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  1. Do they care if you don't actually have a PS3 or Xbox?
  2. NIN-lite with a female singer. Well, not really lite, just the ballads (as was said above) and some medium intensity tracks. The drum intro on Fur Lined made me think of Discipline, but then I just started to listen to a bunch of NIN and there's a lot of drum-heavy tracks. I don't think it's meant to just be NIN with a female singer, but Reznor IS Nine Inch Nails and he's done a pretty good spread of material throughout his career. That said, I like NIN and will take it. The Slip (also available for free) was pretty light too. And Ghosts I is still up to the best of my knowledge (here). I guess it's just the way that Reznor's sound has changed in some ways, though his Theme to Tetsuo was pretty classic industrial IMO. Also Tetsuo is the kind of material that warrants his more noise-heavy work.
  3. Crunkcore amuses me. I think I'm being trolled, but really I think this is where the music might as well go in some cases. I lol'd, because any other response would be taking it too seriously. Also, the reviews quoted on Brokencyde's wikipedia entry are pretty damn funny. And hell, wasn't Kid Rock (or just insert artist X) doing a whole bunch of genre crossovers that people hated years ago? True, those lyrics aren't in quite the same category as Freaxxx or Video Games, but it can easily be reaching. Of course, not all of it is totally ridiculous, now is ? I feel like I have more respect for these kids than the Jonas Brothers, whoever the Disney girl of the day is, or Justin Beiber. This sounds like a song written by an 8-12 year old and intended for that audience, and isn't really trying to be any kind of messed up kiddie-sexy creepiness.
  4. I don't get the accompanying pictures that go with the McRib. Do they believe that none of us have ever eaten a rib sandwich served by an institution? Seriously, that looks exactly like the rib sandwiches that were served in my high school cafeteria (or middle and elementary school cafeterias) or in many other government funded facilities. Sodexho foods served comparable meals at the college cafeteria I went to school at and Sysco Foods had rib sandwiches that looked the same in the cafeteria I worked at. Maybe that's a condemnation for institution foods, which are pretty bad for you - in addition to usually being plentiful and overpriced because you often don't have other options. But hey, I've been broke enough times that I think it's better to eat that crap than eat nothing at all.
  5. Don't get Star Ocean 3 or 4 (Till the End of Time/Last Hope), but if you have a PSP the first 2 Star Ocean rereleases are pretty awesome. Star Ocean 2 is better than the first one (and the 3rd and 4th) with an amazing cast and a great battle system that is really well put together. The story in Star Ocean 2 is pretty good too, and the whole Private Action system can be a lot of fun (you can enter towns separately from your party members and go talk to them or do little quests, it makes the world develop really well). Star Ocean 3 is terrible and does a great job of butchering the gameplay Star Ocean and the Tales series. If you're considering Disgaea you might look into Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions (also a remake/rerelease of a Playstation 1 game). It's also on PSP, but I still think it's one of the best strategy RPGs ever, especially now that the plot makes more sense. For that matter, Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings is a decent lighter strategy RPG. Most SRPGs have pretty similar battle systems, but some of them make it more or less complicated - you will move around on a grid based on the speed of your team and attack enemies, cast spells, dig, etc... FFT is somewhere around the middle of the road in complexity, and Disgaea is only like a step above it. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was a little bit simpler and Front Mission is more complicated and more likely to kill the player if you don't grind. If you want the DS title, I would pick between Disgaea or Final Fantasy Tactics A2. You might look into Valkyrie Profile, it's a pretty solid group of games. The combat is kind of strategy based, but also depends on combos. I've only played the first one but I loved it. Not Related To Newer Games: If you ever find yourself looking at a bargain bin (and have a PS2 or GC) the RPG options are pretty sweet. Tales of Symphonia will probably give you everything you would like about Vesperia, same for Tales of the Abyss. Dark Cloud and Dark Cloud 2 are pretty good, though they're looking pretty dated these days. Final Fantasy X has a great story, but the gameplay putters out after awhile and there's maybe 2-5 difficult bosses you'll fight throughout the story unless you rush through it or are playing under ridiculous rules. FFX-2 has a really stupid story with a bunch of scantily clad women, but a pretty decent job system and an ATB battle system. tl;dr Star Ocean is good on the PSP. Disgaea vs. Final Fantasy Tactics: A2. Strategy RPGs will steal your soul like MMORPGs or Pokemon when you're into them.
  6. Every time you get a McRib you're not getting the 50 McNuggets. This is blasphemy.
  7. If you can give a reason why you didn't like Fallout 3 or Chrono Trigger it would be a lot easier. I can't tell whether to recommend a game based on if it's more action-oriented, JRPG-oriented, or if you just want us to tell you "Best Game Ever" - which you've specifically said you don't want, but have just excluded 2 games that could overlap with most RPG categories in the top 10. If you don't mind the first-person view, I recommend either trying Fallout 3 again or going back to Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - or even Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind if you are into finding a lot of fan-made content. Fallout 3 is Oblivion in the future, and Oblivion is pretty much Morrowind in a bigger world and better graphics. All of them have a fair amount of customization, though the first expansions for Fallout 3 aren't that great. Also, for all 3 games the PC version can be slightly more satisfying than the console version. Oblivion and Morrowind have always been more about messing around than actually doing any story missions (for me), and they're good games for that, though Oblivion will punish you for not doing the story. You like Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, so I would say play everything else Bioware has made. Dragon Age at the top of the list and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic if you feel like working back from Mass Effect. They all have good plot-driven atmosphere, the whole "choose your own adventure" story, and good customization options. Jade Empire could work too, but it's been a few years for me and that's a classic Xbox game. Frankly, I'm on board with Brushfire about Fable II sucking, Fable sucking, and Peter Molyneux being a hype engine that can't deliver for crap - or maybe I just didn't care about what Fable was delivering. Regardless, if you love Fable II I wouldn't be surprised if you also love Fable 3, but I take no credit for endorsing this decision. Or, you know, you could just get GTAIV with the expansions. As a note, I did play the first 2 Fable games through in their entirety, multiple times even for Fable 2 - and while I will admit that they can be fun, I don't think it's worth the price of a new game. Other people have recommended Tales games and Golden Sun, and I think these are pretty good series. I haven't played their latest installations, but I feel like these are the kind of things where they're not going to totally break a good thing. For that matter, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is supposed to be decent, so maybe Re:coded won't totally suck. Friends don't let friends play Magna Carta. I'm telling you this right now, don't buy Magna Carta, don't rent it, don't do anything that might encourage them to keep releasing these fanservice-ridden pieces of ****. If you really want a copy of the game, I will gladly sell it to you, but it's bad. For that matter, I'm not sure that I can say that someone who doesn't like Chrono Trigger should EVER buy a game released by Atlus. Atlus released Etrian Odyssey and generally releases games that are solid, but are sometimes (often) directed at a niche market. If you really enjoyed the old school feel of FFIII then you should look into Etrian Odyssey, and if you've ever played a strategy RPG and don't mind spending 100+ hours of your life grinding out levels, Disgaea might be for you. tl;dr What do you like in RPGs? look at bold titles above and the underlined advice is not a joke. The World Ends With You. Tales of (fill in whatever title can be found). Play through more of Fallout 3 if you can, and if you like it, get Oblivion.
  8. The Mega Man 2 Soundtrack. There's definitely some pieces of the NES MM2/3 soundtracks in them, but it doesn't make them less awesome ( is probably the worst culprit, sounding like the NES Air Man Theme). Title / Air Man / Hard Man / Needle Man / Magnet Man / Ending Those Final Fantasy Adventure tracks were pretty awesome too.
  9. I will probably never play this game but this mix is awesome. The lyrics are so catchy and the vocals sound really nice. I feel like some sort of journey is taking place. I definitely behold the SUPER power of Meat. After listening to the DKC2 track you're featured on I almost expected one of the harmonies to be punctuated by death metal vocals.
  10. Naked Guitar Hero/Rock Band can be entertaining (I have not tried the drumming naked though), but I wish the sound quality was better so that I could tell whether or not he's missing notes. Naked DDR was always uncomfortable. Also, awesome live show OCAD.
  11. Maybe he will go on to create a new and awesome competing studio - like Hironobu Sakaguchi did. Truthfully, did you like any of the designs? Inafune's at least looked like it belonged in the series, even if Zeroll is kinda silly. The 8th place design (Hayato Kaji's) was probably my favorite, not for a heroine necessarily. I just think that a character wearing a Met Hat and bile green galoshes seems like it could be entertaining.
  12. It's a really mellow piece. I like the sort of subtle intensity going on throughout it. It also feels really transitory (like the underground theme does) rather than leading into a climax. It all just sort of fits together and keeps flowing - or I could have just had it on repeat for a little bit and can barely tell where it begins and ends (I think if I crossfaded it I would have no idea). I would meditate to this music. And your video was really eerie to watch, but also kind of heroic. Mario's enemies are finally rising up to defeat him!
  13. I like it, but I'm interested in getting the other upgrades. But excellent tribute.
  14. Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt, Zelda 1 & 2, and the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade games music are the first VGM I can recall hearing. Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire, Super Street Fighter 2, Warcraft 2, and Mega Man X are probably responsible for getting me into listening to the music - well, that and hanging out around the Godfather's Pizza arcade cabinets whenever I could. I didn't really get into finding/ripping soundtracks until the great time of Napster.
  15. Great Mix, the Choir work is absolutely fabulous. The rest of the mix just brings it together and makes it so goddamned epic. That being said, I don't like it very much. Maybe it's a bad day for epic music, I don't know. It's a loud piece that gets the blood pumping and provokes throwing up the horns. I guess I feel like it works in a precarious position between areas of music. On one hand I could do with a little bit more metal, or more electronic, or even more men's choir. The current balance is a great fusion but I would just love a bit different feel. Also, in general I don't like very much Chant fusion (that's not a real genre, but I think it communicates the style accurately). I hate one-winged angel, I hated most all of the chant-style pieces in Final Fantasy games. Really, the Chant adds enough intensity of feeling to a situation without fusing it to make it more epic. This isn't a religious thing, I don't think that soul music is a corruption of gospel - I just don't find it pleasing to my ears. TL;DR - NO ME GUSTA "Track Title".
  16. Vulgarity! Violation of the Poetry of Rap! Veneration of Immaturity! Void of Creativity! That was my impression of the past 10 pages of comments. Whatever, I think my biggest problem with the song is that I feel like the chorus could have happened one less time in the song. Maybe not using it as the intro and conclusion or something. Though the creative changes to the final line are neat. I would love to hear a instrumental version of this (like Nuff Sand In Yo Eyez) as well, for the occasions that I find any lyrics distracting. Content-wise, there are jokes/references that I don't understand, which occurs with most music; along with references that I may be misinterpreting. The mix is fun, but I found one issue that I don't think was addressed earlier. I challenge the Crakaz & Co's capacity to comsume alcohol. After any single person has consumed 10 shots of Jager I question their ability to drink any great amount of Everclear, notwithstanding a full case of beer (shared between you all I presume). Spread it out over enough hours and anything is possible, but come on people - let's not get too ridiculous.
  17. Mike Ross, Infiltration, and Gamerbee in the Evo2K10 finals. Much more entertaining that Rufus/Ryu.
  18. To Sir_NutS. Thank you for constructing the pulsing sonic trek that is Deity (Martel), playing it on continuous repeat has provided some of the most "flow-inducing" background music for writing papers to. I believe this track will be partially responsible for passing grades in two of my classes this semester. That is all. (The rest of the album rocks too, but this was of immediate interest)
  19. This track is pretty. The effects during the intro have a really cool gramophone sound that shuts off into the hard synths and LaFevre's soaring vocals. I think that it's really cool how sharp the synths sound, but I feel like the track doesn't have a strong enough bass beat - though what it does have is really awesome. That's probably my love of heavy beats speaking though. The ending of the track is a nice restructuring and heavier section, and though the vocals are minimized (and a bit of serious vocoding) I think its an excellent climax ~> ending.
  20. I really love the different parts that the mix goes through. From the soft intro to the sharp drums was a really nice contrast. The soft arpeggios throughout the mix keep the mix grounded. Bam! Suddenly the drum breakdown brings me back up with a well placed boot to the head. And then the mix gets a little bit "dirty", and I really like the juxtaposition (the chugs, or whatever they are - they get powerful @ 4:01). And then with the ending fade out everything comes back together and fits really nicely.
  21. I have a question about distributing the mixes. Would it be acceptable for me to .rar all of the current mixes together (perhaps with a readme or jpeg of the brackets and source, in addition to leaving the tags unmolested) and upload it to megaupload/mediafire or something?
  22. Well... this one day me and two of my friends decided to go on a hike. When we got to the top of the hike we sat around and decided to play though Secret of Mana with 3 players. After playing for a few hours I suddenly realize that we were listening to an OCRemix that was from the Secret of Mana soundtrack... and just happened to be in that zone too. I think it was Zeratul's track. I only remember because this was two weeks ago and it was awesome to realize that we were essentially playing the game with the OCRemix soundtrack running (at least for that zone). Hmmm... still need to sit down and finish that.
  23. Really beautiful, poignant track. Might bring tears to my eyes in the right frame of mind. I definitely love the source tunes, but this deep (not too deep though) rendition with softly flowing drums is really enjoyable to listen to. This is a piece that could be turned down low and left in the background or turned up loud and it would just flow over the night like a calming wave. The string intro is really nicely done. I would have to say that this piece of music is very situational. There's certainly times where it just isn't appropriate mood music.
  24. The music vaguely reminds me of a spaghetti western in parts. It also makes me think of steel strings, for whatever reason. It has an eerie transition at the very beginning. I enjoy the percussion throughout the track. Overall, I think it's alright. Somewhat enjoyable, somewhat eerie. Transient could apply.
  25. I did the "Tetris Effect" visions with Lumines and DDR most recently. And I know several people that act like they're playing on a Guitar Hero controller whenever they air guitar. There was also like a week where all I did was see DoTA Allstars whenever I closed my eyes. There was a span of about three months where all I did was play fighting games, I would find myself repeating combo/super inputs to myself at work (and performing the appropriate motions). It was a lot like meditation, and it really made the day speed by. Isn't it possible to have that sort of meditative response to any regular action though? Dishwashing, cleaning, roofing, reading, and writing all relax me and haunt my dreams if I do them too much. Except I'm sore after roofing.
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