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    One of my favorite versions of Greensleeves is actually the version by Loreena McKennitt on her album "The Visit". Supposedly she was going for a Tom Waits impression when she sang it, and the rough, almost croaking sound really brings out the original depressing drinking-song lyrics. (McKennitt is a Celtic / New Age type singer, kinda like Enya but typically with more string instruments and slightly less obvious synth effects.) Also don't forget Vince Guaraldi's version(s) from the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack.
  2. Hm, now I need to make an OCRemix with thousands of recorded tracks just so I can lay claim to having made the remix with the most parts. No wait, I'm far too lazy for that. Nevermind.
  3. Just because you weren't allowed in the closed beta is no reason to get all bitter.
  4. Finally, the secret's out of the bag! I've been waiting for quite a while to reveal that my Final Fantasy mix, http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01752/, was actually created with an early closed beta version of Remixinator. Frankly, looking at what the closed beta was capable of, the final release version kind of dissapoints me. But everyone knows that feature creep can kill a good project, and compromises have to be made. Apparently there were just too many bugs to work out with source material that's in 3/4 time. Also, I guess market research showed there was actually a *negative* twenty-three
  5. Ultima III. Specifically, a movie that follows the Japanese manga version. (There probably isn't anyone else here who will be as amused by that as I am. So, never mind. Suffice it to say that the manga takes... considerable liberties with the source material. Not that there was a lot of source material to work with, as old a game as it is.)
  6. "This fictional remix is clearly just a MIDI rip with boom-tiss added on. NO OVERRIDE"
  7. This might be a hair off-topic as the OP was looking in a slightly higher price range, but does anyone have any experience with the Zoom Q3? I'd like to start recording video at some of my gigs. A lot of guys I know are using the zoom audio recorders and seem to get decent results. I guess I'm mainly curious if the video quality is up to par, or if it's just more of a gimmick and I'd be better off looking for a decent digital camcorder with an audio input jack.
  8. Now here's a FPS even I could get interested in. (I'll probably still be awful at it though.)
  9. When I'm going to buy something I tend to try to do some quick searching across several different sites to see where I can get the best price. Amazon's typically pretty reasonable, but sometimes you can get physical copies of stuff cheaper on Tower.com, and MP3 prices can vary widely depending on where you look and how much trouble you're willing to go to. I've subscribed to eMusic for a couple years now - they don't have a comprehensive selection by any means (they started out as a "weird indie site", as you put it), but they do have a significant amount of major-label stuff now, and for th
  10. He told me to leave! I didn't know my characters were just going to jump thru the air onto the ship - for all I knew there was another whole part of the level to go thru! How was I supposed to know if I had enough time left for that? How was I supposed to know waiting saved him? What if waiting had killed us all and then his sacrifice was just in vain? If we could all jump to the airship, why couldn't we just wait on the airship for him to do the same? It wasn't my fault! IT WASN'T MY FAULT!
  11. Hear hear! I just bought the Riven soundtrack. On an entirely unrelated note, it's entirely possible this site is long overdue for its first Riven mix...
  12. As far as I know, all the battery-powered cartridges I own still hold their savegames. The oldest one I have is my NES Ultima III cartridge; it's getting close to twenty years old, and I was playing it just the other week with no problems. I also have an original version Link's Awakening, Final Fantasy Legend II, the gameboy Donkey Kong game, Donkey Kong Land I and II, an original Zelda that belonged to my cousin, and a Dragon Warrior that I bought used last year.
  13. Hopefully no one will mind if I bump this just once - just wanted to mention that the album has now made its way thru to most of the digital distributors like Amazon and iTunes, in case you've got a holiday gift card left over and are looking for something to spend it on. You can also stream the whole album off lala.com for free if you just want to check it out.
  14. No really, I'm not doing Tornado Man. He's all yours.
  15. Ah excellent. If you murder everyone else, I'll win by default. I'm definitely not doing Tornado Man, then.
  16. Hm... you need one more person for a bracket of 16, and I need to increase my musical output. I'll throw my hat in the ring. (Figuratively. I don't actually own any hats. None worth throwing at any rate.) I'm having trouble deciding who to take though. I was thinking I'd use somebody from Mega Man 6 since I own that one and have therefore played it more, but I'm not sure. Suggestions? A classic from 2 or 3 maybe? Or maybe I should go for a more underrepresented game in the series?
  17. For anyone who might be interested - a friend and I have just recently released a new album: 404: Live at River Road http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/projectruori1 If you're familiar with the remixes I currently have posted here... well, this is almost nothing like those. This is a recording of a live performance from April 4 (04/04), 2003. It was a fully improvised performance that happened to divide itself neatly into four sets of roughly a half hour each, and this album contains the two sets that were successfully recorded. I'm playing electric bass and keyboards; my good friend Steve Mokris is
  18. K is for King's Quest. How is it nobody used King's Quest yet? Sigh.
  19. Would it really even be necessary to stop this, though? If you're bothering to edit out the nag, it's still drawing your attention to itself in a way, so it's still kinda doing its job.
  20. I'd be curious to know the results of the approach afterwards (how sales compare to your previous releases, how many people purchased vs. how many downloaded the free stuff, etc.). Here's the most annoying thing I can think of from what you described: if you happened to use both #3 and #5, and for some strange reason I happened to like the shorter mix of a tune *better*, but there was no legal way to get ahold of the short version without the voice overlay.
  21. Nice, the swing rhythms are starting to feel better. Just a random thought - the Zelda's Lullaby quote (1:40 to 2:00 or so) could make for a nice final ending. If you don't want to uproot it from where it is now, you could always just repeat it. But maybe you've got something else in mind.
  22. I can't remember for sure, but it sounds like you've added just a little more length to the major key section in the second minute? That was the part that I felt went by kinda fast in the first version, and it flows much better now. The arrangement as a whole feels much more organized. Just for the heck of it, I attempted to record the first few bars of your arrangement on my keyboard to see what I could manage. I did this piecemeal, a few bars at a time (and hands seperately); it's going through the "Yamaha Grand (Hall)" that comes with Logic Pro. The rhythm is still a little sloppy here
  23. I kinda like it as a solo piano thing, but if you did want to go the jazz trio route I might be able to record some bass for you.
  24. You could perhaps list me as an instrument contact for cello and double bass, if you want. Also, I've been considering a solo bass improvisation on the DW1 overworld theme for a long time, so I might try to record that and toss it your way.
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