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  1. Ultima VII (PC) (also Ultima VII Part II: Serpent Isle) - lots of memorable tracks Ultima IX (PC) - this was recorded by a 50-piece orchestra Solstice (NES) - opening theme Warcraft II (PC) Myst (PC) - but a lot of it might be too ambient for your radio show, I don't know what you're going for
  2. Ah, sorry I forgot to post sooner, but I've got plenty of singing experience and would enjoy contributing to this, if you're still collecting parts.
  3. For some reason I initially read this as Patrick Stewart instead of Jon Stewart.
  4. Sorry to be pedantic (well, ok, so I'm not really sorry, actually I thrive on being pedantic), but it's a touch misleading to say that viola and cellos are almost exactly the same. They are both members of the violin family, but the differences are numerous: - The viola is held like a violin, and is only slightly larger than a violin. The cello is over twice as big and is held upright between the knees, resting on an endpin. - significant difference in tone - Although lower pitched, the cello has a brighter and more resonant quality, whereas the viola is softer and less piercing than the oth
  5. I've got a FF6 jazz waltz remix waiting to be posted which has plenty of cello.
  6. I have David Arkenstone's album "Citizen of the World", which I like quite a bit. I've also borrowed some of his earlier albums from the library, but they all seemed rather lacking in comparison. As far as new age being bad - I don't think the genre itself is inherently flawed. A lot of bland, uninspired stuff may have squeezed its way into the category to ride the height of its popularity, but that's no reason to discount the gems. To get back on topic - if you aren't already familiar with it, you might want to grab a copy of the soundtrack to the original Myst game, if you can find it. It
  7. It's an interesting idea, anyway, but I have to admit it seems a little too nebulous to be of much use. It supposed to indicate that the artist is getting a "fair" deal, but what exactly is fair? If you can con an artist into signing a bad contract in the first place, it doesn't seem like it would take much more to get them to approve the use of this logo at the same time. Perhaps it would be a little more meaningful if there was some coherent set of standards that it stood for, and it was administered by some entity such as the musician's union that could maintain publically-available reco
  8. I'm too lazy to go back and quote, but re: first RPG to have classes - as someone already said, there was surely some old text-based or roguelike in the 70's that had classes. At the very least, we can go back to Richard Garriot's 1979 Akalabeth. But here's a more interesting first - how about first game to have NPC's with everyday schedules? (Sleep, eat, work, etc. at certain times of in-game day.) I believe it's Ultima V, 1988.
  9. I find the discussions of which sorts of activities are good and bad for musicians to make money off of interesting, because I think an important point is being missed: I would contend that live music and recorded music, although obviously related, are two distinctly different mediums. Each allows possibilties the other does not, and although many musicians can successfully create both some are better at one or the other. To suggest that musicians should expect to make most of their money from touring, for instance, de-emphasizes the art of constructing a good album. Although for some music
  10. With the descending minor-key harmonies, "Monsters Don't Hurt Mario" sounds for all the world like it could be a classic Mega Man tune.
  11. I was complaining about there not being any avatars from Ultima, so I thought I'd put a few minutes of my time where my mouth was and do something about it. Here's some from Ultima VII: The Black Gate, by Origin Systems Inc. From left to right: The Avatar (male), The Avatar (female), Lord British, Nystul apparently I can only do 4 per post... LT: Nystul is oogly, but that's not your fault. Good on the rest! so here's Iolo, Shamino, and Dupre: Sorry for the double post. Hope these are formatted ok. LT: Yep. Looks cool.
  12. Alright, fine, I'll pick an avatar. There aren't any avatars from my favorite series of games, Ultima, so I'll settle for something similar, the Elven Archer from Warcraft II. Also, I hate to admit it, but the smug look of arrogant superiority feels appropriate somehow. That probably doesn't speak well of me. This site really needs some avatars from the Ultima series, though. Maybe I'll go dig up and post a few. No wait - what this site really needs is some more remixes from the Ultima series. I'd better get to work on that too.
  13. With regards to game collections - I personally don't find it relevant how the game was packaged. For instance, I acquired Ultimas I-VIII on an Ultima Collection CD that, itself, came in my Dragon Edition box for Ultima IX. But I just listed the games under their own names, i.e. "Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny"; it seems wholly unecessary to put "Ultima IX Dragon Edition: Ultima Collection: Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny". If someone were to give me an original copy of Ultima V in its original packaging for some reason (for collectibility I guess), I wouldn't bother to list it twice; it's the
  14. So here's a question for debate - should you list a game you've completed but don't own? (I played through several old games a couple years ago when I had a roommate who owned them.)
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