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  1. Both Nobuo and Yasunori were at that show. Audience went wild when their names were called before the CT/CC performance. Ok, rather than getting these tracks up by the end of the day (which is 4 hours for me), it may take a little longer... first, compressing it as much as I can and then taking an all too long time to upload it, which I'll have to wait until everyone else is asleep and off the internet to do that (because my uploading speed kinda sucks). I think my favourite moment (and funniest moment) was the Chocobo + Bombing Mission moment. EDIT: I suck at compressing.
  2. I'll have my recorded versions up by the end of today... though you'll probably be able to find a better version of the Encore so that it the first impact isn't cut off.
  3. I totally... recorded it. Except I screwed up on the Encore cause I didn't think it would start so fast, so I made it fade in since I missed the first second. I don't exactly have the best recording quality, but it's still decent... not like there's a bunch of fuzz or anything. (go Audacity)
  4. *drops dead after watching said percussionist blow his mind*
  5. That was probably the most epic Final Fantasy arrangement I've ever heard. Go Chocobos!
  6. Yeah, that does seem a while, especially since they just only played for like, 30-40 minutes. Oh well, gives more time for people to listen in. Also, what language are they speaking? I'm really not sure... specially since I suck at figuring things like this out.
  7. Break indeed. Secret of Mana was frigin' amazing... didn't quite give me goosebumps like Dearly Beloved, but that was still awesome. I think everyone's favorite is about to hit is, once the break is over. EDIT: Thank you RouWa for saving me from a boring day! Barely caught it in the nick of time too.
  8. No clue if there will be a second tournament or not, but... There's a Starcraft channel on IRC on the server irc.enterthegame.com and the Starcraft channel is #ocrsc, where you can bug other people for matches. Dunno how active it'll be, but more than likely, given it's a sensible time of the day, someone will be there to duel you or something (I have school now and am attempting to break my procrastination habits, so you won't see me around there much at all).
  9. I say pull out granary for dbheights. I actually kinda like follower... a little more complex than granary and straight out cooler.
  10. I have no honest to god clue if this was linked on this all-too-long topic yet or not (I have too much trouble keeping up), but... I found something really good recently. I wouldn't call it funny (maybe a little), just... awesome. - Team Fortress: Band of Brothers (there may not be 2, but it's TF2)
  11. I haven't played TF2 since the patch came out yet, but I am liking what I read... namely the less gay FaN and the less gay Sandman. Also, as much as I like that sappers appear on both ends and are fixed on both ends, I do say it makes them nearly impossible to kill now, and I think it should go back to the way it was.
  12. So I guess that means FriendlyHunter and I can't use round 2 maps? Eh, fine by me either way.
  13. My brother told me something very surprising about Otakon... There were a lot of spies. Everywhere. Including one with a Jesus mask. And there were other classes, though he never saw a demoman. Spies destroying their own sappers... I suppose you could sap something for one second, destroy the sapper and confuse the crap outta the engineer. Huh... I'm just not sure what you could with that ability.
  14. Yeah, that was me. Actually, I wouldn't have gone around if the sunken colonies were further up, and then who knows what would've happened the rest of that match. I'm probably not gonna touch Starcraft till Monday... still caught up in the music editing.
  15. I only remember the match where you kinda owned me (though I screwed up pretty badly to start with). I'm fine with that... if garian is too. In other news, hooray for the recent implementaion of any music in Brawl... and it further screwing up my sleep schedule.
  16. Eh, I'll just state what songs will go to what map... as for which track to replace, just put it anywhere I suppose. I've only started messing with this today, and this pretty much all I have so far (actually, I have more, but I'm messing around with what goes where). Final Destination: Sandstorm (Darude) SSB64 Master Hand Battle (SSB64) Rumble Falls: Flying with the Funk (DKC, Tweek) Frigate Orpheon: Rundas Battle (Metroid Prime 3) Castle Siege: Olympics Theme (Cut out some of the quiet parts, jack the volume on it during conversion a bit, and it works PERFECTLY. It's not a joke (anymore)) Shadow Moses Island: Industrial Fear (DKC, bLiNd) MGS Theme Remix (MGS, beatmania) Battlefield: Duty Calls for 162bpm (Mastgrr) Hyrule Temple: Temple Trance (Adventure of Link, bLiNd) Brinstar: SSB64 Brinstar (SSB64) Also, a video showing off more music that someone used: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-A4j3Mp08s&feature=channel_page Description holds a song package and links to what you need, along with a link to a video tutorial. For the record, this is a really awesome feature. It's not too far in depth with hacking (I couldn't understand the other tutorials I looked at), and it doesn't seem to have any limits. Oh yeah, and uhh... Leeroy Jenkins as a victory theme. Lol. EDIT: Something important I should note is that you should always compare the volume of a track with one that's officially in Brawl before converting it. If Audacity by chance won't let you amplify something, select a portion of silence, amplify it by +2-5 and then select the rest of the song and select "Repeat Amplify" at the top of the Effect menu. Most of my amplifications are around +3... I never have to go over +5. There are actually some tracks that are too loud for the game, so just select the whole track, select amplify, and it'll let you go as quiet as you want. Something else I confirmed... you cannot actually edit the opening theme that plays during the opening cutscene. Otherwise, I would have released an edited version of the Olympics theme that hilariously fits well. You can edit the theme itself, but not when it plays for the cutscene.
  17. Some update came out today, so I tried joining the OCR server and I ran into an error: "Server is enforcing consistency for this file: particles/water_dx80.pcf" So... my guess is that when TF2 updated, for some reason it didn't grab that file. Then when I exited the program, it got some other random error. Anyone else having this problem?
  18. So uhhh... anyone know just what the heck this is and where it came from? http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?etyu3ytyjmz It's this random thing I picked up from someone else, but I never found out anything else about it... except that it's funny, messed up, and made of Starcraft (and someone terrible with grammar). Also, I encourage the #ocrsc channel, for it and everyone in it is awesome.
  19. When this game comes out, good-bye Team Fortress 2. ... well, not really, but close enough. I think this game will have a strong community so long as the game is as least as good as the first one, which it looks like.
  20. If I recall correctly, I believe there was an update that changed their spread accuracy so that it didn't spread so much, though it was minor. Not sure on that one, but it may be because you're getting hit slightly more than you used to. ... that, or I'm somehow getting better at Heavy despite only playing once every now and then. EDIT: You know what? I'm not playing TF2 in the afternoons anymore. Way too many idiots/micspammers and whatnot. It's just not fun then.
  21. Maybe it's a firewall problem? I figure you've already tried that, but just making sure if you've turned firewall off or not. Well, I guess I got lucky for that round... maybe I'll bug Tensei for a match just so I can send in a replay... dunno.
  22. Dunno if it's on there or not, but I recently played pl_waste... fun map. I harassed the other team with a scout all too much. I think they ended up building a sentry just to cut my exits off. Definitely should be in the map cycle. I was going to ask for a reserved slot, though I suppose I might as well wait if the server is about to change... dunno.
  23. Haven't played on the OCR server in a little while, though it seems less fun playing there than it used to. If you know me, I'll typically join what looks like the losing team (based on score most of the time), and if it looks pretty even, then I'll just take a side. And when I votescramble, it's because my team is either not working together or it seems all the better players are on the other team. Most of the time, this votescramble gets cast down. If there seem to be a lot more problems in the coming days or weeks... I suppose maybe putting a password on the server might ease that issue for a little bit? Just a suggestion that might work... dunno.
  24. I guess it's anyone goes for our matches (well, match... only one replay is being used). Group commentary anyone?
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