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  1. Great source, I would suggest layering the shit out of 80% of your sounds to fill the spectrum during most of the mix (good choice of genre and good start, but needs more action!)
  2. Some 100bpm/glitch hop/neurohop/neurofunk DK inspired sounds Already submitted, just posting here for kix. http://tindeck.com/listen/zfyf SOURCE:
  3. This is beautiful. Around 3:00 and the high notes you hit at 3:15 there is some annoying high frequency that is static and short-lasting every time a loud + high note is struck. Does anyone else hear that?
  4. What is to stop it from happening? In the future could you see a few select remixers to go on tour as part of a label created here? Obviously $$$ and time are requirements, but it's a nice thought.
  5. Always None - since it is an audio file. I exported the dry midi with send to reverb tho which is recorded into the audio. ***** So I pulled the gain on the little sin/triangle down 6db and the Saw-pads down 3db and it got rid of most of the glitches so I guess the problem was there, even though none of the individual tracks/sends were clipping :/ Learned somethin today...
  6. What would you suggest - neither the audio file is visibly clipping and I have a limiter on the track. Some other kind of clipping maybe?
  7. slightly better fixed version: http://tindeck.com/listen/rwcc If you can hear what's causing those glitches/cracklesgoing on, then that solves my problem. I HAVE CHECKED MY ASIO BUFFER SIZE and even tested it when it's all the way up to 2000+ and it has no affect. I will admit this project contains very many instruments and is long, but this one lowpassed resonant unison-supersaw is giving me so much trouble. If it helps here's what I've tried: Soloing the track it's on seems to get rid of most of the glitches. Exporting to a .wav file and then replacing the midi with .wav has no affect When it is not soloed, I mute all of the other tracks playing at the same time, and the glitches still are there. My computer is pretty meaty and really should be able to handle this, so I'm certain I shouldn't be limited by my CPU.
  8. You are a sexy beast Rozovian. I am truly grateful for your input and will address what I can!
  9. Perhaps 1 final iteration :< http://soundcloud.com/chiwalker-1/uuc-iteration-3-27
  10. Search Paul Oakenfold - he has many playlists/podcasts/radio shows and he includes a lot of psytrance (but more towards the classic trance) in his sets. I think the best way to find new music/artists is to listen to these big radio show sets ... good stuff!
  11. Greatly appreciate the comments! I redid snare and kick - tryin to get closer to a hardtrancey sound. Added some more bloops to dub section and monitored levels closer. Also, is it just me (I NEED SUGGESTIONS FOR THIS PART!) or does the pre-gliding bass/super phased drop sound outweigh the actual dubstep section itself? Please let me know if you feel it lost energy in the drop b/c then I may rework that as well. I may consider doing an intro, but other than that I am, hopefully, one iteration from resubbing this. (left the other one up for comparison) http://soundcloud.com/chiwalker-1/uuc-iteration-3-26
  12. Bump... Will that snare do? Dub section TOO glitchy? Any other overall suggestions/things to avoid that anyone notices? Glad to be back working on this one. http://soundcloud.com/chiwalker-1/unagis-underwater-cave
  13. My audio interface was free with my midi keyboard - retail is probably less than $30...but I don't need to record external instruments/vox so I don't see the need for a better one (although I've heard good tings bout the onyx and NI komplete audio interface)
  14. The poor little thing only has 2 RCA ins/2 RCA outs so I'm really just considering either getting a better interface or getting a 2 rca channel -> stereo 1/8 inch converter cable (if such a thing exists.) | | V http://www.ramelectronics.net/audio-video/adapters/rca-to-1-8-3-5mm-adapters/35-558/prod35558.html
  15. Hey errbady, Since I've migrated to my new computer with Behringer UCA 200 usb interface soundcard attached to my 2.1 system, I've noticed some changes in FL that never happened before. First, FL will not play audio unless the actual DAW window is open, so if I click to check internet for some reason it will stop playing. Second, whenever I put in headphones I will not be able to use ASIO drivers to get audio out of the headphones (it will bypass them and go straight to the usb soundcard) BUT if I select another directsound device, I will get the typical shitty 'primary sound' out of the headphones. Is there a way to get ASIO out of headphones without unplugging my soundcard from the usb everytime? Thanks.
  16. So happy to finally see a remix of this golden game! AND BY BGC! Great, rockin, headbangin, amazing interpretation of an f'ing awesome source. oh, and thanks for dat synthgasm 8-O
  17. http://soundcloud.com/chiwalker-1/unagis-underwater-cave Changed instruments - snare, piano, new layers for multiple instruments as well. See what you think and please let me know.
  18. You could crop this up: http://www.spaceweather.com/aurora/images2010/04apr10/Frank-Olsen1.jpg I have the aurora as my background and it is quite calming and cool
  19. http://year2008-2009.student-direct.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2008/10/old-no-7.jpg
  20. **HEY QUESTION** I have done some research on power amps and teachers and friends etc have been telling me to ignore the power rating of the speakers, and get a high powered amp. These monitors say 200W peak, and in the reference manual for them it says "Also, there is no situation where an amplifier rated beyond 200 watts should ever be used because of the danger of damaging" But what these friends teachers etc have been telling me is to get a higher amp (like the RA300 which looks much better than 150) but simply not turn it up as much. So my question is, is this safe to use the RA300, even though in the manual it says NO? RA300 outputs 150watts RMS per channel at 4ohm(which is what the speakers are)
  21. AT :31, the splash cymbal playing quarter notes should be much wider (wither reverb maybe?) I think, or maybe it should be more tight. It's in between and it feels like it should be one or the other. Really liked the drums and variations in patterns. 2:08 I totally felt a bass guitar solo coming, but it didn't I like the epic drums and hits in the end!
  22. Thx for the rec, but I just got these speakers so I'm gonna stick with'm (so long as they still sound good XD) Thank you for all your help! FYI, I will be using a setup of these studio monitors connected to a RA-100 or RA-150 connected to the Behringer UCA 200 I just found in my behringer MIDI keyboard box...
  23. www.ninsheetm.us All (or at least most I think) arranged for piano. I've followed this site for a few years now, and they have sheet music of all difficulty, unfortunately it is not sorted by difficulty (although the very hard ones have the tag 'virtuoso' on them) It is good for finding a specific sheet by game though if you are very inspired to play a specific song.
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