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  1. ^^^ + 1 This is amazing, I've only heard this kind of music from my gameboy, but the originality and expansion you bring to this genre is so great!
  2. Thank you very much for your help. You are right, I would need an amp. Considering that, I would end up spending $150 on amp and $200 on interface, so would it be wiser just to look for a pair of active studio monitors and end up spending $300 + $200 for an amp? Obviously this is $150 more expensive but does having an external amp provide $150 (or near that) worth of benefits?
  3. NOT THE MKII. I'm being offered these studio monitors from a friend, yet since I am new to the whole 'home studio' thing, I am anxious about a few things. First, I've done some research on these and I think I've concluded that they are not magnetically shielded, so if I were to use them how far away should they be kept from computer/monitor/gear etc? Second, I've yet to get, but am on the edge of getting a USB audio interface (thinking about the M-Audio fast track 4x4) but I am not 100% they will work together: something about the Alesis monitor saying not to provide power over 200W, and I can't find anything about that on the M-Audio product. Other than that, I would just connect the monitors to the M-audio interface via monitor--> banana plug-->TRS converter-->M-audio interface--> and then usb to computer. I am audio engineering noob.
  4. Reviewed Snare and changed it's umph between trance and dub sections. Monitored dynamics of instruments closer. Readded triplet delay to piano. Added a celesta section to the intro piano (playing the original melody) part to suggest the piano is more improv. The celesta part I think could be good, but maybe it's not the right instrument? -----
  5. After playing with the demos of Zebra, Massive, Sylenth, Vanguard I really liked the way Massive did routing. I may have to get both Massive and Sylenth <.< I did watch Zircon's video tutorial of Zebra, and it seems like it's perfectly fine, but it just didn't work with me.
  6. Yeah I made that up kind of...I'm referring to portamento, which in traditional sheet writing means the sliding of one note to another i.e. if you took your finger on a guitar or cello, and then plucked the string and moved your finger up or down. Most synthesizers have the option as an effect to use on their oscillators and it may be abbreviated as 'port' Here's one of my favorite examples: listen at 0:27 the bass goes vwwoooooom that is portamento
  7. Ever heard this one? SKIP TO 2:16 for theme (unless you like hardstyle, in that case enjoy the whole song) My remix: http://tindeck.com/listen/rvig
  8. Love the string into to that sexy lead, and then the triplet feel AAWWW soo good. Pre-drop breakdown was bumping, but the drop needs moar energy!!! I would suggest removing kicks in the third and fourth beats right before the drop, and adding a portament bass or reverse snr/crash/kick to really create some energy. Also, I think your wobble could stand to have more high frequency in it: perhaps, keep the lows but maybe add some distortion?
  9. ^ >.> Chi is short...for child but yeah that works. You could say I'm intermediate with synthesis...I rarely use presets because I find it much easier and satisfying to find a way to make the sound I'm looking for. I like the idea of sylenth1 and vanguard because I come from a ~1 year background of synth1 (the free vst HAH) but I do love synth1, and it is getting better, but it has some issues with it's LFO and mod depth routing.
  10. To everyone who is "confusing" me, I appreciate it...really. I am open to trying new things so I will try out the Zebra demo to see if I like it. However, I found out sylenth offers an educational discount (30%!) so I may be able to afford multiple new toys
  11. I've heard good things about Zebra from my teacher, but the interface looks nontraditional. why would I get the zebra as opposed to a more familiar one?
  12. I am debating between Sylenth1 by LennarDigitalle and Vanguard by reFX. I like both demos, and would really see myself in the future with both. Has anyone used these and have any recommendations or problems with either? (I will use mainly with FL studio)
  13. *see most recent, or first post* - Done more EQ with various instruments - Added some soundscaping in the piano section - ReEQ'd piano and the low piano 'Hits' - Took attention to small details regarding piano arrangement (velocity, quantization, etc.) After the judges reacted negatively to the piano section, I feel that the piano is still the only thing that needs to be worked on (and maybe re-written or taken out and replaced). But my question to anyone is - Do you think the piano arrangement section is ARRANGED poorly, or does it not sound right and therefore not MIXED correctly? I'm still inventing new stuff for the wobble bass each time I open up this project
  14. Hope you are having a great one!
  15. EXCELLENT SOURCE! This game has very well composed music. My initial reaction was that your arrangement is good, but conservative (although with all the instruments and harmonies it is not even a problem.) My main suggestions would be to focus on either transitioning from each section to the next, or to get rid of some of them -- it was almost like a theme and variation of sections which had their own genres.
  16. Congrats! Lookin forward to what the next year will bring for you and OCR!!!
  17. to give some context, I reuploaded the whole thing with the new wobble section. -- to this section, I reworked the drums (EQ, SC compression on the basses, and a variation in the section that is 3 half steps up). -- Also added reverse kicks where I needed that 'vvvVVRROOOOOOOM' punch I've EQ'd most of my supersaw synths to attenuate the 15-20kHz range. I also added a (very unsatisfying... but maybe there is something there ) lead in the very bright-pad buildup section. *Removed* I'm still waiting for divine inspiration to help me out with the piano part <-- HAH
  18. Back to this. I've reworked the wobble bass a little (just EQ and insert changes) and added some sampling as well as a new section that goes up 3 halfsteps (just like in the original Koopa's Road). AND DAT COWBELL which I sampled myself I'm so proud. SO PLEASE, do you think this part of the song is going in the right direction? I still wanna change the drums b/c they are hiding. This is just the small minute of the whole original song.
  19. Buildup was great! I felt the break into the full melody was not full of enough energy though (I would use more distorted saw synths with higher freq. range, but I'm a sucker for that sound) The tempo felt a little quick and could stand to go down a few bpm. But overall very trancey and ambiently produced, really liked this mix.
  20. Let's say USB and I never imagine doing any recording other than maybe 1 mic input for voice. Budget wise just say less than $150 to keep most options open.
  21. What would you suggest alongside a nice pair of studio monitors?
  22. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0051OM4ZO/ref=pe_159760_20331370_pe_epc_d6 Mac more expensive. Mac no tengo FL studio. HP doesn't support logic. BOTH support Ableton. Both i7 w/plenty of RAM and hard-drive space. HP has a history of poorly grounded soundcards resulting in noise (while mac's are dangerously quiet), but apparently with their newer series they fixed it. Beats audio ® © TM presents itself as poo. For music production, which would you get?
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