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  1. > I can understand why you wouldn't like it...I love the series and sometimes I just gets annoying, gameplay wise of course.
  2. An easy one for you guys
  3. So your saying the music is painful/horrible?
  4. Anybody got the arcade Xbox thing? Is it better to buy an elite/pro or getting an arcade one then buy a Hard Drive?
  5. Anybody play Patapon yet? Looks good but I'm not gonna do another impulse buy, got Disgaea and I don't even play it.
  6. EA not the only company interested in Take-Two Update of sorts I guess but not really.
  7. http://www.gamerevolution.com/news/view.php?id=3759 (Everything that's underlined is supposed to be scratched out or w/e, copy and paste has failed me.) Not a real topic but I found it hilarious so I had to share. The only thing I have to say is whats with the flip-flopping of opinion? Is it not to piss of the PC gamers?
  8. FR


    Thank you for making my day Brushfire thank you very much...I'm probably gonna quote you in my sig BTW.
  9. Sonic adventure 2 for the gamecube is the best sonic game I've ever played... Um yeah Capcom Fighting Evolution(revolution? I forgot the name to be honest) was pretty terrible on all aspects.
  10. I would lend it to you but I don't know where you live... I second Devil May Cry 2 and Need for Speed:Underground 2.
  11. FR

    Sony PS3

    Yea you shouldn't play 4 without playing at least metal gear solid 1,2, and 3 which there is a collection coming out I believe. Edit:http://www.gamerevolution.com/news/view.php?id=3744 No MGS4 PS3 bundle in Europe Didn't know if Bigfoot's link said anything about it.
  12. and Marth from Fire Emblem:Radiant Dawn. Meh I tried Arek. Edit: Megazord from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers. Edit 2: Zhou Tai from Dynasty Warriors 6 Edit 3:I'll take requests if my current avatars get accepted/don't suck. LT: Everything's too blurry except the Megazord, which I just don't like. The cropping on the Megazord is a bit too tight. I'd probably shrink the image to fit more of that upper torso of the robot in there.
  13. lol...Personally the vocals killed it for me.
  14. FR

    Sony PS3

    The initial releases and xtreame and what not have different types of gameplay. BTW I got raped by Lu Bu twice.=( Edit:Well the game is fun but the camera is annoying at times and I kinda miss the square and triangle combos but this is only like after 3 or 4 levels so don't flame me.
  15. I found this one lacking memorable funny lines like the first one.You should know which ones I'm talking about.
  16. FR

    No? YES!

    Am I supposed to know who that is? Because It doesn't sound like he's important.
  17. FR

    No? YES!

    This song is funny/horrible...I wonder how long it to them to write the lyrics.
  18. FR

    Sony PS3

    After reading this I'm defiantly getting it tomorrow! Edit:I just bought the game will post thoughts of game later.
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