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  1. I might be interested in laying down some acoustic bass for you. With regards to a potential professional release, though, are you prepared to deal with all the necessary licensing?
  2. Just to widen the perspective on the issue, I do think key can be important in some cases. I think when re-arranging it's good to know what the original key was, and to consider what effect changing the key may have (playing a tune people are familiar with half-a-step up may give it an 'edge', for instance). It can also be especially important to consider with acoustic instruments - both for difficulty issues when dealing with amateur musicians, and for instrument-specific tricks that may only be available on certain notes, even to a professional player (for instance, playing a drone on an o
  3. Sorry if this one is too obvious, but if it's not already in your collection, might I suggest the classic Vince Guaraldi album?
  4. Olarin

    Jazz Remixes

    Where DrumUltima mentioned Estradasphere, he actually posted a second link to Neskvartetten. And they're worth linking to twice, but the excellent mix he was trying to direct you to is here, if you didn't already find it on your own. ...ego... too big.... can't resist.... pushing..... my own remix
  5. Oh yes, I have to reinforce the Myst series reccomendation, the first game in particular. Not sure why I didn't think of that one immediately (I still listen to it all the time).
  6. Forest temple in Ocarina of Time. Also, for music that is slightly less 'atmospheric' but still sets the appropriate atmosphere, Ultima 7. Not only the music itself, but the way it's used; the game doesn't barrage you with music all the time, but subtle tunes play in certain areas of the game or for certain reasons, and may or may not loop depending on why they were invoked. None of the tunes are instrusive, yet most of them are still memorable, and there's a consistent texture to the entire soundtrack as a whole that seems to fit appropriately with the aesthetic of the graphics and the rest
  7. Yeah, string instruments generally appreciate in value over time.
  8. The 'evil' and 'good' musics for the eight main townes in Ultima: Ascension employed six themes (truth, love, courage, and their opposites) in different combinations representing the interrelations between the three principles and the eight virtues the townes are associated with. Nothing mind-shattering, but there were some nice variations to fit the atmosphere of each towne. Incidentally, the soundtrack was actually recorded by a fifty-piece orchestra (not unheard of for games but still not yet common either), and it has a really nice sound. (If only the plot and the dialogue had measured
  9. Do not just play through pain! You could seriously hurt yourself doing that. Admittedly I'm a bassist/cellist and not a violinist, so I can't speak to the specific instrument, but in any endeavour pain is important feedback from your body and you shouldn't ignore it. Obviously you can't be afraid of a little muscle fatigue - you are exercising muscles in your arm, hand, and fingers, after all, and training them to do new things - but if you're experiencing serious pain there may be some subtle problems in your approach that could lead to serious injuries later on. Trying to learn the corre
  10. Actually guys, I think the OP has a very good point here. I'm inspired to go through the archives and write a bunch of negative reviews specifically pointing out why other people's remixes are worse than mine. Otherwise some people might miss out on the full realization of exactly how great I am.
  11. That's a great idea actually. some other ideas: - Have a friend play random pitches on a piano, and identify them without looking. (Also name the interval from the last note.) Similar idea but faster feedback. - If you're already pretty good with diatonic material, try finding some heavily chromatic or even atonal music to transcribe. - Once you're pretty solid on transcribing melodies, you may want to turn your attention to transcribing chords from an instrument like piano or guitar. In particular I'm thinking of jazz tunes where you have complex chords to deal with, and the chord player h
  12. Yes, I gathered that from this thread. I'm thinking more in terms of readability to an anonymous guest user wandering in new to the site. (Also, in my particular case, I never let my browser store passwords or long-term cookies 'cause I'm paranoid, so I'm typically never logged in until I decide to post something, but that's my own darn fault.) I don't really see where signatures add anything useful to a forum, but obviously I'm in the vast minority on that issue both here and on the internet in general, so it doesn't really matter.
  13. Personally, I think the best readability improvement that could be made to the forums would be to remove signatures altogether. Graphical and otherwise.
  14. Funny you should mention composition and jazz studies - I majored in both of those, so perhaps I can be of a little help. Unsurprisingly, then, my advice is to consider doing them both. Some schools are more amenable to this sort of thing than others, but most should allow for the possibility in some way. Check out the curriculum for both majors - chances are there's a lot of overlap in GEC courses and low-level required music courses, so if you're willing to take a few extra credit hours to get both, it'll give you that much more bragging rights on your resume down the road (and hopefully
  15. I know this thread is primarily for NES/SNES RPGs, but since someone mentioned the Ultima series I can't resist chiming in. It's a great series, but the console ports were generally inferior. I'd really reccomend getting the original PC versions instead. You can probably still get the Ultima Collection (Ultimas 1 thru off of eBay or something for a reasonable price. Here's a quick guide to the series. Keep in mind earlier titles are tricky to run well on modern machines - the Collection packages "moslo" with them to slow them down, but you might have better luck using DosBox. Ultimas 1
  16. I try to avoid cluttering the internet with forum posts if I have nothing more to say than "ooh that's neat". But if you insist: Ooh, that's neat.
  17. Another way to go the wrong way around on U-Turn: http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=901195
  18. Well, it would have been ok if it had been two different days. However, in my time zone your two posts occured within the same day, so that's a permaban from the entire internet. There will be a squad dispatched to your house to destroy your computer shortly.
  19. I went to SUNY Purchase for grad school in jazz performance, so I happen to know that they have a grad program in studio production, as well. Not sure if that's exactly what you're looking for. It's roughly a 45 minute drive from downtown Manhattan.
  20. Nice solution. Mine was a little less elegant: http://FantasticContraption.com/?designId=713180 I had to spend a while tweaking the height of the backwards wheels so that the machine's timing was just right.
  21. yeah I had a nice conveyor belt setup for Four Balls, but it was apparently a bit much for the program to handle and it froze up when I tried to save.
  22. Very nice game, thanks for pointing it out.
  23. I really like the Spyro Gyra album "Stories Without Words" (especially the last two tracks), but what I've heard of the rest of their stuff doesn't seem to be on the same level.
  24. Expectation and appearance has an incredible effect on people's perception of music. Sometimes this is justified - nothing wrong with using good visuals and showmanship, for instance, to help present the music at a live performance, assuming the music is worth presenting. But it can certainly be frustrating when people make irrational assumptions about something they know nothing about. I do run into this sort of sentiment occasionally at my jazz gigs, where if I'm the bandleader there's almost always some tunes from game soundtracks on the setlist. Usually it's not too severe, just a conde
  25. All right then, how about a desparate, misguided, futile attempt to throw the thread back on track? I'm not as well-versed in the genre as you apparently are, but I certainly enjoy Return to Forever and Weather Report, and I'd add electric violinist Jean-Luc Ponty to your list. ...Also, VMWare Fusion is great. Nothing wrong with running Windows stuff on an iMac (which I bought mainly for Logic Studio), it's a good machine for some situations. Wait a minute - crap, I derailed the thread again!
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