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  1. Good Stuff! Solid arrangement throughout, decent wave-sounds and all-around head-nodding trance.
  2. Very nice! This theme has been done over and over, and there isn't a lot to cover here, at least in this version of the source material. But this makes for a great blast of cultural experimentation, and it's well done, so kudos!
  3. So this is a WIP, but...IT HAS NO END. You have to finish this, because I'm thoroughly enjoying your work so far. Finish, submit, be awesome.
  4. I...really don't have words to describe this song. Guys, your music here just moves me. Please, please make more stuff like this, and this should totally make the front page. I will lose all hope in humanity if it doesn't.
  5. I like it, it's got a good, honest beat that's solid and keeps my head nodding. But right around the middle a second melody integrates with the first and didn't set well with me. It didn't last long though, which saved this for me. I think it could use more, try expanding and try different things with this. I think it has potential.
  6. So apparently it's F4T4L's birthday! Happy Birthday!!
  7. I am seriously diggin' on this mix, mostly because it sounds a lot like days of OC Remix past. It's got some serious classic sound to it. It's also head-nodding good fun.
  8. Sounds like you've got a solid mix going here, and I like it. My only gripe is the aforementioned high pitched bell sound.
  9. lmao. Nah, I just like my more obscure Sonic comic characters. Julie-Su is way too badass not to have in a sig collection.

  10. Been listening to this for like an hour straight, and it just keeps me occupied. It's one of those quietly dazzling pieces that keeps you entertained for hours. Bravo, really, bravo.
  11. Ah, February. Can someone make me a sickeningly sweet sig of Link and Zelda with 'Mechafone' in there? Commercialized chocolate and hearts for anyone who handles this.
  12. Fantastically entertaining! I could've done without the cd skipping at the end, but it does lend to the hardcore charm of the song. Well done!
  13. HEY YOU GUUUYYYS Check out this remix. Well done, especially for a premier remixer. I'm not familiar with the source, but this song is certainly more exciting than the usual password screen. Again, well done!
  14. Roxing the Castlevania? Spot on. Awesome remix, excellent everything.
  15. MechaFone

    Kirby Wii

    lol translation Also, Kirby is Kirby last year's wool is released in the U.S. and Japan], and for this story turns into Kirby's new smoking vomiting stationary game machines, Imashi to keep you waiting very long or. For the [Wii] Kirby's new product has been developed by a team of Hull Institute. Please see the movie as well. [Kirby] also this latest film is scheduled for release this year.
  16. The title of this thread made me think you were very sick. I'm glad it's not, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  17. MechaFone

    Kirby Wii

    obligatory: This looks fucking amazing.
  18. Hey, just thought I'd give you a heads up that I never got my secret santa package. I don't mind, I had fun participating. Just something for the records.

  19. Why are you sending romantic invites in a married people thread.
  20. Really overflowing with talent here, I'm loving all the live instruments. Fantastic sound, great arrangement, overall just fantastic!