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  1. What can I say, I think a nice welcome is always a pleasant thing to find. Merry Christmas to you too, and i hope you enjoy yourself!

  2. My goodness, that sounds indeed gloriously hilarious. I just wanted to mess around with my own orchestral experiments (Mssr. Noveau Musique over here), but the thought finally dawned on me. Oh lordy how I laughed. As for errors, I did hear this: I'm currently running Windows 7 64bit. But i tried the 64 bit version ( which crashed several times ). And i though, oh well try the 32 bit. But none of them work! I keep getting the same Error message: Error 1721. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program required for this installation to complete could not run. I really wanted to try it out.. Any help? "Try Microsoft App Compatibility Kit and "lie" to the installation of EWQL that you have Win XP SP2." Other than that, I hear it's been working swimmingly. Also, as for the reverb, even the install says "You might want to turn the reverb off for this" or something. I still need to actually try this; I installed it myself but due to the holidays, haven't had access to it.
  3. I believe what you want is Audacity. Which IS free, the download takes 30 seconds, and does everything you asked for and more.
  4. I was told this by my pals in the Newgrounds Audio Portal, but EastWest is giving out free sampleset starter kits (say that five times fast) for their symphonic stuff. Which is really awesome, considering that buying this stuff costs hundreds of dollars. http://www.soundsonline.com/free-orchestra?id=f60c16c936c09da159d6b51d82d2adb4 Follow that link, complete a short internet survey, get a confirmation code, and download away! Also, this is apparently only good for the first 50,000 users or something like that, so get this fast, like I did! Also: I like spreading news about good deals (even though I'm pretty virtually unknown here), so I'm giving those who want some good free orchestral sounds a nice heads-up! :< EDIT: http://www.native-instruments.com/#/en/products/producer/powered-by-kore/holiday-selection-2009/?page=1235 Also, Kontakt/Kore releases holiday cheer for prospective musicians.
  5. I more or less wanted it to mean unconventional means of remixing a song, like using serialism, atonality, and the like. In a sense, I liken it with 'modern' music, ie, things created in the last 100 years of development, which a lot can sound quite nice. Whilst people generally think of weird unbearable shit when they ponder upon the terminology. The "Who Cares if You Listen?" type of stuff.
  6. Holy moly people actually posted in this thread! I agree that non-conventional song selection would be pretty cool, with lesser-known games (and even more well known games... Fire Emblem anyone?), but then again, I thought "Hey, why not pitch something conventional?"
  7. Happy birthday to the guy who, if it wasn't for his website full of soundfonts, I wouldn't be making music. Always a fan!
  8. Dude, he totally means classic. You don't get pseudo-elf porn in this day and age, y'know? But yeah, the acting in this movie was shit... And a fat Asian guy was a Goron. Who just says "I'm a Goron" Huh. Also, I'm surprised no one notices this: LINK LOOKS AND ACTS LIKE A TOTAL DOUCHEBAG! I mean, seriously. He just totally puts a knife to that messenger's throat for no reason. He leaves that 'bandit' in the woods like a jagbag, he takes that Goron's hand and cuts it to draw blood, without even warning the poor guy, and like, decapitates people and throws torches at them like he's some deluded Aragorn wannabe. It's hilariously stupid. I said it before, but the overacting Ganon and co, and overacting Impa are the best parts about this movie.
  9. I haven't written anything since October. Anything substantial, anyway. Most of my pieces lie unfinished on paper, in any event, but are finished at least in some capacity in my mind. But really, such a huge dry spell has happened before, and the usual advice "listen to new music" or "experience new things" blah blah blah, well, those never really seem to work. It sucks, yeah. Right now, my lack of creativity comes froma bit of a depression about the quality of my sound samples, and how they don't really capture the mood I'm going for... but that's just me. Hard to find something as good and as free as say, squidfont or poprockband-233.
  10. Contact for the DS. Man, that game's soundtrack was good and really set the mood well. Then again, no one bought Contact, and thus, no one really knows about how good of an OST the game had. The island with the first dungeon on it, that tune is STILL stuck in my head years later. I'd post examples, but considering how few people played Conact, there's no soundtrack postings on youtube, except for a few token tracks.
  11. EC2151

    Mega Man 10

    Easy Mode is pretty pansy. But true mofo's don't use dat shit. But I have some high hopes for the game. Though a lot of MegaMan fans I know are still waiting for a classic Mega Man game that has the graphical look of 8. You know, I really thought Roll was going to be playable this time around. Really thought so...
  12. It's pretty hard to go wrong with that resolution, and its threefold emphases.
  13. Pretty darn good, if I say so myself. The arrangement has enough variety to keep it from being static, and aside from a few accidental drops in tempo that barely break the flow, the playing is very solid and damn good. Nice job.
  14. That's actually a pretty clever way to do it. I'll have to keep that in my memory banks...
  15. I think if you WANTED to do that, the best you could hope for is either A) Do it by ear and manually make another section of the song in a different Time sig, or make different sections of the song and put them together with Audacity or somethin'. You're right; because either way, it's a major hassle.
  16. Wow, that worked perfectly... Thank you very much! I've had FL for about 8 months now, but some of the features and methods still elude me.
  17. Gunna show her my O-Face OH OH
  18. What we need in the world are more harpsichord players. Wouldn't that be grand? There are a few pieces I specifically want to learn next year... I want to be able to play on the piano: -As Time Goes By... -Ravel's Pavane for the Dead Princess (this is the main one... IT'S TOUGH!!!) -Bach's Invention No. 8 -Any piece by Chopin. I think it's probably high time I learned something from him. And I'd like to continue to work on my little writing projects and such... Other than goals like that, I usually don't set resolutions for myself... Usually because I almost never keep anything major. Though I can keep up a Lenten promise alright.
  19. I'm trying to piece together pieces of a song, each section of the song having a different tempo. I don't necessarily mean pattern, in a loop-sense, but rather, each part of the playlist would be a different part of the song, all strung together. Unless I am completely going about this the wrong way.
  20. This is something that is becoming a real drag in my FL using experience. Even after asking a guy who is pretty knowledgeable in the whole affair, and having HIM give me instructions, I still can't figure it out. By the way, tempi (tempo) is the same as BPM, I believe (essentially), for anyone unaware. Basically, how do you utilize playlists to have different sections of your song have different tempi? I know it has something to do with having one section of the song set as "Set as Init Position", but getting the other playlists to have different tempi is having me tear my hair out in frustration. Can anyone give me a step-by-step process on how to do this? Please? I would be very grateful for any and all help, and I thank you in advance.
  21. Still, it seems that quite a few boss tunes are missing... Like Thardus, Hive Totem, and Flaaghra, and a few others. But I wish you all the luck in the world with this endeavor, and you should probably put an advertisement about this project in your sig.
  22. Yeah, we know about Metroid Metal; it's great. However, I don't think we can just say "well, there's Metroid Metal" and call it a day. And even then, they only have a couple of Prime songs compared to the large number of Super and Metroid tracks.
  23. A lot of the dialogue seems like they went to the book of script cliches and inserted stuff. COME HITHER WENCH MY PLANN IS PERRRRFEECTT I AM PUT OUT! (that made me laugh hard) I would love to act in something like this with everyone taking it seriously. And just spout shit and overact all I want. Yeah, why did Malon hit Link with a frying pan again? Uh, why did that thief appear in the Lost Woods? Uh, why anything?
  24. Honestly, when you put it in that light, I would have done the EXACT same thing. And loved every minute of it.
  25. Watch this with friends. You're going to have a blast, especially once Ganon and his fucktard of a minon comes on. MY PLAAAAAAANNNN IS PERRRRRRRRFECT ONCE I GET THE TRIFORCE OF POOOWWAAHHH, MY STREEEENGTH WILL OVAHBEAH THEIR CRAFFFTY SCHEMES It sounds like how i'd act as a joke. The Author labels most of the criticisms pretty well (all of those pointless scenes... huh?) but gosh damn, here's the thing. Link looks like a douchebag. And acts like a douchebag. Frankly, I could just take 2 hours of Ganon over-acting, and call it a night. Hilarious stuff. SILENCE YOU OAF EDIT: Ganon and Impa's over-acting. Forgot to mention it. YOUDONKNOWWUTTHE MAAHHHHRK ISSS???
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