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  1. Hey, no worries. A friend of mine made his web page using only MS paint. Thank god he updated it... The colors he used hurt my eyes. Edit: Oh and a cracked Dreamweaver that even I'm not sure how he obtained to this very day.
  2. That's just the thing... The process in Luigi swinging that damn vacuum out, I'd be guessing that'd be the first hit in which might register as a possible regular smash attack, sending an unlucky fool (in-close, mind you) careening vertically into the air, then turning it on to finish off the other players. If it is Polter-Gust, I guess it'll have some scale to the many pros and cons of every character. As long as they don't take out that flail attack that he had from Melee, I'll be happy.
  3. Has been sealed in my iPod forever. Thanks SnappleMan!
  4. Just one question, Exactly what edition of Photoshop are you all running?
  5. I'm still hella curious as to what Luigi's Final Smash will be...
  6. Well, the typical "spray-n'-pray" theory is immediately thrown out the window. That much I'm sure about.
  7. Sounds about right... a P.I. by chance? J/K
  8. I don't think that there's anything wrong with that at all, but I think that after hearing Hedgehog Heaven and the work put into that, most remixers just simply want to jump right into a newer project and use this as inspiration for the up and comers like yourself to lay out your ideas... So if anything, I would just say that you should get started at your own pace and just ask for comments here and there. I'm sure that people wouldn't mind hearing something new and out of the blue. That's what this community is here for... ***I hope that sounds correct...***
  9. I pray I don't have to hold my breath too long...?
  10. I've never even heard of 'em... Edit: And there are... better bands than this. ...Plenty.
  11. Didn't that game make it to the U.K.? I remember reading in some magazine that it did... EDIT: Never mind. I found all the info on Aksys and that game.
  12. This rather caught me off guard. The lyrics caught my interest but the overall tune is better than what I originally expected. This is great. A rather abrupt ending, but it's catchy. Nawice!
  13. Anyone ever played a game called "DJ Boy" for the Genesis? ...Okay, there's this granny that appears in two, if not three levels. No patterns or anything out of the ordinary, she just violates your space with poorly made combos. Just straight owns you for free. What made this boss so ungodly annoying was for each one of your hits, she smacked you at least three times. Don't get me wrong, the granny is beatable, but it takes too much work.
  14. That's all that I needed to know. Thanks a lot. I wasn't sure if I needed to backtrack someplace for some nameless item that has to do with those Psyducks. I just wasn't sure and I needed just a quick-reference as to are they important right now.
  15. I just got my diamond about two weeks ago. I have three badges and I have absolutely no clue where to go. No, seriously... ***Kinda need some help...*** Edit: Veilstone is as far as I got. One of the roads nearby is blocked by a mob of Psyducks.
  16. Name sounds familiar... What company made that?
  17. This piece is highly addictive. Love the opening work, by the way. From 2:02 to 2:35 caught my attention. Don't know why, but it's a good thing, trust me. ...It ended rather quick to me, but I keep forgetting that it's only but part one. Can't wait to hear the next installment.
  18. From 2:45 on, really caught my attention. For some unkown reason, I see myself playing Ace Combat 5 to this... Goat strikes again. Nice job.
  19. I would've said a little over 3 million, but you may be more accurate. Still, those serious gamers are holding out for games like Smash Bros., Mario Kart... I can point out even more who are waiting for the release of Metroid and Mario Galaxy, just to get their hands on a Wii.
  20. Nothing that I ever wanted this bad. Especially on a day that I'm being replaced for someone else going on vacation, so I'm pulling a double shift that two week period... Starting with Dec. 3rd.
  21. Ha-HA! The irony in that. The game that I've been waiting for is to be released on a work day... Delicious.
  22. Okay, a little help... I can't get to a calendar right now. Decmber 3rd is what day?
  23. Hey Bigfoot, at least you didn't have your copy of GS 1 stolen, just days after you beat the game...