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  1. So mellow and I love the vibe! A suggestion for the bossa nova feel on the snare-rim: I was forced when I was taking drum lessons to play this over and over again until I got it. It was so boring, but you learn how to ever so slightly vary the pattern (throw in a clave every 16th bar or whatever), and maybe some dynamic changes w/rhythm every so often as you feel.
  2. Well thanks for the references, but I was thinking more approach to synthesizing the sound: So far, I have gotten a similar sound using a high sine:noise (like 95%sine) ratio b/w two oscillators and have on the envelope no attack, high decay, with about half the sustain. On a LP filter envelope I have no attack, and about mid sus/decay with a little resonance. Add a light flanger and tons of reverb with a long decay time and that's basically what I have. High notes give a sort of icy cold feel but it's not quite the same sound I'm trying to get.
  3. Can anyone think of how to recreate a similar sound using a synthesizer for the very wide 'ice' sound used in the Metroid Prime Phendrana Drifts' music. Heard first as fx at 0:03, and used sporadically throughout until 0:41 when it is used as an instrument to play a melody.
  4. I'm just about ready for submission: Mastering proved to be a complete failure so I didn't do it...but I hope the balance is ok. Thanks for all of your comments they undoubtedly increased the quality of this mix.
  5. I'm gonna play more with this - probably take out some piano 8 or 16 bar phrase, because my piano sucks - I did record it in, but FL keys + delay + reverb(LOTS) is not doing me justice For the energy overall I'm playing with some mastering multiband compression and EQ, but am not sure what is acceptable/standard for this genre. Snare >.< Rockos u have suggestion for pumping it up? I'm very thankful for all the feedback guys!
  6. Your FX and automation really captured my interest for this - I got very good feelings from the filtering. I suggest pumping up the bass in the more minimal dubstep beat section(s). Maybe a light compressor with not too high ratio and limited.
  7. I really appreciate your feedback! I found that I left an effect on the bass that was only supposed to be in a section of the song so I'll fix that. I did play with the kick / bass levels and effects a lot but you are right, I still need to do more. thanks
  8. Uploaded a more finished arrangement (yet could still use mastering) mix. Stupid, funny, cool, ugly?
  9. Thanks for commenting, I'll post another WIP shortly
  10. RESUBMIT RENAME ** Unagi's Underwater Cave ** http://soundcloud.com/chiwalker-1/uuc-iteration-3-27 O boy. I wanted to do a hard trance - ish remix of this song. Please let me know if you think there is a good balance of original:remix and levels in the mix etc. As it says, this is a WIP and I would love any suggestions and am happy to share the .flp file with someone if I think they could help. Thanks, Luke
  11. "and doesn't let the music breathe (and by music I mean listener, and by breathe I'm not sure what I mean). " <-- HAHA Nice writing so far!
  12. Having been trained on a System 5 sound board and using logic for the past few months, I'm trying to understand how the signal flow in FL works. I see in the mixer there are sends, but say I want a reverb on four different tracks, each with different wet mixes. How do I make just one reverb and send it to 4 tracks (instead of 4 reverbs, one on each) ? thanks
  13. Also: is SPOT ON!Triumph of innocence is f'ing good. Breakdown in Escape yeaahhssss!!! Thanks for all the recs so far!
  14. Yeah! Oh def point out the ocr remixes in dnb b/c I have dl'ed so much of this music, but never looked for the genre till now.
  15. I hope some people here will help me - just went to UMF 2011 and got turned on to Pendulum, and now I want moar... Shtuff like this: The extensive bass pads make me
  16. Remix of the underwater theme (not aquatic ambience) --> --> --> <-- <-- <--Winter break: thought I'd dedicate my life to this for a little bit. I'm hearing like 5 different themes in here, and I don't know if they can go together. I would appreciate deletion suggestions or transition ideas. True and Faithful, Luke
  17. I've been searching the internet and ppl have the same problem only i cant find the solution. My soundcard was pre-installed and it's fine. When I click Show Asio Panel, nothing is unavailable but the "Use Hardware Buffer (does not always work)" is checked but I can't uncheck it. It was working the other day for a little, and now it isn't.
  18. wait, it was working with the asio set as my sounddriver, but now it sometimes doesn't have sound (it shows the wave moving in the monitor though...)
  19. thanks for the continued help everyone! I found on my main comp that the buffer length is 512 samples (but it's 12ms) On the new laptop you were right that my sound driver wasn't even on Asio, and it was set to 47ms. When I set it to Asio4All v2 it goes to the 512 samples 12ms but no sound comes out of speakers ._. When I set it to my primary sound driver and set the buffer rate to less than 47ms it gets really fuzzy. So now what I'm wondering is why is there no sound coming out when my sound driver is set for asio (I'm such a noob) Also: I noticed in main comp that "Use Hardware Buffer" is unchecked, but on my laptop I cannot uncheck it!
  20. It wasn't set to Direct Sound Devices here's what I think/know: when metronome is going at 140bpm the keyboard sound is off by 2/3 of a beat. This happens in FL, finale, and I'm sure any other program that my keyboard could generate sound through. I think it's just the capabilities of my laptop. So that sucks
  21. USB I thought it did that automatically when I dl'ed FL
  22. I just got a laptop which isn't too bad, but I noticed in finale and FL (demo for now) my midi keyboard had a HUGE (prolly like .05 seconds but very noticeable) delay between hitting key and the sound coming out. Is this a matter of soundcard, processor or what? Specs: Inspiron 1545, Intel Pentium Dual Core T4200, 2.0GHz, 800Mhz, 1M L2 Cache 3GB, DDR2, 800MHz 2 Dimm 320G 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB(Panzer) Application 1.0 My main computer is custom and perfect in almost every way...so it makes sense that I should be let down by a pre-built dell laptop, but still I wonder if there is a reason that this delay is there >.<
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