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  1. Since no one else posted it here yet, *ahem* Also:
  2. Kanye had an epiphany. Also, cruise control. I can't help but think that Kanye West is the next Michael Jackson, in that his music is great but, as a person, he's a little weird. Let's hope that he doesn't let the latter completely overshadow the former like Jackson did. (Jackson got SO off-the-charts crazy starting in the 90s that I doubt Kanye will ever get that bad, but you get my point.) Glad to step in and see some action in this thread again!
  3. what system? i don't do research anymore. That was GameCube.
  4. q-pa


    Sorry, this thread has gone on so long that I forgot. My apologies.
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    http://www.twitter.com/q_pa that is all.
  6. Awww... Please tell me you'll go back to it from time to time. It's been fun--at least for us listeners.
  7. Yes, I agree with Ben Folds Five's Whatever and Ever Amen. That's one of my favorite albums of all time; I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner. "The Battle of Who Could Care Less" got some airplay off that album too, I remember. I haven't heard his solo albums apart from the singles; I'll check them out! Was it Cake's Comfort Eagle that had the cover of "I will Survive" on it?
  8. But that album did have their awesome cover of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction!" ...aaaaand that's pretty much all i know about it:|
  9. I heard the whole album once. While I wouldn't buy it myself, it was pretty good. Some of mine are: Eiffel 65 - Europop (single: "Blue") (AkumajoBelmont agrees with me on this) Bloodhound Gang - Hooray for Boobies (single: "The Bad Touch") (sophomoric, of course, but pretty funny and even witty) Smashmouth - Fush Yu Mang (single: "Walking on the Sun") (while not necessarily a stellar album, merely good, it's noticable because every single other song on the album is punk) Personally, I think the real test of an album is if you like the non-singles more than the singles. Edit: RealFolkBlues: the name of the Chumbawumba song was "Tubthumping."
  10. According to Google Maps, the nearest IHOP is 10 minutes from the venue (over the river). But there are a lot of Eat n' Parks (Pittsburgh being their corporate home) and I know a couple of them are 24-hours... Also, I'd be willing to tentatively host people at my place in Squirrel Hill either before or after the concert for some gaming, jamming and/or chilling.
  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAYS! My usual Happy Birthday Mario Paint video--just in case you haven't seen it 1000 times already :
  12. DO IT!! ...For great justice. /10characters
  13. Much appreciated, but is there any way to turn that back on when we want it?
  14. Mid-90s, right? Remember that female turtle they tried to introduce in the show? And I for one almost shouted for joy when I saw the old-style logo at the end of that trailer vid. Also, moar love for TMNT the Arcade Game plz!
  15. HOLY SHIT, thank you guys; I was totally not expecting this! I must confess I haven't logged onto the forums in a few days and I only saw this now!
  16. As I mentioned awhile back, I have a good string of used videogame stores in my area. I've recently seen Megaman 2 (NES) for $10 and Megaman 4 & 6 (NES) and X1 (SNES) for $15 each. I saw X2 (SNES) for $35, but I don't know if you're willing to spring for that. I can buy and send these to you if you want; say $5 shipping + any games.
  17. I'm sure you could do a lookup at the Virginia DMV online or something...
  18. Aw hell, what's a few more? While the rest of you were having pizza, the DJs were practicing... Did anyone else catch this?
  19. Remember this? And finally... The Money Shot:
  20. From my Facebook--finally: --sorry Larry, I had to...
  21. I brought my PowerGlove and other obscure shit, like Ikaruga, Secret of Mana and Contra 3. Fuck your Rock Band. But my main problem was there were too few working NESs and even a few 16-bit systems were giving me problems. The staff really needs to fit their NESs with some of these... Also, no DDR or Beatmania machines like last year, but that's another story. Anyway, I finally got around to re-recording my DJ set tonight: http://digamejh.melankolly.com/mixes/q-pa_Magfest_VII.mp3 (~50MB) Like last year, it was recorded live to retain the same feel as the original. It's not perfect, just more error-free than the original set was. Personally, this mix is quite astray; not as good as last year I think... As Neo said, the playlist was literally finalized like 2 hours beforehand. And even then it's just the highlights of a planned longer set, hence the fact that each song is a different subgenre and tempo (and not as meme-tastic as last year's was). I was trying to use my amateurish scratching skills to try and liven things up (since I couldn't dance as much due to the staging) but in the end, listening back, they just distract from the songs. In other words, the mix is at that awkward stage between a tight, concise practiced set like last year, and a full-blown, evolving set like next year will hopefully be. Next year will be off the hook though, I promise. Picts & video coming this weekend. I like what I'm seeing so far though! Edit: Neo & EK: Welcome to OCR! I was hoping for some cross-pollination between the 2 groups! Edit 2: I apologize again for the track that "Italo Disco" is mashed-up with; I thought it fit and was funny. Besides, it was worth it to see some making-out on the JamSpace floor!
  22. omg, that was frickin sweet. Someone should have recorded it It's not as impromptu as you might think... Here's a link to that MP3 Still sorry I missed that fun. Jose can attest to how much I love cheesy karaoke... (You were there with me in DC, right?) While I'm still working on sorting my 250 picts, here's some more highlights: 
Stealing a noisemaker and tiarra from the expensive Bond party New Year's Eve (sorry I don't have any pictures of the party...) "We put a keyboard in your keyboard so now you can jam while you jam!" Meeting Walter Day of Twin Galaxies and King of Kong fame (I didn't know he'd be there; I was star-struck...) Meeting Howard Drossing after the informative Q&A and getting him to sign my copy of this: Meeting Tommy Tallarico--even if only briefly--and getting him to sign this: The chiptune concert rocking the pants off of Otakon's and pretty much every other rave I've ever been to Meeting and chilling with bLiNd Dancing by Bustatunez and Hale-Bopp 
NSMB--and I don't mean New Super Mario Bros. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12!" Getting most of the OCRers (and ScrewAttack people too) to sign my "The 7th Fest" poster. Will definitely inspire me in the coming year(s?). Edit: How can I forget--OCR PANEL: one of the best ever IMO! Seriously though, it must again be iterated that I have utmost <3 for each and every one of you and I can't wait until even a small subset of us are together again. Thanks.
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