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  1. Edgeworth isn't a villain, except like in 2 cases in the first game. Dahlia was fucking up an entire game with her bullshit, and Godot is just Godot (read: cool). Besides, I already mentioned them readthetopicplslol If it's going to be "big guys pick first the rest of us later" then I think I have a good shot at getting the tracks I'd like to take a stab at (particularly Knightmare)... Though that's wishful thinking.
  2. I doubt the accuracy of that information, even from such an 'accredited' source.
  3. The intro was alright, nothing too bad, but as stated, the main guitar lead sounds pretty grating even at low volume. From there on out, the cover goes all over the place musically, all without being TOO compelling. The guitars and EVERYTHING kept on hitting this one flat note in the melody that pissed me off a whole bunch, but only enough for me to mention it hear. This is a bit too sporadic and erratic, and I really think it lacks a center, musically speaking. A central idea binding this whole composition/cover/remix together. "GUITAR SHREDDIN AWESOME" is not enough of a center... Honestly, that's probably the biggest problem with the whole mix.
  4. Oh, and I just remembered, that Eternal Sonata is an OST that I simply adore, despite not having a 360, and wishing there'd be a Wii version coming out one of these days... : ( Who would've thought a game about Chopin would have good music?
  5. I listen to a whole lot of Touhou music, because it IS pretty catchy most of the time. Among other games, I have listened to their soundtracks for the soundtrack's sake, though I usually stick to what I play.
  6. I thought there wouldn't be a third part, ever! Seeing this certainly made my day. I like the whimsical nature of this section as compared to the Fuga Kefka movement and the first Ego movement. The beginning sounded like OWA, ha. Great instrumentation and quality.
  7. Lol, I doubt, like most STiNG games, enough people played Yggdra Union to even know about it's pretty good soundtrack. I always liked the song when you fought Roswell... Of course I chose Rosary all the time, because even though both of those two people were big assholes, Rosary seemed like the LESS assholish of the two. However, due to the difficulty of the game, as well the fucking scarcity of the items, I never made it past the Palatina (or whatever Yggdra's castle) gates. It's just too hard. Though a guy doing a Yggdra (or any other STiNG game) remix would be pretty ballin'. For all their flaws, I think STiNG's games are some of the more original games in the market.
  8. My hope is that this title scares any off any prospective well-wishers or admirers! Who needs 'em? I've been listening to a lot of Bach lately, and for a very long time I've been an ardent fan of the late great Glenn Gould, so I decided, in the wee hours of 2AM one night, "how about I try one of those counterpoint thingies???" 2 hours later, I finished with a (lol) one minute song. Took longer than I thought, that's for sure. How the ol' German was able to make 100s of these is beyond my comprehension, but that's maybe why I'm not the genius. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/304455 A quote from Glenn Gould that I really like about Bach and counterpoint: "It allowed Bach to write with the bare essence of tonality, without all the technicolour trappings OF tonality" I think, the more I listen to Bach, the more I find the truth in that quote. I won't wheedle or peddle you with the question of "Did I do good?" because I probably didn't, but I would like to hear opinions on the mixing and mastering of the organ (which admittedly isn't the greatest). I tweaked around with a lot of filters in FL, and although I used the soundfont found on DarkeSword's page (God love 'em), I hope I came close to a resemblance of authenticity... And if not, I'll just say I meant it to sound that way! To this date, I only really use in FL the filters under Fruity Reverb and Reverb 2... For me, the less choices to worry about the better. Since I mainly do instrumentals and faux-classical/pseudo avant-garde, aside from Fruity Reverb, are there any other filters worth checking out for enhancing authentic sound? Help or advice always is appreciated. Making a piece like this was fun, though, and I'd definitely like to try again... Maybe even incorporate a remix element into it... That'd be pretty rad if not horribly difficult. But hey, whatever's somewhat new, right?
  9. Then again, I think variety can't be a BAD thing. There'll be mixes of songs that HAVE been mixed a billion times before (Chrono Trigger anyone?), but I think throwing in a few tracks here and there that no one recognizes much might not only be enjoyable but, in the best scenario, might actually get people interested in overlooked games with great music (kinda like that Langrisser mix recently posted). Some Masafumi (sp) Takada stuff would be cool, too. But in Killer7, who's the REAL villain, huh? Huh? I'm kinda the guy to prefer an open, non-restricted selection of songs myself.
  10. If it's heroes versus villains you want, here are some well-known and not so well known cool tunes: for Maria the Valkyrie vs. for Melissa the Dark Angel in Knights in the Nightmare (though some might say the real villain is ...) vs. -Castlevania, of course vs. or -Edgeworth is not a bad dude, he's a rival. These two are the true bad dudes (but in Godot's case, he's a bad enough dude to rescue the president) from the Ace Attorney Series Unlock the Real Me for Terry, and, uh, well, 'VS Mint 1' for the bad... girl of the game, Mint. You know, from Contact, for the DS! Right? Eh? Yeah, no one played this game, and not one would remix music from it. Though, if this ever does get off the ground, and I get good at remixing, I'd like to try my hand at remixing a song or two from this awesome and overlooked OST. lolol cloud vs sephiroth
  11. People will say this: as a remix as a pretty lacking I will agree the drums are kinda uninspired. However, as a hard rock cover, I liked this.
  12. EC2151

    Play Styles!

    I hate playing against folks that spam the same moves ad infinitum. It gets unfun pretty quickly playing Marvel vs Capcom 2 against Cable when he spams his ranged attack over and over again. In fighting games (when I DO play them) I try to keep things varied for fun's sake, and tone down on the combo spams (though in SCII that one move Raphael has just works and works...).
  13. EC2151

    Play Styles!

    In most games, whether it be strategy or a FPS like Bioshock or RE4 or whatnot, I'm a bit of the defensive player, and the cautious one. Say, in Fire Emblem, I form up a perimeter and let the enemy come to ME, and then pick them off when it's my turn. I like it when the bad guys have to come to where I want to fight them, not the other way around. In FPSes like the above mentioned, I am the type to secure an area by slowly going around, killing all the bad guys quickly (usually thanks to the shotgun up close approach, one I find that works in nearly any scenario), checking the area again to see no more stragglers came in, and then setting it up as a 'base of operations' of sorts, designating it as a safe zone before I go on, and clear out the next area. It's slow and methodical, but then again, I hate being jumped upon in an FPS game, whether it be Combines or Splicers or Ganados or what have you. However, if I'm overpowered enough, I like to just charge in quick and wipe every living thing off the face of the earth. And in TF2, I usually play as the Sniper or Spy, the latter because it's just damn fun, the former because I don't mind taking the back seat and picking folks off. But storming the bases as Heavy is a whole lot of fun as well.
  14. Interesting take; I suppose when I call something a 'fantasy' a scene does need to spring to mind. It makes me wonder what the implication of this would have been had I called it say, Wind Quartet in Augmented Bb Major or something of the like, lol. Thanks for the input!
  15. http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/303655 I made this a good long while ago, but that's when I was a n00b with FL, so it sounded like shit. I retweaked things, to make it sound a bit better. It's short, so it doesn't warrant a long listen, though an involved listen is always appreciated.
  16. Know how to route your shit better, because I nearly NEVER run into them. You're going full speed too, right? Just see where they're turning and route yourself where you KNOW they won't be.
  17. In the story department, I think PH was decidedly lacking outside of Linebeck. ST is MUCH better, but I think they need to make better villains than "anonymous evil force that lacks personality"; I mean, Majora only had one game to make an impression, and heck, he MADE an impression (certainly made his mark on Termina), whereas Bellum did not. Early Gan[n]on was like this, but this is kinda excusable due to the nature of SNES/NES games. However, I will agree that the DS games are very very fun, and have some of the best boss design I've seen in the Zelda series in a good while. ST is probably the best-designed Zelda in terms of Dungeon layout and just general overworld exploring since Wind Waker, I think. I just don't mean quirky, in an odd gameplay mechanic sort of way, I kinda mean that it has some level of character interaction (which I know is highly unlikely and hard to replicate without the three day system) and that splash of the macabre (which I think TP only had in a few places) that makes a game like MM memorable.
  18. Off topic, I tried watching Tenchi Muyo Universe just to see what the series is all about, but Tenchi's voice turned me off in the first episode. Then there was that one villain with the laughably small glasses (how does he use them???)... But I digress. Since this is (I think) the tenth anniversary of Majora's Mask, wouldn't it be nice to have this game be its spiritual successor? Kinda like how TP was an updated OoT, this new Zelda game can kinda try to go for what MM was going for, but in a much bigger way...
  19. I'd suggest Link getting pink hair again, but then again, people have been clamoring that the series needs to move away from the LttP formula. Ah well. What I'd like for this Zelda game is for it to be one of two things: 1. A completely different take on the mythos and standards of the series, morphing the familiar realm of Hyrule into something entirely new to experience 2. A fine-tuned refinement of the classic Zelda formula, ironing out all of those annoying kinks that have been present since OoT I think if they took the second approach seriously, we'd have a game rivaling LttP as the greatest of Zelda games (though my favorite is MM by far, no one can argue that the GREATEST was the standard-setting LttP). The first approach, well, I just can't imagine where they can take the series to utterly surprise me. But Wind Waker utterly surprised me... I do kinda hope that they shake up the art style. Everything has either been TP-style or WW style for YEARS now. Whereas every previous Zelda game had a different artstyle.
  20. I agree, but I wasn't really advertising, as much as I was answering a stupid question with a stupid answer.

    But since no one seems to agree with me, I'll just let the topic die.

  21. Uh... Yeah.


    That post of mine was a joke, man. I thought by listing all of those things it would be pretty obvious that that was the case.

  22. I was production, post-production, advertising, casting, special effects coordinator, and sound design. Why do you ask?
  23. I have a feeling this is old news to most of you people who have been around.. But maybe for me and a few others, it ain't (I also searched and no luck). In any event, I'll bring it to people's attention: Well, watching Hero of Time in its entirety, and seeing that it was a laughable, but mostly groan-inducing piece of shit, it's an understatement to say I was disappointed. Then someone on another forum tells me about a much older fan film project, with a lower budget, called The Sage of Darkness. [link removed] Notice the use of OCR's Zelda Overture in the beginning... Now, even though the sets are pretty obviously modern, you can hear some cars in the background every now and then (as well as actors wearing modern clothes), and the dialogue sometimes is a bit forced... And the villain's voice is decidedly lacking... (MANAGE MOI SUPPLIEEEEESSS!!!!) Man, this kicks the shit out of Hero of Time and its crappy lack of everything. On top of that, the Link in this movie has naturally blond hair! What a plus! Except his teeth.. Yeegh... Here is a positive though: Unlike Hero of Time, where the dialogue felt like it was written by a junior-high student writing a fanfic, this stuff sounds more natural, the voices are generally better, less stupid fake British accents, and all around better care taken towards the mythos of Zelda, rather than HoT, which tried to stuff everything in but failed in the long run. As well, there are some nice moments, like when Zelda tells Ganondorf's descendant that he'll never be the man that Ganondorf was, because at least Ganondorf had enough courage to fight on his own... I gotta say, nice touch, movie. Nice touch. Overall, showing how much of a weakling Ganondorf's descendant Ertagan (sp) is is a novel approach, better than HoT's Lulztastic Ganon WITH THE TRIFORCE OF POWAH I WILL OVABEAH THEIR CRAFFTY SCHEMES shit. Many will doubtless disagree with this film's quality overall (I'm only two parts in, but I'm liking it so far), and others will say "LOL OLD OLD OLD". Well, regardless, this is better than Hero of Time, for sure. I am liking this more and more. Enjoy!
  24. I already knew Christopher Lee was awesome, but this makes him even cooler.
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