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  1. This album is just amazing, fantastic! I got it yesterday and I still haven't listened to the whole thing, but I'm working on it. People, seed this thing and spread it around, facebook it, tweet, what have you. Spread the love that three years of hard work and dedication has produced. Again, amazing work, people, thank you all for this amazing album!
  2. Fantastic! Really lost myself listening to this in the beginning, and the rest made me want to rock out. \m/ >.< \m/
  3. This is amazingly entertaining. I can see this song and I getting along just fine for many, many listens.
  4. Happy birthday, boss-man! Hope it was a great one.
  5. Doin' fine! Getting back into college this fall with Liberal Arts, dunno where I'm gonna go from there, though. How about you?

  6. This remix is bangin', and I loved the Quick Man reference, however subtle Great job, Jake! Keep 'em coming!
  7. Well hi there! Good to see ya here!

  8. Charming and witty and hilarious. Thanks for this, guys
  9. zomg guys, hope you all have great birthdays!
  10. Great stuff, especially coming from an unusual style for the site. I really enjoyed it, made me want to break out my zumba kit (I kid, I really do) Thanks for this really enjoyable remix!
  11. Listening to it now. Good stuff, your style and technique is evolving!
  12. Dude, congrats on finally getting your stuff posted! I'm lovin' it, and I'm looking forward to hearing more of your work on the site
  13. Great stuff! I especially liked the choral work in the last section, it was a nice touch. Thanks for this!
  14. Wishlist! I've been trying to get all the Bone volumes. I already have volumes 2 4 and 9, I'd love to get one more (or four. I'm not picky ) Also, I already have the huge volume, but it's falling apart, hence the individual volumes. The wife and I LOVE Zelda, and this colorful skin for our 3DS would be lovely I'm crazy about trinkets and keychains, this would be perfect for the season :3 It's not -the- cap, but the cap I do have is silk and will leak colors Been wanting one of these realllllly badly... Anyway, I should rein it in. My wishlist, lady or gentleman randomly picked for me :3 Please don't feel pressured to get -anything- on this list, it's just stuff that I want. Whatever you choose to send me will be greatly appreciated. Just have fun!
  15. D: Another belated?! Oh noes! Happy Birthday, Burly Crace!
  16. I didn't even know until I happened upon a certain comment on facebook that mirby didn't even have a birthday thread. Better late than never :3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MIRBY!
  17. Never underestimate the power of CHAMPION CHRISTMAS
  18. I didn't (and still don't) know anyone here well enough to give them something that I know they'd like. Last year I sent someone a bag of coal ...of course, there was a jar of cookie mix hidden inside
  19. Count me in for this, please. I had fun last year and I look forward to giving someone something witty and a good reminder of what this season is about: Giving.
  20. Congrats, JH! Great to see you finally made it. Great stuff here, nice vocals and thoughtful piano arrangment.
  21. Just wanted to drop a note. Your sound here is absolutely amazing! I love every sound you've managed to create, I have no complaints with your arrangement techniques, either. However, from an oc remix point of view, you have too much original source and not enough original content. You should branch this remix out with more creativity. But like I said, I LOVE your sound. Great start!
  22. Not really a glitch, but it sounded catchy. I actually need some advice on how to deal with genh files. I'm told that they can be played in winamp, and converted there into mp3. None of my file converters even know what a genh file is, so I was hoping you guys might have some good advice on what to use with winamp so I can stop stressing and move on with my life. Thanks for your time.
  23. A little late to the party, but I have my invite nonetheless. 2664 2364 1772