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  1. Thanks for watching! We're going to be hard at work on season 2 very soon.
  2. Hi peoples, I recently wrote the soundtrack to this short animated series episode called Eight Bit Strange. The episode is finally online now at Gametrailers! There's a couple of issues with the production that we couldn't remedy due to time constraints (the biggest one being the sound mixing). Other than some minor flaws I think it's pretty good though. Care to give it a watch? http://www.gametrailers.com/video/final-bit-eight-bit/717108 Thank you!
  3. Copyrights are inherited and persist some good amount of years after the author's death.
  4. Yeah... die-hard is right! If anyone gets this, you better take pics!
  5. Thanks for watching! Yeah I did the music for this trailer, as well as the rest of the score for Episode 9 (and any subsequent episodes we decide to make). I really appreciate you taking time to give us a chance! And I promise I'll clean up that mess your subs made, just shove it to the corner of the room and I'll get it later.
  6. Mr. L, thanks for listening to it, I appreciate it. I'll definitely be finishing it within the next few days, but unfortunately as you said "time" was working against me. How ironic.

  7. Sorry guys I've been super busy and I just can't make the deadline. I have about half of the mix complete; it is pretty swanky. I don't want to enter it though because it really is incomplete, so far only my source was used. I hope this doesn't ruin anyone's fun... I'll try to submit or post this later when I do complete the track, which I fully intend on doing. If anyone wants to listen to my work-in-progress, here it is: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24242231/Time%20Man.mp3
  8. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/final-bit-eight-bit/713540 Please check it out people! It's awesome! Here's a link to our site with all of our other episodes and other various information, etc. http://www.8bitstrange.com/
  9. Thanks for posting the brackets! Since this is my first competition on here, I was wondering if someone could explain to me how this is all going to play out? I know we'll be using our own picks plus our match's to create a remix, other than that I'm lost! Thanks for any help.
  10. Luckily for me I did, however, and the rest of you ingrates can just back off.
  11. I almost got a job a Time Gate to help with Section 8 It is cool stuff.
  12. Hi everyone! PLEASE check this link out. http://www.8bitstrange.com/kickstarter I'm part of the production team behind Eight Bit Strange and we could really use your help! It's a short animated series, already 8 episodes in the first season. Fans of Metal Gear Solid (and games in general) as well as cute and funny sketches should definitely check this out! There's a promotional trailer for our season finale at the end of the Kickstarter video if you'd like to watch. It features mah music! :3
  13. Here's a clip of a track for an album release I have planned. The target audience is fans of epic, high energy electronica/orchestral soundtracks as well as fans of spacey, ambient textures and wistful melodies. http://www.zshare.net/audio/8976306834d82860/ Thank you for listening
  14. My first track is wrapping up quite nicely. I hope to have it finished by the end of this week. Afterwards I'll work on one more!
  15. Sorry, I just saw him listed under the Megaman wikia as a Robot Master. Replacing him with Frost Man would be O.K.
  16. Here's a short cue I recently completed for an upcoming Facebook game called "DudeQuest". This track is for a lab environment, kind of like a knock-off of Professor Oak but more twisted and illegal experiment-y. http://soundcloud.com/omni-psyence/dudequest-the-lab
  17. Ooohhh, nice! Here's my picks Time Man Magma Man Astro Man Dark Man Freeze Man
  18. I can produce a track in a single day or maybe two if I'm feeling exhausted so it won't take me long at all. I just gotta get through some stuff these next few days then I'll do it as soon as possible! I'll talk with you later on what tracks are available for me.
  19. I would appreciate the opportunity to have an appearance on this album, that's for sure.
  20. Hey man, is this project closed right now? I'd love to produce a track for this album; my style is perfect for Metroid and I can guarantee nothing but my best work! Check out my soundcloud for examples: http://soundcloud.com/omni-psyence
  21. I love presets! Especially when they are inspiring and can get me the right emotional content straight out of the box. However I also enjoy sound design and I tweak every sound patch I use. I think that's a really good way of learning synthesis anyway!
  22. I personally can't get into ASCII games, so I think I would sit out on that one. Simple graphics would be my preference. Even graphics similar to Minecraft would be incredibly easy. RPGs are nice though! As long as this game can be played casually with no steep learning curve ala Dwarf Fortress, I would check it out.
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