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  1. I wonder if there will be more backstory into Amanda Waller's involvement with the Batman Beyond project.
  2. Wow! I've been getting kinda bummed about not getting my stuff as soon as the others got theirs (Kinda greedy, I know ) but the fact that ProjectSpam made good use of his gift makes up for lost time. Made my post-holidays!
  3. Just got home, and I still didn't see any package, and nothing in the mail, unless the package-delivery people decided that it wasn't worth leaving a note for me to come pick up
  4. Holy crap amazing. Not looking for hidden messages here, I just enjoy this incredible remix whenever I'm looking to space out or relax.
  5. I didn't particularly enjoy this, perse, but I did find it to be unique, and in a good way. Major kudos on creativity.
  6. Ah, good times. Again, Merry Christmas everyone!
  7. I am so sauced. They shouldn't have said "Help yourself to the special eggnog", because I'm going to help myself to the special eggnog.
  8. Has anyone actually been to Dr Fruitcake's site and listen to some of his works? Holy crap. Originality and crazy melodies are his forte. Excellent example here.
  9. Just to make things clear, I didn't get my package before I left, and I won't be home till Monday
  10. Wow. Just wow. Everything about this remix is outstanding. Vocals, arrangement and production. Everything is top-notch.
  11. Whenever I listen to the Project Chaos soundtrack, I always put this in place of the other Marble Garden song. I vastly prefer it. It's completely awesome, great guitar skills!
  12. Makes me wonder if I'm filled with love or if I'm just hurt and pain. Non-clever referencing aside, I really love this song. I remember listening to it over and over and over again when I lived in Hawaii and worked the late shift with nothing else to do.
  13. An excellent ambiance-driven remix. Makes me wish I'd paid more attention to this album, and perhaps now I will.
  14. Never did play the game, though I've heard this music over and over from somewhere. If it'd been in this form, I'm sure it would've come out as a positive memory, because this remix still rocks.
  15. Funky butt loving! Well, more like electronic, but...Wow. Awesome way to interpret Mega Man music, a game seriously needs to be made with this as the final level music.
  16. One of my absolute favorite remixes to come from a Metroid title. This baby keeps me moving as long as it plays!
  17. Everything about this mix screams professionalism at me. The string solos, the percussion, the old-timey strings and sound effects. Not too surprising considering the album as a whole was fantastic. Well done!
  18. I still haven't recieved anything as well. I'm hoping it'll come by tomorrow, 'cause I'll be gone come Wednesday until next Monday, and my poor package will be left outside to brave the elements.
  19. This mix was total magic for me back in the day. Solid, laid back, head-nodding magic. It still stands strong, at least in my opinion.