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  1. It usually helps me to change browsers. Which browser are you using now?
  2. Really fantastic bass work! Definitely going on my new favorites list for 2011.
  3. What a laid-back, atmospheric remix! Haven't seen K-Pax in years, so I can't really make the distinction. Still, I enjoyed this remix very much.
  4. Surprisingly, this classic mix still stands the test of time in terms of arrangement. I think I liked the percussion the best, while the volume of the main melody is my biggest gripe. Classepic!
  5. It's been three years since I last commented here, but I think this remix calls for a second vote. The ingenuity, the creativity, and even the sound samples stand the test of time (I know it hasn't been that long). Major kudos on this too-short gem.
  6. I have but one gripe on this remix, and it's that the drums didn't sound right to me. The rest was fantastic. The vocals, the lyrics, and arrangement. Top form!
  7. I can honestly say I was not a fan of the main electric guitar melody. Other than that,I give this remix a positive, well done vote.
  8. Probably could've done without the intro, and...come to think of it, I didn't really like much of this remix, though some of the main melodies were charming at times.
  9. While the sound samples and the instrumentation could use some updating, I found that I enjoyed this remix. Nice job!
  10. I think the only gripe I've got for this song is that it's too short. Excellent arranging skills, excellent everything!
  11. So this remix doesn't really pop out at me, but that doesn't mean it's weak. It has it's own unique life, and it is well done.
  12. While this remix didn't really strike me as excellent, it was a good remix that kept my attention throughout as a solid rock remix.
  13. This remix-while certainly not bad, is much too close to the source, with only about 30 seconds, maybe 45, of original material. I don't much mind the source, as it does have that kind of "island" sound to it, if you think about it. All in all, could've seen a lot more from this remix.
  14. You're quite welcome! Glad to spread some laughs and some culinary joy. And just in case you guys were wondering what all the talk about sacks of coal were, this is the joke.
  15. I went through the whole thing, and I'm sorry, but I didn't enjoy any of it.
  16. Funk! Yes. This song is full of funk. And talent.
  17. Definitely a Tim Burton feel there, and that's hardly ever a bad thing. Kudos!
  18. Fantastic. I can't even begin to approach this song with the appropriate words. Thank you!
  19. Pretty straightforward electronic. Not bad, but the melody that begins at 2:45 seconds is really what does it for me.
  20. Wow, one of our oldest remixes. Surprisingly, it stands the test of time. Not one of the more advanced remixes of course, but as a classic it stands out.
  21. I could listen to this song all day long. It's creative and delightful.
  22. Good strong beats, keeps my head nodding, and me entertained.
  23. Plus, coal makes a cool gift! I gave my recipient a sack of coal.
  24. Outstanding! It has been a long time since we had a rap style remix. It's definitely one of the best songs released this year, probably for a lotta years. Tremendous effort!