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  1. Um yea these are from Capcom vs. SNK 2 From left to right: Zangief (Series 1 design), Shin Gouki/Akuma (Series 2 design), Sakura (Series 2), Sagat (Series 2 design). LT: Sakura's good. Akuma's not sharp enough. The other two are really sloppy and stretched. Sorry double post:Ryu (Series 1 design), Morrigan (Series 1 design), and Dhalsim (Series 1 design). Most of them suck but I tried so just call me out on their suckiness and I'll fix them. Don't ask me why buy thought of Zyco when I made the Dhalsim one. Edit:I was gonna do all the characters but they just don't look good e.g. Dan. LT: Morrigan crop was way too close. Sharpen the others. More: From left to right: Apollo from Apollo Justice:Ace attorney, Phoenix from Apollo Justice:Ace attorney, and Godot from Phoenix Wright:Ace attorney trials and tribulations. LT: Apollo's good. The others are slightly not sharp/clean enough. I'm particular.
  2. FR

    Sony PS3

    Schwaltzvald:I beat it on normal in like 6 hours with only like 4 golden orbs...I used three on the last boss (Stupidity got the best of me). I remember DMC 3 being harder and better generally in every way except graphics and Dante style system (Correct me if I'm wrong but in DMC 3 does dante get a style which lets him use all the styles or a style that has the benefits of the various styles?). Edit:Anybody played Dynasty Warriors 6 yet? I got a better score then Turok in Game Informer!
  3. FR

    Sony PS3

    1.7/10 was a rating I pulled out of my ass...I would probably go 7.9/10 or 8.1/10 at most but I haven't really truly thought about it;Got to the 2nd to last boss in ninja gaiden but I remember it being better then DMC story wise at least. 2.Nero is just I dunno Meh, If I had to list memorable/favorite characters I would forget/not list him. 3.I meant to use the term fuck up loosely. 4.It wasn't that cheesey I thought you were a chick, don't ask me why.
  4. FR

    Sony PS3

    1.No I wasn't but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to be surprised. 2.Yes, yes it is. 3.Me too. 4.Better. 5.Not hatin' per-say,To me it felt like if Capcom just through him in there just for the fuck of it...I guess I'm saying they didn't do a good enough job to make me care about him as a main character like games should. 6.I concur, I own said fuck up. 7.I'll bet on that. 8.Did I make it sound that bad? 9.I guess I did BTW:Puzzle room thing=WTF?
  5. FR

    Sony PS3

    SPOILERS-ish Beat it on normal; Basically the story sucked and you run through the same areas with both Dante and Nero...It just feels like if they removed Nero from the story it wouldn't matter one bit,He's fun to play with but to me it's like he's irrelevant.Dante is cool but you only get to play with him for maybe like and hour and half so I was just disappointed by the whole mess.To me it seems like Capcom is just fucking up on the even number sequels in the DMC series but that's just me. Edit: I beat it in 2 sessions don't know how many hours...Maybe 6 or less, It's not as hard as DMC 3 is/was I guess is my point.
  6. FR

    Sony PS3

    Yea I just beat DMC 4 like 3 days ago and it was not as good as I hoped it would be...7/10 is the best rating I could give it. I would rant about it but I don't feel like typing right now.
  7. I was thinking like every 50 post you got a new name (With this post I have 151.)
  8. I thinks it's more like he's an ass that just happens to be paid to review games, No offense the man of course.
  9. I find his reviews funny and mostly true but you are entitled to you opinion and so is yahtzee...(No flame wars plz). Review was LOL's like always.
  10. Game sounds cool... Quick question:Who's Judgespear and why you, for lack of a better word, brown nosing him/her so much JCvgluvr?
  11. This thread makes me sad because I thought the game was free. Seriously though,I'm guessing this game is worth getting by the posts in this thread.
  12. I changed it as you can see... Now for a formal request: Can anyone make me a Sig involving a raptor (Don't really care what raptor pic you use) with a bubble (The comic book spikey bubble things) that says Frustration Raptor! please? For colors I guess red background with whatever cool designs you guys/girls can come up with but other then that it at your disgretion, thank you. This is a general outline I guess: Edit:Raptor pic
  13. I interpreted Liontamer's post like this:"If I don't think you deserve a custom avatar because you are insignificant to the community then your not getting custom avatar" or something around those lines but I doubt that was what he meant. Edit: I didn't mean that at all.
  14. Don't wanna sound whinny or anything but that's kinda unfair, but I have no say in the matter.
  15. Somebody has to have already asked this but I'm gonna ask anyway: 1.Are the post count names ever gonna get changed/amended? 2.Are their gonna be any new avatars? 3.How do you use custom avatars? Sorry for the receptiveness if any,Thanks.
  16. ^You should tell people what/whom that's supposed to be for the people that don't get it (mainly me).
  17. Can't you hack the PS2 version of the game and do the same thing? If you can then maybe people would be willing to make the notes (or whatever it called) of OCR songs.
  18. Thanks; Don't wanna sound like a jackass or anything but it sounds like noobs or people that aren't in the right "cliques" won't fit in so well so I'm going to stay in the forums 'til everybody knows me a little better (Been coming here for 5 years now but I didn't join 'til Jan.).
  19. Yeah...This is gonna seem out of place from the direction this thread is headed(or ended) but I still don't know what #ocremix is,I'm guessing it's a chatroom of some kind maybe? So yea forgive my noobness.
  20. I heard that too but I'm unsure if it's true or not...All I know is that Blu-Ray has more storage capacity(or whatever it's called).
  21. I am somewhat of a "Sony Whore" (Sony fanboy is too extreme of a word to use in my case) and I've been pulling for them from the start; Anybody know how much the prices are gonna drop on movies if and when Blu-Ray is named the winner?
  22. Speaking of Beta-Max and VHS, Which format has more porn available on it?, If the answer is Blu-Ray I wouldn't be surprised. Also: Beta-Max was better then the VHS and if Blu-Ray lost it would be the second time the better format lost which would have really made me sad.
  23. I was wondering when Toshiba was gonna give up and now I know.
  24. Yea, I don't know what #ocremix is but I gotta agree with Gecko, just ignore the guy or complain to the mods(or you could call the guy/girl and tell him to shut up if you haven't done that already).
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