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  1. Brian and I are getting into Union Station at 11PM Wednesday, so we should be at the hotel around midnight.
  2. Good News: THE SCHEDULE IS OUT! Bad news: I'll have to skip town by the time of the OCR panel on Saturday. (And miss Yuzo Koshiro too, but I was already expecting that.)
  3. Duly noted. My 2 friends and I now have our own room! We're getting in late Wednesday night. If anyone else is still in need of rooming space, you can post here or PM me.
  4. Hey guys. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but my attendance this year is iffy. No only do I have Saturday night commitments in Pittsburgh I have to go back for, but I'll be without my car in early January. I could take the MegaBus down Wednesday night/Thursday morning, but I'd need a pickup from Union Station. And if I go I'll probably take a taxi to fly home Saturday afternoon... Nonetheless I think I can make it work if I plan accordingly. Since last year's roommates Alexis & Cerrax are both sitting out this year, I'd be looking for a room too. As well as my friend Brian, who some of you may remember from last year.
  5. Me, Brian ("BJ") & Karen ("Trouble") are all now home safely. Thanks so much for what's been the BEST MAGFEST EVER!! *crashes on his own bed*
  6. Yeah, I'm normally pretty healthy, but caught my first MAGFlu last year. Couldn't even call off work since I had a major product launching that day. Would anyone be willing to let my party of 3 (including me) crash in their room Wednesday night? We'll pay our way & are okay with floor space. Otherwise we'll get there Thursday morning. Also: * Notices the far-right of the Google spreadsheet. * I fucking love you guys.
  7. I'm for dressing up dashingly Thursday night.
  8. Me, FFMusicDJ and maybe a guest of mine are looking for a room too. Can we join our forces? Edit: I'm always down for the floor.
  9. Or the PowerGlove. Or the Activator. Thought of some weird/hard ones here: Super Mario Bros. 3: [Full Wardrobe] Get all the suits/powerups into your inventory [Get the Warp Whistle!] Pick up all 3 warp whistles [speedrun Boredom] Get a 1-up in World 8 by doing Sonic 2: [Zero to Super] Get every Chaos Emerald to become Super Sonic by Aquatic Ruin Zone Act 2 (I used to be able to do this) [big Winner] Get a triple-Jackpot on Casino Night Zone's slot machine [boss Interrupted] Beating any boss in more than one move cycle (i.e., before Robotnik gets back to his starting position) [No Chemical Bath] Avoid letting the chemical/water touch you on that one platform-climbing part of Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 Sonic 3/3&K [Explorer's Badge] Take each of the possible paths in a level (is this even possible?) [Forbidden Zone] As Sonic, go to a part of a stage designed for Knuckles, or vice-versa [Lights Out] Make it through Sandopolis Zone Act 2 without using the light switches Stay in the Gumball machine bonus round for more than x seconds. FF3/6: [Gotta Wait for Shadow] (self-explanatory) [save the Drama for Your Mama] Save Cid in the World of Ruin Beat the World of Ruin (& therefore the game) with only the minimum required characters Get Gau and/or Relm to learn 25%/50%/75% of their monster techniques (Mike Tyson's) Punch-Out! [breaking Glass] Defeating Glass Joe in 1 round Nintendo World Championship 1990 [Rich Motherf**ker] Turning on the game
  10. 2 weeks later, my pictures are finally sorted & uploaded! Sorry, MAGFlu just took all the momentum outta me. OCR & Concerts: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2083234&id=17301564&l=bccb8e29fe Other: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2083238&id=17301564&l=54889a6575 Youtube videos coming soon. Edit: And Kaiser: I totally remember that Double Rainbow conversation. That performance is one of the videos. Edit 2: I did something awful: I dig it!
  11. oh god yes! Edit: Caps disabled?? But I want to Unleash the Fury!
  12. Good news: I just finished going through my pictures and they are awesome. Bad news: Since Monday afternoon I got the MAGFlu real bad. Going into work today was not a good idea, and I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow. I already drafted up a good/bad post and I'll share those with the pictures once it's completed. Miss you all already in any case!
  13. WE ARE HERE! PS. The WiFi access code is the same as last year.
  14. So I've allocated 2 days off work as usual, but this year I don't know whether to take off on Thursday & Friday, or Friday & Monday. Or maybe Thursday afternoon, Friday, and Monday morning. Any rides I give people also depend on this. I remember how Thursday last year was a slow start and how the party was still going strong at midnight on Sunday when I left. I can hardly describe how hard it was to pull myself away from that and drive through the night to get to work at 8. What do people think? Does anyone know if there's activities on Sunday night like there were last year?
  15. Well, it happened, the MAGFest hotel is booked! Good job, everyone! That being said, I'm still looking for some peeps to room with (mainly just floor space) And Bahamut: I'll be driving down from Pittsburgh, so could you please add me to the Driving list?
  16. q-pa

    Nintendo DS

    --Oops, I meant 6-1 from SMB3, which is 5-1 in this version. The ice world...
  17. q-pa

    Nintendo DS

    Had a lot of fun with this over the weekend. It's interesting how he finds substitutes for all the things in SMB3 missing from the DS game (like some enemies, platform movements and A WAY TO FLY...). But anyway, it's harder too. The second half of 5-1 kicked my ass about 10x harder that its SMB3 counterpart. A lot has been added to the game; this patch isn't so much of a SMB3 remake as is it a remix.
  18. I'm going (wouldn't miss these for the world!). I'm driving from Pittsburgh. I'm still trying to work out a room. PS. Sorry for the looooooooong absence!
  19. Wow, sorry this took so long; kind of forgot about it Uploaded all the files as a zip: http://home.comcast.net/~digamejh/online_storage/ff7musical.zip Also: hi frollo. Thanks for the memories.
  20. How much were you looking to get for it?
  21. q-pa


    Yeah, my friend and I saw it in IMAX 3D and walked around our mall in a daze for like 10 minutes after. Watching it on acid would be pretty interesting
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