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    Sony PS3

    I meant that I read few of the last pages and some people were saying that they had some had Uncharted and rachet & clank and some other games but they didn't have resistence as part of their collection and found it suprising that nobody recommended resistence as must have(even though it's old)...But whatever I realize it was a stupid/misworded post...At least it made somebody laugh.
  2. FR

    Sony PS3

    I'm not gonna read the whole thread but I haven't seen anybody recommend Resistence:fall of man, It's a great shooter so why isn't it getting any recommendations/love?
  3. I got Super Mario Galaxy and Twilight princess sitting right in front of me and I try playing it but I can't get into it...either games are starting to suck or with age interest in them start to fade. I don't know what it might be but hopefully Condemned 2 or Patapon will rekindle my love for video games.
  4. After hearing there might be a new Kid Icaraus game I was wondering what other games people would want a sequel to.Threequels count to, like I've been wanting a Killer Instincts 3 for the longest. Announced games that take forever to finish would also count (Duke Nukem forever).I guess I should start off...A game that I would want to see have a sequel (other then the already mentioned) would have to be The Legend of Dragoon (I don't know how It would work out but anything is possible...I think a prequel would be nice) mostly because the story wasn't bad, the powers where cool and It was the most fun I had on a non-Squaresoft RPG on the Playstation. Well let's see what you guys come up with...
  5. For some reason I am neither surprised nor sad, maybe it's because the fact that the man has died hasn't hit me yet but I know his passing will effect many people. Hopefully the Dark Knight will be his greatest role so people may recognize the man and talent that has left us all.
  6. Thanks OverCoat, But why would people do this for...Fun?
  7. Hey how 'bout somebody explain what keygen music is for the people that don't know what it is...and by people I mean me.
  8. 2007's NPD games sales reports: Original article here Nintendo DS and Wii Finish as the No. 1 and No. 2 Best-Selling U.S. Systems REDMOND, Wash., Jan. 17 /PRNewswire/ -- Nintendo DS and Wii finished strong in 2007, commanding sales in the holiday shopping period and finishing the year as the two best-selling video game systems in the United States, according to new data just released by the independent NPD Group. Nintendo DS was the top-selling U.S. system of 2007, with nearly 8.5 million sold, including more than 4 million in November and December alone. Wii placed second, with nearly 6.3 million sold through the year, more than 2.3 million of which sold in the final two months. -- Nintendo accounted for 52 percent of all video game hardware systemssold in 2007 -- more than all other manufacturers combined. -- Since their respective launches, Nintendo has sold more than17.6 million Nintendo DS systems and nearly 7.4 million Wii systems inthe United States alone. -- Half of the top 30 best-selling games of 2007 were made for Nintendo systems -- Nintendo continues to dominate the hand-held market: Of the top 30 best-selling portable games sold in 2007, 25 were made for Nintendo DS and another two were made for Game Boy® Advance. -- Sales of Nintendo DS systems grew 60 percent over those from 2006. -- In 2007, the video game industry grew by 43 percent over 2006. Nintendo is responsible for 60 percent of that growth.
  9. Some of them are funny... Took the words out of my mouth. I thought it was funny...In a trying to be edgy kind of way.
  10. Off topic:Why? On topic: The game is coming out for the PS3 too (It said PS3 at the end of the trailer); Nobody mentioned it either because nobody noticed or because nobody cared, but still Yay!
  11. I dunno if anybody is a late night with Conan O' Brien fan but he's having this Zip line segment (I hope the writers come back SOON) and he's taking ideas from the viewers and I know there are many talented people here so I was wondering what you guys would come up with, Well the site could explain it better then I can so here's the LINK. (If you get picked he says your name and shows the picture you sent in) Hope one of you guys get picked
  12. When I first saw the trailer I told myself the movie would probably suck (I have low expectations with movies nowadays) but after seeing this thread I feel like watching the movie, so thanks guys for making spend $20 bucks.
  13. If it's true I don't know what to say other then that sucks...Original article here
  14. I own the first 2 games and I don't even own a DS (sadly) that's how awesome they are, and now I feel like playing Phoenix Wright...
  15. FR


    I thought it was interesting that people would do a study on this, When there are more important things going on in the world. Didn't post it to start arguments, just want to share that's all. sorry
  16. FR


    'Mac People' More Open, Liberal Than PC Users?
  17. Huh funny how I never noticed that...oh well. (If I was a MGS boss would I ride a raptor or something?) I just remembered when I was in 7th grade (right about the time 9/11 happened ), My friends and I were being stupid and making DJ names and I came up with DJ Colin Powell (I thought it sounded cool if you said it right:oops:). So for a while I was know as DJ Colin Powell, It was my name in the Halo 3 beta too. EDIT: I'm not a DJ, which makes the nickname even sadder.
  18. The day 2D gaming dies is the day the George W. Bush is made Space Pope* *Futurama reference if you don't get it
  19. How about Golden sun characters Kirbies would be cool if done correctly.
  20. Don't know if this the proper place to put this thread so move if necessary, and if it's a stupid question: Post count name change? I don't even know if that what it's called but I'm referring to the name that is given to a person that achieves 100 post and so on. (EX: goomba 100+) Well I was wondering who decided on the names given and if the will ever be replaced? For one I noticed a lot of mario references and kinda felt that was unfair to other games (Not that mario doesn't deserve it). So in short: 1.Who decided on the names? 2.Will they ever be changed to more modern characters/game references if there is a worthy enough character/game reference? (G.L.a.D.O.S FTW) 3.If they are changed who will decide on the future names (Will it be by vote by the posters or will all be moderators or judges and so on?) P.S.:Again move if necessary and sorry for my noobism overwhelming me. P.S.S.:Is there a listing of what the post count hierarchy is now?
  21. I wish the gameplay could be more like this* *Except for the akuma having a beard thing.
  22. Not trying to offend you OA, but some parts of this song reminded me of the Sims 2 music, but this is gold compared to the Sims music.
  23. Most of my statement was trying to be sarcastic but sometimes I get the feeling that some reviews were bought/influenced to bump up the score a bit.
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