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  1. Happy birthday! Please take this.
  2. Holy crap this is amazing. I really have no ideas how to describe this except that this song gives me chills. Thank you for this.
  3. Your sound is really great, I enjoyed your song very much! Your song is very source-heavy, it probably needs to have more variation in and around it. That's my -only- issue, as it really does have a great sound.
  4. Color me impressed! Not only did I like your video to this song, but the song itself is really great. Good luck in your endeavor to get this on the front page!
  5. Wow! This sounds really great! I love Kirby's Epic Yarn ost so much, and this is such a great contrast to the simple quiet of the original source. Great sound, great reversible weather idea, and GREAT job on making this so enjoyable. Good luck subbing this, but I don't think you'd need a whole lot of luck
  6. Happy Birthday, make this year's wish a good one!
  7. So I was browsing through Galbadia Hotel and I found this. It's the Twilight Symphony soundtrack (well, most of it) and it's been done in super nintendo style, 16 bit. It's here if you want it
  8. Truly breathtaking. I don't mind opera at all, not if it's interesting. And this, well...The blending of genres and instruments with the vocals was flawless. More like this, please.
  9. This is excellent, we needed more rap type remixes Everything about this remix is just awesome. The lyrics pop, the music flows, and it just oozes entertainment. Very well done!
  10. Highly entertaining, great beat, GREAT sound, great vocals...this remix is great.
  11. O hells yes, another OC Remix band! What a fantastic way to kick off the summer than this sizzling hot Kirby mix that just kicks ass in every possible direction! Thanks to all involved!
  12. I kinda get a 'Neverending Story' vibe from this song, a song that always made me feel warm inside. Really great, airy/heavenly remix that stretches out this short source with no signs of repetition in sight. Interesting and feel-good through the whole thing, great job!
  13. Really great! Fantastic, innovative and fun! Probably my favorite for the month of May. More like this, please!
  14. Wonderfully funky and full of fun sounds that blend together and make this remix awesome. Well done!
  15. This is a debut?! Sounds like you've been at it for years! Excellent mix. I'm not familiar with the source, but I'm sure you do it justice, Flexstyle.
  16. I approve of your Freakazoid sig.

  17. Really fantastic remix here! I thought Megaman 2 had been all remixed out, but the artist brings in some fresh beats and leaves me wanting more. Well done!
  18. Really great stuff here tonight. Very excited for this album, as it comes just a little closer to fulfilling my dream of listening to an album for every Sonic game ever made. (Ya'll are working on stuff for SA, right? RIGHT?)
  19. Happy slightly belated Birthday!
  20. Haha! Sonic TWINS.