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  1. Well, if you check the damn link (lol pun), you can see that the run time is 01:48:12. That's a pretty big indicator of length if you ask me. EDIT: Whoops, forgot the page didn't load for you. And these British accents are kinda funny.
  2. Two hours? That's a dedicated fan project. LINK??? OIM LOOKIN' FO' LINK O' THA KO-KIRI!!!!
  3. As an update to the original, I thought this was pretty groovy and fun. I enjoyed it a lot. As what somone would ubiquitously call a 'remix' on this site, I am wondering if you can explore the direction of this a bit further, in terms of messing with the idea of the song more, its theme and elements, instead of making it sound 'up to date' in a cool spacey kind of way. I thought it sounded pretty darn fine in terms of quality and technical sound (though some are free to disagree), but if you were to try to submit this as is, you would be marked on 'staying too close to the source' or something like that.
  4. Houses are so expensive nowadays in America you have to go begging on internet forums just to make a down payment. It's rough times, dude. Rough times.
  5. And here I thought this was an actual discussion about The Inferno itself, aw man... I am intrigued by this game (despite not having a PS3), and am highly curious how it will go about things. I wonder what you do in Limbo... talk to the spirits of dead poets? The boss fight is with... Horace? The lower levels promise to be fun in terms of video games... Though exploration in hell might not be all that great. If you read the Inferno, the only direction they ever go in is left, left, left. Then again, 'loosely based'... It'd be mad cool to fight Malacoda and his cadre of demons (like the now-famous cruel Scarlimignione, dog-like Cagnazzo, mad Rubicante, and vicious Barbariccia).
  6. i know the housing market and economy is tough, but what makes you think a bunch of people from the OCRemix site are going to shell out money for something that you should be doing? Forgive me if I'm not seeing the logic here.
  7. Not so much advice. I'm just striking up conversation here. I wasn't really trying to make an argument, other than it might not be such a bad thing at all to spend $500 on a DAW if that's what you really want to use and pursue as a hobby or career. I didn't want to use 'professional' in a misleading sense, I'm merely stating that that is (based on what I know and hear from other people) what's used in many cases. While that does not necessarily legitimize anything (it doesn't), least of all one software over another, I feel that I am answering the question by saying that potentially, the different types of software serve different needs and purposes to the one using it. Also, on an aside, I did lurk a bit, read the rules, try to find out the personalities of folks around here, etc etc, but on a large forum, that can be a bit difficult. I realized halfway through this topic that I am probably not endearing myself to anyone around here in this topic. This is funny, because as of now this is my most posted in topic, giving me a reputation to go from. So it goes. The advice Rozo gave is solid though. The best places to START, I've found from consensus, are the programs like GarageBand, FL, Reaper. The DnB guy told me that ReNoise was easier to use than FL, but I'm not going to necessarily take his word on it.
  8. I don't necessarily equate "Wanting to take the quicker path" with "I have absolutely no patience GIMME GIMME GIMME" I'm glad you mowed lawns; I love saving money too to buy what I want, but you can't spread money everywhere. As much as our dads love the "You have to earn what you want" mantra, I think few people turn down something free when offered to them in an easy and accessible manner. Hell, my old man sometimes takes things that people leave in the alleys, like spare lumber, metal, etc. It's idealistic but not necessarily realistic. Again, I don't attach "being allowed to pursue your hobby/interest" the prerequisite of "you have to earn the right to be able to enter this field." I don't, nor do I see it as necessarily a matter of impatience. But I digress. As far as professionality is concerned, if you DO want to go into the professional music world, knowledge of those programs IS a big plus (another forum I go to has a guy who is a 'professional' saying that knowledge of Logic or Reason is a very good thing to have on your resume), but I don't tout its professional status as merely an end in and of itself, but rather, I merely tout it because of the availability of many features and techniques present on the programs. I would suppose you're right, in that a song done on FL will sound the same done on Reaper, sort of. However, the different interfaces and the ability to use them is ultimately what makes or breaks a DAW for a person. For the DnB crowd, I know a break-core/DnB/etc. guy who uses the program ReNoise (which I believe is free; can't remember), and he loves it very much. For those into that type of music, check it out.
  9. "Son, do you really want to make music?" "Yes, daddy!" "Well, I won't get you what you want for 7 years. If you presevere in your dedication and do not lose your desire to make music these seven years, then your patience will be rewarded, for I'll see that you truly WANTED it enough!" "Hurray!" Again, these arguments aren't exactly the best; the one's you're making, that is. Saying something like "damn kids have no patience" is not really looking at anything from an objective point of view at all, and a little short-sighted. When I was using a free program years back, I wasn't so concerned that 'ha ha! My impetuous impatience payed off perfectly!', as much as I was "yes! I finally get to start refining and honing my musical technique!" Some people want to pursue their hobby, and saying something like they're impatient ungrateful bastards is just generalizing and kinda dumb. I want Logic, but I want to own Logic, as well. Which brings me back on topic! avaris, you are right that sometimes, these DAWs are very overpriced. However, you can't think of it as buying a video-game; rather, you have to think about it in terms of making an investment. Buying something like Logic or Sibelius is an investment to your musical career, or your musical hobby. Considering buying such products usually allows you to get free updates to the software from the official sites, you usually DO have your money's worth by buying the real thing. Though trying out a bunch of demos and seeing what you like is always good too.
  10. I'll have to parrot the two previous statements. It would probably hurt my social interactions more than help it if I consistently tried to get my friends liking bad B and Z movies, youtube poops, and video-game remixes.
  11. Yes, you heard me! Bring the artsy-shmartsy intellectual world of 20-21st century music to the highly popular realm of video-game music and video-remixes! Just think of the possibilities that await the intrepid explorer into the new world of New Music! You can... Recreate the Super Mario World theme song in the style of the Second Viennese School, complete with swelling brass dissonances, poignant silences, and tone rows overlaying the simple melodies! Use Cagean chance operations to bring something like the Final Fantasy Prelude into the new millenium, interspersing being and non-being, music and silence, noise and noise, all into one cacophonous blend that swells to the very limits of life itself! Or how about... Boulezian Total Serialism as a way to reinterpret the classic Zelda theme! Hyrule will never be the same! Reichian Minimalism or maybe even Partian Holy Minimalism to break down the scores of Donkey Kong Country or Castlevania into their most basic and core sounds! The wide range of possibilities lie there, just waiting for the adventurous and bold remixer, not hampered by past or tradition, to bring these dreams into reality! So how about it, OCR? Does this just not seem to be the opportunity of a life-time???
  12. That's not exactly the best argument you can make there, Soliarc my friend. Having been on both sides of the fence, I can tell you that people who do that don't do it because they 'aren't committed enough' or they 'don't want to support the company.' No, the truth actually is much less villifying. But that's not the point of the topic. That's the point of butthurt internet arguments. As for software.... People who take the college music classes (I'm only in theory, so I wouldn't know enough about them... YET) say that Logic and Reason are what you want to go far, seeing as they are the most 'professional' tools out there, and some of the more versatile (I hear that quite literally, the pros in the music industry use Logic and Reason, like the film score people). I want Logic pretty badly, and when I get the money, probably over the summer, I'm going to upgrade from my current Fruity Loops setup. Fruity Loops is the most user-friendly of the softwares, and i'm willing to believe it, considering a hack like Soulja Boi can use the demo of the program to make his 'music' and get famous from it. It has enough going on for it so that an amatuer can pick up the ropes of music-making pretty quickly, and it's the DAW of choice for a lot of people, mostly the cheap, seeing as the demo is free and fully functional, and as far as prices go, it's the cheapest of the DAWs on the market. I'd recommend it for beginners. Also, those that master the program make it rival the best of the high-end DAWs have to offer. I have not used programs like Ableton or Reaper, but I am intrigued by the latter, due to the things I hear about it. I wonder if anyone can post me an example of a song done in Reaper... Basically, Reaper is, from what I hear, the freeware version of FL, kinda, but it's a little harder to use, but about the same in terms of functionality. Cubase is another program that gets a lot of praise in the music-making crowd, again, due to its versatility. I'd recommend it, but I would recommend Logic or Reason first. Finally, for the guy who loves classical music (raises hand), if you want to make music scores, the program that does not have an equal is Sibelius. A new version came out not too long ago, and it really looks sweet. This is not, I repeat, NOT for music-making like stuff on here. It's for the making of musical scores first and foremost, with all of its notes and what-not. Also, stuff like Finale are useable, but i think they suck, myself.
  13. No one, really. No one I know in real life is all that interested in video-game remixes, outside of that damn techno Tetris remix. Those that are interested (or at least like some of the music) aren't interested ENOUGH to make an account or visit this site frequently like I do. Alas, to be a loner!
  14. An eventual album would be great, methinks. But I think the first thing ya gotta do is baby-steps.
  15. Thank you for the concern; I appreciate it.

    As it stands though, I think I'll just keep this name all the same.

  16. It's not BAD (I like the track a whole lot; it adds to the stage)... I'd just want to avoid it, because it's in itself a remix of Super Metroid's Brinstar Red Soil, which is a song, to quote one of the judges "that's approaching Ice Cap Zone level proportions" in terms of how many people remix it. I like the song, but I like branching out even more.
  17. I would, but I'm already Snacks N Jaxson now. You can't take that away from me. In any event, for all my other music places (Newgrounds, Last.fm...) I'm the good king Charlemagne, so I guess it fits. On topic, I do really think that Echoes is ripe and prime (LOLOLOL) for a good remixing. Then again, that can be said about a lot of the songs that the ol' OCR has not touched, too. is so cool, along with the other boss fight songs...And considering how popular Rundas' theme is, I'm surprised no one has tackled it yet...
  18. It ain't a coincidence, hah. In fact, my internet name mostly everywhere else IS Emperor Ing. (my original account here is Emperor Ing too, but I never got an activation email, so it languishes in nothingness on this site). I took the name because the Ing were some of the coolest badasses around, and their music rocked.
  19. Hard to believe I have been gettin' music off of this sight for over 5 years now. Happy tenth birthday, kid. I'll take ya to Laser Tag or something.
  20. I agree; the original Prime music does deserve more coverage (fuck, like, anything from Echoes aside from Submerged Temple). The music of Metroid is atmospheric and ambient; it would be interesting to see a different take on them, considering that a good number of remixes often turn a more forthright game song into something atmospheric and ambient. But heck, I'd love a Sanctuary Fortress remix, or an Ing remix...
  21. EC2151

    Mega Man 10

    It's going to be Roll for the new character. I just KNOW it's going to be. Also, I too love the boxart. It looks like they had a lot of fun making it. And yeah, the casual shooting of that robot had me laughing. I am also sure there'll be another female Robot Mistress. A bunch of people on another forum I'm going to are trying to say that the Robot virus in this game is what leads in to the X series and all... Heck, until they started bringing that up, I didn't know there WAS a Megaman timeline. EDIT: Yeah, I was wrong. Looks like it's going to be Bass. http://megamanx9.com/index.php?subaction=showcomments&id=1260464939&archive=&start_from=&ucat=&
  22. Goes to show that STiNG music is always a good listen (thus me posting Knights in the Nightmare music last page).
  23. Welcome welcome, friend! It looks like you n' me are in the same boat (as far as musical background of sorts... and just hangin' back). Kinda.
  24. Steve Reich is pretty much accessible to most people, I'd think. His stuff is always just so mellow and pleasant, it's hard not to like. I bought Music for 18 Musicians, and that's nothing but an hour-long song of shifting sonorous harmony, and i love it. Electric Counterpoint is also a great listen, along with (though I might be alone) his works, Music for a Large Ensemble and Octet. He's easily in my favorite composers of all time list. I'm reading the article right now, and i must say, I find it pretty interesting (music history is a subject of great interest to me), however, I tend to shy away from expression using digital media (the irony being that I use Fruity Loops), and while I see the artistry involved in a lot of such endeavors, I feel I follow a different path And you're right, those guys I listed are pretty eclectic, but I guess I like that kinda stuff. Sorry for the long post, I like to ramble about this stuff...
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