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  1. Vizio is a good alternative to the more expensive brands
  2. You just discovered that? WOW Gouda and turkey tastes amazingly well together with honey mustard.
  3. I'm sure all of you have seen this but I'll post it anyways, Is this an official trailer? Didn't see it on the site. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVJgECs72VE
  4. I like all the designs, yes even yours Skrypnyk, but who is gonna choose which one wins? Is it gonna be a poll or something?
  5. I made sephfire a happy birthday thread already, I guess this is the official one, anyway... Happy Birthday!!!
  6. I'm starting a Happy Birthday Sephfire thread because it seems like no one else has, and to show my appreciation for this thread (Never would have seen his reviews without the thread) and this so (and the music of course)... Happy Birthday Sephfire! If you don't like being wished happy birthday then ignore this
  7. I've never seen the show, This thread makes me feel like I'm missing out on something awesome. I'll wear a hoodie, that counts as a sweater right?
  8. It's not broken, but it's bent like a mother fucker.
  9. Really? Doesn't look like it...On second thought maybe he is.
  10. [semi-serious question asked in a very stupid manner] Liontamer, why won't you acknowledge my avatars? They have been there waiting for your approval but all you have done is neglect them so they can wane and woe in the darkness that is your ignorance...just end this game and reject them if they are crappy. [/semi-serious question asked in a very stupid manner] As you could probably tell I'm bored and like to write (I was going for the angry mother welling at the neglectful of to his kids father), The way I asked the question is all in jest and don't won't to come off as a douchebag. [serious question] How much time out of your day/week does the judge job take on average? [/serious question]
  11. 1.When did leather pants become gay? *Takes off leather pants* 2.I concur
  12. Because the plug is smaller The difference in quality depends on the format the music (or whatever) it is in and where it's being played, I'm no expert so I'm probably wrong (With the big plug on my home theater system music sounds worse then with the small plug on my pc...That's probably because I'm using FLAC and a DSP and Equalizer and other plug-ins on my winamp ).
  13. The review is pretty much what I said (or tried to say) in the PS3 thread. A little lacking on the lol in this one IMO 8/10
  14. I'm on said phone which doesn't let me see the video... Youtube is supposed to work... Edit: just saw the videos, it's cool/fun looking and makes me wonder what other instruments can be played.The hacking of the iphone sucks but w/e.
  15. Here or over there? Anyway Happy Birthday! BTW good luck on the board.
  16. It's meh at best...My friend loves that game.
  17. FR


    On a related note: Do they sell the DVDs or Blu-rays of FLCL? Never seen them in Best Buy and or any other store.
  18. I guessed that but how the hell is a gun=crisis?
  19. ^Big Mutha Truckas? No seriously I have no idea who those people are but I'm guessing I don't need to know that to solve the puzzle.
  20. Me too and I heard that movie sucks or something. No has mentioned a Hitchcock fliks (you might say his movies don't fall under the requested category but I disagree)...weird.I recommend everything he has done especially Vertigo and Citizen Kane I guess counts too.
  21. All of them but that's because I hate vocals (Mostly).
  22. I've never heard the original track and I've never played the game but the song was pretty good...It had me tapping my feet and bobbing my head and now I feel like giving the game a try, so good job.
  23. Metal Gear Awesome: Solid Snake and...EgoRaptor Edit: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater and Kratos from God of War 1 LT: All are too grainy, except Kratos, which is just a little too dark. Jurassic park 1...it's a raptor Edit: and No Name (no default name in game) or Minato Arisato (Name given in the manga) from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3. Man I'm bored LT: The Raptor pic is lame (not your fault), but the Persona 3 ones are excellent. Thanks!
  24. ^Stupid/easy...it's a game Answer: Shadow of the collosus ------------------------------------------ ^Obscure game Answer: Mischeif makers I'll make better ones...maybe.
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