just venture out. Only you would know what appeals to you. Hope that helps... (somewhat)
  4. Well, for one, it was imported with R4 and it came as a grey CD in a very thin case. It contained not only a demo of the turbo version of Ridge Racer, but this CD as well. I looked it up and all that I found was the separate copy of it. What is wierd is, that on my friend's copy, it has the list of songs and Grip is indeed on that list as track 2, as it is on the game soundtrack (If I'm correct). If you look closely on the image, it's not even on there. So I'm not even sure anymore. In fact, I'm completely friggin' confused. My digital camera's completely D-stroyed otherwise I would've happily posted images of it up to better support my statement. But seriously, I don't know anymore. But then again, this did arrive with the... ...Japanese version. I think that solves it. Never mind.
  5. Well, yeah. Slightly faster in tempo and about half of the original song is cut if I'm correct. Well, I have a copy of an official Ridge Racer compilation CD and if I am reading this correct, it does say that Grip is on RR. If what you're saying is true, then I think that this was a mix-up of some sort... or it's only on the ntsc version.
  6. It was bound to happen, man. ...Embrace the suck.
  7. Uh, by chance, will there be possibly a later tourney since I technically missed this one? Edit: I added my info on the database if that's cool, btw. Along with Mario Kart DS.
  8. One, from what I just realized, Grip is on RR and Revolution. Along with Rotterdam, Grip was remixed at least 3 additional times. From what I've not only read, but asked around in regards to those tracks, there are Dance Dance Revolution mixes containing elements of Grip and Rotterdam in them... Sadly, those songs I believe were for some of the Jap versions of DDR. I'm not entirely certain if this is true, because I'm looking it up as I'm typing this, but I do recall hearing some really good mixes of Grip on a self-made album that's floating around somewhere. Two, there are sooooo many mixes of Simple & Clean that I've heard, and they are all pretty much mixed into a moderately-tuned, trance-oriented stuff. There was one that I recently heard (albeit nearly impossible to track down, I believe) that had a bit of a chillout feel to it. Very slow, had a lot of ambience to it and had some of the most unique percussions that I've heard in a while. "(Something) Strings 4 Me Mix" is all that I can recall at the moment. I don't have any info at the moment in regards to the artist(s) as of right now, but I'll definitely keep looking for it. Agreed. I guess they just went more with the construct that people found Big Blue to be a fan favorite and just simply kept it. idk though, I kinda liked Mute City a lot more. 1. Pac-Man/Ms. Pac-Man When you hear the "game start" jingle, you know what's about to happen. Many people have turned that jingle into some interesting pieces of music. 2. Tetris B-type stands out the most for me, but probably not as iconic as I believe it is. 3. Metroid (Pick one) It seems that every single one in the series has the same appearance fanfare. Not that it's bad or anything, but when you hear it I guess that it's just a reminder of the stress that you're about to embark on.
  9. That's funny, because most who have played the series religiously don't even remember Grip at all. In fact, I've had one person tell me that it was only on the original Ridge Racer, and not Revolution. Very sad, it made me.
  10. Well, I have two... Ridge Racer Revolution: "Rotterdam Nation" I don't know why, but every time that I decide to play any Ridge Racer game, I find myself thinking of that song. Weirdly enough, they remixed it for the one for PSP. Added some bass to it and got creative with it. Castlevania: (Ha, pick one) "Bloody Tears" Everyone that knows me knows when I've just finished a session of pretty much any one of the series. Damn you Michiru, you make your tunes easy to hum, whistle and drum to. The openings of the themes vary with each game as well as carrying a unique tone for the depth into the game. That's usually what catches my attention when it coms to this track. Not only the variants of this track, but the usage location. Builds tension into the game somewhat. However, the only other two Castlevania tunes that instantly pops into mind at will are Blood Relations from SOTN and the Final Stage's music from Bloodlines. Luv those tracks. Edit: I would also say the original boss theme from Gradius, but they just keep switching it up and remixing it in some way shape or form. Few would actually know the theme unless they actually beat it, though. I guess this is up for debate.
  11. That marcel dude's english is impressive. Now, if we could get him to utter "hurrr" after each sentence, he might sound a bit clearer.
  12. Problem un-fucked. The system restore kicked in, but the only installer disk that my friend had, suffered some damage. Thanks everyone. Edit: Correction, a lot of damage...
  13. Yep and a piss-poor job at ripping off OCR. This is gonna get interesting. Edit: The dude's profile is enough lolz. "I altered some of the tracks"?
  14. $17.84 and it would've been an automatic lie if the chick (my aunt) didn't have a receipt... *mumbles*...lucky son of a....*smiles*
  15. Yes and my guess that it is a mech-car-a-ma-bobin. Yes, that's my final answer.
  16. I personally had difficulty trying to figure out what this track was at first, due to the beginning up to about 1:14. I had to break my neck to find a source tune of Team Rocket's theme so that I didn't get totally confused. After listening to that tune, the remix became so much clearer. The added expansions are slick. Especially from 2:02 into 2:40. What I was trying to imply (before the 404 got me) was, this was more than a shock to me (not in a bad way, either) since for a while I was wondering if Team Rocket's theme could ever be remixed. But I was thinking more of a metal theme, though. There's going to be a fair amount of people who might turn their noses up to this remix, but I don't think there's going to anything that'll top this anytime soon. Nice. (My bad, LT)
  17. I gotta give it to ya, this track stopped a room of 22 people to rush over to this laptop, listen and ask me from what album this was from. They still don't believe that it's from a video game...
  18. Does anyone know where to find some interesting Blogging templates/layouts? I've googled my eyes shut and I don't know enough XML to try anything epic... yet.
  19. Well, this site features Chiptunes. So my advice to you would be to check this out. I don't think anyone'll just hand you over a tune without reason.
  20. /sniped (...again) Edit: Welcome aboard.
  21. That's funny, all of my co-workers have said the exact same thing. Although a large part of me still wants to see Iron Man, I'm terrified for the end result.
  22. Well, it's your choice... I mean, you don't normally come across games like that in a store. Especially since my Aunt just recently found a fresh copy of Zelda (NES). Gold Cartridge. I wouldn't stand hearing less from her other than it being ab-solute luck. However, in your case, you have two options... Buying the item from the store that you're talking about... or buying it from OUR store...
  23. Edit: /Sniped
  24. ...That's where the 6 hours of wondering how did he do it came in. Oh, and the "New Shortcut" Option isn't even on the list. I found that hilarious. Yep. I even moved around every desktop file just to see. It's not even registered on the HD. I'm tempted to tell my buddy that he's fucked, but there has to be some sort of insanely simple solution to this. Edit: I'll make another attempt at it when he gets home from work. Until then, I'm gonna pokemon myself to death.
  25. Sorry about the double post, but the registry obviously did create the bin, but it's not on the desktop. I searched for it, and it's still not in visible sight.