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  1. The shownotes section on your website is certainly informative.
  2. *listens to show* *raises eyebrow* Heh.
  3. No. HTML does not work in a PHP forum.Copy and paste this into your sig box: [b][/b] [img=http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y230/aenru/aenaruadbanner.jpg]
  4. Quiet, child. You're acting foolishly under the pretense of crusading for equal standards. I assure you, you are not. Very true. Likewise, a serious artist/composer will inevitably also have to deal with "haters", as the saying goes; people who offer nothing constructive and criticize simply to put others down. Your posts fall firmly into this category. Here's why:• You offered nothing "constructive" in your critique. Saying "the compositional value of the song sux" does nothing to help either DCT or Just Us. It has no constructive merit. It is equal to my saying: "Your posts suck" and leaving it at that. You wouldn't know why your posts suck. You wouldn't know what you need to change to make your posts better. It would be a destructive critique which is meant to hurt, instead of a constructive critque which is meant to help. • While the review board are a place where you can vent your frustrations/dislike of a song, there is a generally accepted rule that flaming is discouraged. You have every right to dislike the song, that's fine. Can't please everyone. But don't post hate in the reviews section. That isn't a "review", that is hate. No one here is a professional. No one here is getting money for providing you ReMixes. Many are here to learn from their successes and failures from their experience with OCR. I can attest that I have been following DCT's work since he first showed up on the scene back with his Strongest Style ReMix posted on VGMix1. He's grown leaps and bounds as a musician and he'll only be going up from this point. So get used to seeing his name around here; he's here to stay. • Insulting the listeners who enjoy the song offers no "constructive criticism". Insulting the song itself offers no "constructive criticism". Insulting the musician/producers offers no "constructive criticism". You say the "compositional value sux"? I think it's incredibly strong. The beat contains a lot of variation to a simple theme, it blends in a lot of instruments one normally doesn't associate with hip-hop and even has moments of musical tension which is surprising for a mellow mix. It's also quite tricked out for a mellow composition which I firmly enjoy. As I've mentioned to DCT before, I felt the bridge could have been slightly stronger; whereas he opted to slow the beat down a bit, I felt it might have worked if it had gone in the other direction, adding a little more flare to the piece. That is a constructive critique. Something he can take away and use to re-examine/re-evaluate the piece and use/disregard as he chooses. It also gives him a possible idea for what to do the next time around. I challenge you to find anything remotely constructive in your "reviews". --- That said... DCT > I'm incredibly proud of you, my friend. Congratulations on getting your OCR badge.
  5. The answer is you'd have to convert it manually into an animated GIF file.An AVI file is actually a video file. To use an AVI would be the same as saying you want to upload a Windows Media Player file (WMV) or a Quicktime movie (MOV) as your sig. It's not possible. JPGs and GIFs are the most common image formats used for sig. A GIF is actually more of an animated picture, but one that you have to animate yourself if you plan on creating a new one out of this video. Using a program like ImageReady (which is usuually bundled with Photoshop) is pretty much the standard around here. But, you'd have to create this GIF image by image, frame by frame til you have a moving image. As a side note, though, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT have an sig that's over - I can't believe I'm saying this - 400kb. Some people don't have cable modems (or in your case, if you're looking to upload a 1.5 MB sig, a T3 connection). I used to say 100kbs, but people are getting more and more inconsiderate daily, and I'm going with the times. Keep signature images small, because large animated sigs are a pain in the ass to load, and cause incredibly bad slowdown, which ruins the forum going experience for others. Thanks to programs like FireFox, these ricockulously huge sigs can be blocked, and I (as an example) pretty much block everyone's sigs that are WAY too huge, and I'm possitive most other people here do the same, meaning that you'd be uploading a sig people will block anyway.
  6. Ugh. Next time keep your ignorance to yourself.I enjoy the mix, probably 'cause I don't know the original source material. But, as a singer myself, and listening to someone who's obviously got more training than I do, I'm very, very, very surprised you didn't re-record 3:15-3:40. The concept is good, but you go offkey a few times. The only reason it stands out so much is because you're very solid for the rest of the piece. Solid, but I would suggest a closer attention to detail for the next one.
  7. Well, I haven't posted a review in a while, but this one just begs for one: - Excellent singing. - I disagree with the pretz: zyko kicks huge amounts of ass in this. - And I must say, this is the first track that Vig has truly impressed me with. That ending is killer. Great, great job all around. [=EDIT=] Well, I've had this on loop since download. I must say, it's EASILY one of my new personal favs. Truly, a fantastic song. Congrats to all.
  8. Excellent. For some unknown reason, I seem to remember listening to this one off of VGMix a while back, and not enjoying it. For that, I can only plead temporary insanity. This song rocks, and rocks hard. Thank God it came around again so I could re-listen and have my face melted by how much it rocks.
  9. First off: MORE SEGA! WOO-HOO! endblink is a happy man. Second, while Gray stated he wanted to go back to his "new age/ethnic" roots, I feel this is very different from his early works, and equally impressive. The slight militaristic feel to it is very powerful and commanding and the overall feel of the piece is very complimentary to the original feel and ideal of Ecco. Excellent excellent work. Good stuff, Gray!
  10. That's your problem right there.The PHP code of the forum won't let you link BMP files. You'll have to convert it to a JPG or a GIF. Here you go. I did it for you. Right click the image, and save it to your computer Then upload it to your server. I'll be taking this down as soon as I see you've got it fixed to conserve bandwidth.
  11. Just to let people know that the FAQ has been updated. Please let me know if anything needs revising or if any information is unclear or, at worst, incorrect. Thank you.
  12. didnt work must be doing something wrong oh i see the problem has to have the tag in the name but i cant do that You sig pic needs to end with a JPG or GIF extention.Use Photobucket or ImageShack for image hosting solutions.
  13. I've had this song playing on loop since I've downloaded it. It's fantastic. Kudos again to Neil. Editing this post 'cause. I understood what I meant, although I admit, I could have worded it better. Regardless, I stand by what I said.
  14. I just want to thank djp for standing up to the panel and fighting for this mix. It's no secret I've had issues with the panel before and often times I've hoped for something like this to happen. It's nice to see when active measures are taking to get great music like this posted for the fans. Great work to both Neil for a truly wonderful song and to djp for getting it to us.
  15. BLASPHEMY!Adventure Island was the completely blatant and horrible rip-off of Sega's original WonderBoy. http://screenmania.retrogames.com/arcade/04/arcade_0106.html
  16. Has been on repeat on my WinAmp since it's release. Yeah, I love it THAT much.
  17. SGX: CHECK AWESOME vocals by Aurora: CHECK Cool song from cool game: CHECK Sheer joy from listening to this song over and over again: PRICELESS
  18. Man, it's about time. Been looking forward to a new DJP mix, and I've been looking forward to this one since learning about it when I met DJP. Great redesign, great tune, great times, man. Just one thing, make sure your next mix isn't so far apart!
  19. Word. More hip-hop/rap makes endblink happy. Ye. Love that chick loop in the background.
  20. Nope. I have no problem with other people's opinions. If you don't like the piece, it's your lose.I've just never been comfortable with how you like to pretend that you know what you're talking about when you obviously don't. I'm just sayin'. Case in point. Just remind me: Which one of you is the professional composer again?Hmmm... interesting. Actually, the reason I asked my bro about it was to maybe understand where you were coming from, 'cause that section you pointed out to me sounded fine. So, thank you, Prot, 'cause if it weren't for you, we might not have learned exactly why and how Soule knows what he's doing.
  21. It's fun having a brother who's a music major: Well, we learn something new everyday, don't we? Thank you, JJ.
  22. Yeah. Just... yeah. New level of quality for people to live up too. FUN! *mind is blown*
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