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  1. Does it count if you wrote your own sheet music?
  2. So basically, today was our senior prank day (I'm a junior) and it my blue prius got pwned. Also, a lot of the seniors came in my history class dressed in bunny suits and started dancing to (some techno song) <-- that was very funny. I'm 6'5, they are just jealous. AP Biology isn't nerdy... More like gives it:shock:
  3. Kick ASS! I loved DK64 btw...maybe you just refuse to be satisfied.
  4. I second this, it may be a short song, but it would be interesting to see what people can do with a short-oriental-esque song.
  5. If you are onionchowder, then you pretty much got it right
  6. They did this at my school two years ago, but with chickens. A good one that was pretty clean was they filled Dean of Students office with balloons - completely. It reached half way up the ceiling, and they put condoms and fun stuff in some of the balloons, it was a very funny and clean prank. Not any nasty ass whipped cream on the floor or anything.
  7. Why would anyone want a movie based off a video game anyway? They are completely different genres intended for different purposes. The only two media that are closely linked are books and movies. not videogames and books... not movies and videogames...
  8. Naw, it's a nice element to the game - now button mashing spazzes will be laughed at for both clumsiness in life, and in brawl. Kirby is the best character.
  9. I regret not taking piano lessons at an earlier age, but then again It's probably a good thing. Had I taken piano lessons, I would have gotten bored with it (as I did with every interest I had as a toddler) and I wouldn't be as enthusiastic or determined as I am today. So maybe it was a good thing that I discovered it later in life...
  10. Very good filming and detail. I loved the cars moving in back/foreground, and the legos walking (and turning around at 2:33 ), the lego gun SFX, not to mention a funny storyline. Nice work!
  11. Cheers! I love everything about this site: people, music, ideas.
  12. Zircon, you were right, this is addicting... And Breathing You In was the first song that came up and I voted for it, not because you said so but because it kicks ass
  13. When looking at Nintendo games, I would agree that "more and more games are made based off of that same business-principle." However, after the bright refreshing light of valve shined on me, I realized that some games could still be original. Based on intimate personal relations and satisfying story lines, games like Half Life (2 etc.) and Portal show a whole new idea put into gaming. Of course some people may disagree with me, but it was because I had never heard of any valve game before I played it, and my low (or lack of) expectations contributed the the enjoyment that I got out of them. Of course, I still play Mario and Zelda games because they were the originals, and they have the right to keep the same game idea for that reason.
  14. I feel that 'perfection' is a word that would understate this mix. If your three prime mixes are looked at as one, the first two make up one third (33%)each and this third of the series contains the 34th %. Also I love how in each of the mixes the title theme is in the middle of all of 'um. Also that change from 3/4 to 4/4 with the drums in the middle makes me cry every time.
  15. test / what do u think? it's kinda plain and keep in mind I put it together quickly >.< Redid it, now it's smaller and a little more simple Ok, I made another, good idea, bad execution...which should I keep?
  16. Hey I've become a fan of this site because recently I have a huge interest in music, videogame music especially. I started a couple months ago arranging sheet music of themes from various games, and now I want to take the next step and begin remixing some of those songs. I feel ocremix is a very encouraging and comfortable environment to be a part of. woo!
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