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  1. Somehow, I think this song would go decently with the game you're describing. PM me or something if you'd like to use it!
  2. ZoneAlarm Free version (www.zonelabs.com), coupled with Avast! Antivirus (www.avast.com) are what I use.
  3. Honestly, I found it VERY hard to get into this song. There was nothing to grab me at the start, and the song overall was just kind of a "mush" of sounds. As Nutritious said, it was lacking a good structure. Also, the song had a distinct lack of "punch" or clarity. Not a lot of solid, driving low end (or even a soft'n'soothing low end), and there wasn't a lot of high-end sheen to the mix either. I think the synthetic guitars weren't that great either, you might either try a different instrument or get a better guitar sound. Sorry, I'm not trying to sound like a nitpicking jerk here. I'm just having a hard time finding something I can grab onto in this song.
  4. Here's my first song: Link And here's one of my more recent songs, I'm quite proud of this one: Link I've been at the whole "make-music-on-the-computer" for a couple years now.
  5. Well, I've decided I'm going to at least attempt to remix a couple Rayman songs. I've already started on a trance remix of Betilla the Fairy's theme, and I think it's going to be my "next big release" (as opposed to an original song or something lol).
  6. Me being 16-almost-17 currently, video games are still as fun as ever. I'm a first-person-shooter addict, and I could spend (and have spent) all day playing them, then be ready to do it again the next day!
  7. I hope this is the correct forum, as I couldn't post this in the Projects forum (I may not have enough posts or something). Would anybody out there be interested in helping to create a remix album for the original Rayman? I've got all the source material as MP3s, as the PC version of the game just had the music in plain old CD Audio format. Why Rayman? It was the first game I ever really played, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It turned me into the gaming freak I am today...*nostalgic sniff.* Replies along the lines of "You're way off base" or "Sure, I'd be interested in helping with a remix" or even "It'd be cool to see at least" would be nice.
  8. I own a 8600GT, and I'm able to run at a fairly high resolution (1600x1050, widescreen) with great quality in all my games. Unreal Tournament 3 looks fantastic! Don't own the Orange Box as all I want from it is TF2 (thinking about getting it anyways though lol), so I don't know how well the game will run on my card, but I certainly haven't found my settings limit yet.
  9. Sixto, what are your thoughts on the FreeAmp software from FrettedSynth? I'm not a guitar player at all, but I occasionally use the FreeAmp software (formerly FreeAmp2 and now FreeAmp3 is out) on a friend's guitar or something. I like how it sounds, but I'm not any judge on how it ought to sound.
  10. Sounds to me like this problem is twofold--one, the adapter is blown (happened to me too recently). You'll need to pick up another one, I think. Second, as every good audio engineer knows--Creative cards are crap for mixing. My personal favorite cards are made by M-Audio, and I think for you the best one would be this or this. This is what I use, but as it seems you're not going to need the ten ins and outs it provides I don't think you need to spend the extra $$ for it.
  11. I found out about this site from a couple different sources--first some computer magazine interview with Binster, and then somewhat more recently zircon posted the "Voices of the Lifestream" link at KVR. Once I really downloaded a lot of choons, I must say that I've been really inspired by some of the remixes. I'm an avid gamer, but I mostly play open-source and free games. None of them really have a soundtrack to speak of. Coming to OCR and hearing these remixes of the brilliant game composers' songs has REALLY broadened my musical understanding. Plus, there's a TON of genres made on here that I wouldn't ordinarily go searching for, yet I really love. Thanks OCR for the amazing diversity and the great inspiration!
  12. I must say, GIRby and Tay Kirby were my two favorites. Especially since I (oh the horror) participated in a Tay Zonday remix competition recently. *has nothing else to contribute*
  13. I can now say that I've uploaded my first game remix ever. It's really not that good, I only spent a couple hours on it--but hey, I wanted to contribute SOMETHING to this community at least!
  14. The only problem my computer has with it is my soundcard doesn't play nice. So I'm stuck with, ahem, no sound. *sniff* Spex: AMDX2 Athlon 6000+ (dual core, 3.0 ghz per core) ASUS motherboard (not sure exactly which one it is, but its the non-SLI version of the nVidia 500 series chipset) ATi Radeon X700 Pro (256 MB) yeah I know...ATi...I'm saving up for something better. M-Audio Delta 1010LT soundcard 2 gigs of Corsair XMS2 RAM Various other stuff as well. Seems to run just fine, sans sound.
  15. I just downloaded the demo (here) and played around with it a bit, and now I'm totally hooked. I'm pretty sure I'll buy it once I get a little extra cash. Anyone else have it, or played the demo? Thoughts? I might add this is my first time playing any Unreal Tournament game though...
  16. Just a quick passing listen here, but I really enjoyed the light and uplifting feel you gave it. Didn't look for the original but I think the vocals work very nicely with the synths'n'such you chose. It's always great to hear a new Zircon track and this one didn't disappoint. Thanks very much for sharing!
  17. I measure my working time in total hours. Usually my projects (remixes and original) take at least 40 hours, but sometimes a lot more. This is usually spread out over the course of 3-12 days in general, but some mixes have taken me a couple weeks to finish. This with at LEAST 80 hours or so of working on it.
  18. Having (unfortunately) never heard the original, I can't comment on its relevance to the original or whatever, but here goes: When I mentally dissect this song, I find that bLiNd has interwoven several melodies together, besides the main one, to create a stellar atmospheric trance number. The synth sounds are very well chosen and give this piece a very euphoric feel. Nothing is out of place--each sound that comes in only strengthens the song. Nothing gets old and nothing clashes--a great feat to accomplish in an electronic song. Key changes are simple, but well executed (are those in the original too?). The supporting arpeggios perfectly complement the main melody, and the sounds chosen are the exact right ones. Overall this is my absolute favorite song on the FFVII album, with good reason. The style just plain WORKS with the melody and tune, and even more so by the fact that it's so well executed. Sorry for the somewhat disorganized post, but those are my thoughts for ya.
  19. Hi everyone, I've only just recently joined the forum here. Thought I'd post a link to my newest track so as to give a sample of what I sound like (I haven't done any videogame remixes at all, sorry). This is my entry into the Wideband Network remix contest at ACIDplanet.com. Hope you like it, and feel free to give criticism or whatever you feel like giving. Made in FL Studio 7 Producer Edition, with VSTi-s including Toxic III, Firebird+, Rez 2.0, AMB Bass Rack CM, MiniMogueVA, and Adonis.
  20. Hey all, I go under the name of Flexstyle and I'm an avid gamer (although my scope is currently extremely limited), and a house/dnb/trance producer of about 2 years. Other musical experience includes about 4 years of violin (quit a few years ago though) and about 3 or so years of piano. I'm also a trained sound man for my church, and have been for several years. If you feel like checking mah stuff out, you can do so at www.acidplanet.com/flexstyle. My primary game is currently the open-source shooter Tremulous. Usually I'm on the Dretch*Storm server under the names "his nose," "|TSR|TheLittleGreenMen," and "[DRU]Vortexx." Yeah, you needed to know that. I probably won't be super-active on the OCR forums as I'm a regular member on several other forums too, but I thought I'd at least sign up. You'll probably see me around a little bit at least. Let's see here...I've recently downloaded every single stinkin' torrent the site has to offer (all the remix albums, plus the "all the remixes from the site"), and of course I love a lot of the music I've heard here. Most notably stuff from zircon, bLiNd, Leifo, FFMusicDJ, and some others. I'm also trying to learn a bit of graphic design...hmm, what else is there to say? Oh yeah, I'm 16 and I live near Phoenix Arizona. So HI!