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  1. Auto Tune Bill Cosby?? I'd rather have Vocoder Bill Cosby!!
  2. So I'm not the only one! I even brought my copy to MAGFest for S&K composer Howard Drossin to sign! I'd scan it, but it's at my parent's house. Funny side-story: a lot of the music was changed for that version, and for whatever reason I didn't truly fall in love with the games until I played them on an actual Genesis some years later.
  3. That's all I am. Ignorance is bliss, my friend.
  4. Bad news: I probably can't make the show tonight I'll have it on but I'll probably only be able to tune in sporadically. Good news: http://home.comcast.net/~digamejh/dj/qpa_feelthetootseeroll.mp3
  5. I think some are reading too much into it. The way I see it, Jacob touched Richard *specifically* to grant him immortality, because he wanted to. (Almost tricked him into it, really, since otherwise he believed he was going to hell.) I'm guessing Jacob didn't wish to grant the candidates immortality, so he didn't when he touched them. Proof: Sawyer and Kate aged since Jacob "touched" them as children. IMO I think what Jack is experiencing is that "the Island won't let you die" thing that was much discussed in Season 4. Could it apply to each of the candidates? Was Michael a candidate too at one time and then "crossed out?"
  6. Damn, that was quick! I was just going to start today on mine! I saw this on Saturday, but didn't get the opportunity to listen to it till today. ! Not quite how I would have done it, but interesting! Is it still worth it for me to even try my own take? Or should I just continue working on my other track..?
  7. O RLY? There was actually an unlicensed cart of MegaMan X3 made; unrelated to the SNES version but still worth a look. A ROM of it exists, but I can't tell you where.
  8. OKAY! Just wish I could have another mash-up ready in time. Ah well, maybe in another 2 weeks.
  9. Agreed. I've largely given up on the "WHERE ARE MY ANSWERS! RAWR!" in favor of just enjoying the ride. ABC's unrelenting teasing of them isn't helping. A lot can happen in an episode and there are, what, 8 of them left? So I'm not too worried about the clock running out. This fan blog and its community have a decidedly more light-hearted, almost OCAD-like take on the show and it's a lot of fun that way. That being said, I just hope the endgame isn't like Snape's backstory in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," where they throw it at you all at once. But it probably will be.
  10. Last night's episode was pretty good. I don't like Sawyer on a regular basis, but last night he was badass. Also, compassion from fake-Locke was kind of weird. Probably the most significant detail is (supposedly) the change in Sawyer's age when his parents died: 9 instead of 8. Finally, mmm... cake. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hILqMGb2u2w&feature=player_embedded
  11. I already beat Portal and am working my way through HL2 and the episodes using CrossOver Games. It lets you play some Windows games on your Mac and I love it, but the conversion isn't quite perfect.
  12. From what I hear, Apple itself isn't doing much to support gaming on the Mac. So I'm hoping that this will be the kick in the pants that Mac gaming needs. Now for a question: Should I wait until the Mac versions come out to replay Portal and continue through HL2? I'm not sure if I can...
  13. One popular theory I've heard is that this is the epilogue and we're seeing the fate of the characters after the final conflict has been resolved--whatever that turns out to be. Another theory is that this is what happens if Jacob had never influenced them. My biggest problem is that the characters' pasts have been altered in this reality. Locke is still with his wife and is on good terms with his father, Jack has a son, etc. How could setting of a nuke on a remote island in the Pacific affect them like that in L.A.? Even if the explanation is Jacob not "touching" them, I'm having trouble connecting the dots...
  14. Given the history of red herrings on this show, I'm not so quick to assume anything anymore.
  15. I never really had problems finding the end of a level. Sonic 1, 2 & CD designs were pretty basic: you start in one place, it branches off into 2 or 3 different routes, then they come back together for either the end post or the boss. It wasn't "move right to win," but you were pretty much only moving that direction--occasionally to the left. Sonic 3 & K mixed it up a bit by having larger levels and more exploration, especially vertically. But it was still always fun & innovative to me. And as far as memorization goes, I never had a problem with it. It isn't like "bullet hell" games or, *ahem,* certain NES games where you have to first move this way then that with utmost precision. It was more like a guideline; there was always a lot of freedom. Like they said, speed is a reward. It was actually fun for me to memorize the location of every continue post in Sonic 2, then the Special Stages, so I could get Super Sonic by Aquatic Ruins (Zone 3) Act 2 Edit: cobaltstarfire: I used to be scared shitless of the water levels as a young kid too. Looking back on it now though, I laugh. Edit2: Bleck: Some people like "bullet hell" games too, but not me. I guess we each have our own tolerances...
  16. My 2 cents: I'm reminded of the many differences between the various Sonic 2 betas and the final game. The so-called is probably the most well-known of them. Everything from the title screen to sprites [0:20] to level palettes [5:09] to even a few level design elements [6:29] were changed. Entire levels were scrapped. True they were under ridiculous pressure & time constraints, but this shows you what can change between a beta and a final game. So I too am holding my breath and seeing what the final version of Sonic 4 will be.
  17. Finally get to see the game in action and I must say I'm relatively pleased. But OCR should definitely keep trying to do the music for future episodes...
  18. There's a song in there somewhere But this is all I could remember. Take their words to heart, all of you!
  19. The general rule with projects like these is that if the copyright holder(s) are nice, you can release your mash-ups/cut-ups/whathaveyou, but you can't sell them for a profit. I guess that's where these guys ran into trouble. That said, I was not a big fan of Ocarina of Rhyme. I'm all for out-of-the-blue, impossible-on-paper mash-ups, they're more or less what I live for, but those just didn't work and were not polished IMO. I'm, *ahem,* downloading the Vinyl Fantasy 7 album as we speak; I'll let you know what I think.
  20. I loved the little subtle differences in both realities. They make me think that neither one is quite what we think it is (that is, one where the bomb worked and one without). I'm with BooDidley7 and GT on that one. Connecting some dots...: :arrow:So the Smoke Monster is Jacob's nemesis/"Man in Black"/Essau/whathaveyou and can take on the appearance of dead people (as seen by Alex's appearance last year). So does that mean that the manifestations of Jack's father, Kate's horse, Hurley's friend and JACOB HIMSELF in this episode were all its doing as well? Does he have to "see" a dead person before he can take on their form? What does that bode for Jack's father's body not being on the plane? Some people said that a living Sayid is now a creation of the Smoke Monster. But we don't know if it can inhabit living people yet. Though it could have conceivably dragged him off and replaced him... :arrow:Someone also pointed out the ash that was surrounding Jacob's Cabin. That makes sense now as a way to keep the Smoke Monster out, as seen in that pretty-epic battle in the Foot of the Statue. Is the Cabin his "home?" And speaking of the Foot of the Statue, Fake Locke--"Mocke"--said that they (the people with the guns) were there to capture him. So who placed them on that other plane? Who's pulling the strings with that? Did anyone else notice that other passengers on the plane were now servants of the Temple? Not just the flight attendant. And is it just me or did the leader guy look suspiciously like Dr. Chang? Another thing: Why wasn't Jacob's body seen burning in the fire? I don't know. I discovered pretty early on that something wasn't quite right, then I was interested.
  21. It's about on par with "Wiley," IMO. Besides, I've always associated "Eggman" with "I Am the Walrus," which, remembering the mildly-disturbing lyrics to that song, kind of fits. Edit: I guess the reason I never took this seriously is because that guy's a joke to begin with. Every single convoluted machine of his is destroyed and every plan failed. Menacing? Please... Edit 2: --Though that giant final boss of S&K was pretty epic.
  22. Sorry, I just kept having flashbacks to that video Sega made that was half 15th-anniversary tribute, half "Shadow the Hedgehog" trailer. (tried looking for it, but no luck). I never understood the hostility between "Dr. Robotnik" and "Eggman." Sure I grew up with "Dr. Robotnik," but I have no problem going with either name. It can't just be because that's how it was originally localized, right...? Or does it have to do with how they were 2 different characters in the comics? I really want to know...
  23. I must admit I'm really torn on going... Like Pezman, I've only ever been to MAGFest and Otakon. I love the former for its community and the latter for... I guess it's spectacle and vastness. But MAGFest is and probably will be my number-1 <3. Correct me if I'm wrong, but PAX was originally conceived as a response to E3 after they closed it to the public. See, I don't really have an interest in watching the video game companies throw their weight around. Announcements, footage, even the demos (if there aren't long lines, but there will be lines... right?). I'll also kindly pass on the tabletop gaming and can only stare at a screen for so long... I'm also torn because I had my heart set on ROFLCon, which is also in Boston in late April/early May. Being the child of pop culture that I am (if you're heard my MAGFest DJ sets, you know what I'm talking about ), that seems like it would be a mecca for me. But if any of you went to the last one, how was it? And will OCR be there again? I'll probably have to choose between this, ROFLCon and Otakon. I had to skip Otakon last year due to an annual commitment. This year that commitment is July 22-25, and Otakon dates haven't been posted yet, right? But it's good to know that both PAX East and Otakon have JamSpaces now (thanks, Dom!) OK, sorry for the long rant, but that's my situation.
  24. Speaking of bonuses, I hope that the Special Stages are NOT a rehash of a previous ones! PLEASE, SEGA! I'm tired of the gather-rings-in-a-linear-course (Sonic 2, Sonic 3D Blast--both versions, Sonic Advance 1, Sonic Rush...), and the run-around-a-flat-plane courses (Sonic CD, Sonic 3&K, Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic Advance 2)... Edit: Finally found what I was looking for. Something original, like this.
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