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  1. Oh, Doom. Great game - is the 32X version the one with the really bad versions of the Doom music (which is awesome, by the way)? Solid on the N64! I got one for Christmas as a tyke, and she still works wonderously. And I'm glad for that, too. I've never played on a 32X, but what I've seen of it is weird. Metal hooks to latch into your Genesis? I'm not putting that in there, not even to play Afterburner or Knuckles Chaotix. I also thought there were like 40 games for the thing. Of course, you could also get the Sega CD...eww...
  2. You did destroy the 32X, I hope, for the good of humanity. I'm a bit adverse to buying online, simply because when I start I have a funny feeling I won't stop - so I just don't. Sweet deals on the Genesis, esp. with the Master System connexion. I'm kind of looking for a Master System, too - not especially, but if I find one...eh, what the heck. Garage sales are pretty awesome - I picked up an N64 lot with crapola, Jet Force Gemini, Gex 64, (another) Goldeneye and Super Mario 64 and 4 controllers with 2 Rumble Paks for like $40 Canadian. Probably my best deal purchase ever.
  3. I'm using a third-party thing - it works just fine. The patents on all the Genesis, NES and SNES consoles and accessories are long dead - I've had no problems playing about 8 hours of both Sonics with third-party power and component cables. The attic I can't help you with, though - I live in a teeny apartment, so everything's nearby. Kinda handy...but still... I'm also a bit of a collector - I have played a lot of Genesis games on the Wii, but: a) My Wii isn't here and I can't afford another one; and It's just not the same as pluggin' in the cart, pressing that magic black button and using that Genesis controller. Still, not gonna lie - I'm lovin' finally having an honest-to-God Genesis. It more or less pushes my 'must-own' consoles to completion - I'm still missing an Atari 2600 and the Intelli/Colecovision, but at this point I've more or less given up on ever finding those...
  4. Sweet! Thanks a lot, everybody, and especially The Coop - that's a huge list. I know my neighbourhood used gaming store had a copy of Comix Zone and the Adventures of Batman and Robin - I gotta check those out. That's quite the list; I'll give it my best shot to find as many of those games on the cheap as I can. On the cheap being operative, because...well...I'm cheap. *saves thread to computer* It really sucks that I missed out totally on the Genesis as a kid - my folks were all Nintendo stuff.
  5. I just picked up a Sega Genesis - I've never owned one in my life - and now I have to find games for it. I know to pick up the classics - the Sonic series et al., but I was wondering if anyone can give me some suggestions as to off-beat, cult-classic kind of Genesis games. I love sidescrollers in particular, but I'm game to try anything. Note that I don't own a 32X (who does?), so those games are out. Any suggestions?
  6. This has got to be one of my favourite ReMixes here. On so many levels, this is Kirby - it's chipper (and chippy), upbeat...it really makes me smile to hear it. The use of Kirby's inhalation noise really makes the beginning, too. I can't really think of anything to complain about - to my mind, it's as close to perfect an audio capturing of Kirby you can possibly create. Many thanks for this wonderful tune!
  7. Excellent work you have here! I love how you've turned the run-'n-gun sound of the original and turned it into a reflective, quiet piece. Your layering is very good, but I would personally like to hear your cello a bit louder in some places. That's just a nit-pick, though. You're right about what you said the flaw in the piece was - the lack of variety, although lessened by the instrumentation and the application thereof, still hurts. My humble suggestion would be to put the second half of the piece in near the middle; I'm thinking the piano/cello combo. Plucked cello on the bass line, piano playing your version of the second half's theme, maybe the chorale quietly making a drone or something. Make it really low, then cut to just one of the three and build up your layers again for the end. I'm really, really hoping you keep this one up - I personally really love it, and with an extra nudge you could turn this great remix into an OCRemix. I'm cheering for you! Keep up the good work!
  8. I really want to like this - it's incredibly dark and moody, perfect for the level it's supposed to be for. I agree with a few of the complaints others have posted - for one, it doesn't carry the 'alien' sound to it. I'm not asking for theremin samples or anything, but to me it doesn't really capture the essence of the Skedar. It sounds more temple-like, which is perfectly reasonable for the last level of the game, but it still lacks the...well...I can't really describe it. It almost doesn't feel like Perfect Dark. Make no mistake - this is a well-written piece with decent samples and such; still, to me it misses the core of Perfect Dark. This sounds odd, but I actually feel Castlevania before Perfect Dark. A very good song in the whole, but it doesn't capture the identity of the game for me.
  9. When I think of F-ZERO music, just about the last instrument I think of is the piano - or rather, so it used to be. With so many ReMixes devoted to a Mute City or Big Blue rock and/or metal and/or techno theme and style (not bashing any of those styles or songs), this is a really refreshing piece. First, the source - Silence, which I believe is the fourth course in the Knight League - and second, the fact that JigginJohnT did it solo piano. I only have a couple of thoughts for improvement. First, I get the impression of dragging at about 0:26 - I'd like that to be picked up just a little bit. Secondly, there's a couple of overpowering chords where it's tough to hear the melody. And finally, JigginJohn hasn't come out with Sand Ocean, White Land or Port Town yet. I fully enjoy this song. It's been on my list of tracks I listen to while I play video games for a few months (since I found it), which is quite the honour. So, many thanks for the excellent song, and...get to work on the others! Please?
  10. Sir_Snooze


    SPORE?? I ran to our Electronics Boutique (ran - literally) and begged for a pre-order. And then I moved my Sunday shift at work. My buddy and I were thinking of getting there right at opening and just cashing in the pre-order. And this was a week ago. It looks like gaming doing what gaming should be doing - entertaining on my terms. I am so sick and tired of gaming's 'new' phase of coat-tail hangers and designers falling like Lemmings into the 'Be Like Halo' trap. Or the 'Wii is cute!' trap, for those N-Dudes. Personally, I lost touch with Nintendo after the GCN (bought a Wii, though only really for Virtual Console, a feature that has since been uber-disappointing), and my last vestage of gaming goodness has been either my old SNES and N64 or my compy, an aging pile of poo that gets changed when I go back to school (or the next uber-cheap day at Staples - associates for the win!). It's good to see Spore come out because I really, REALLY want to see gaming become original again. This is a new, awesome idea that I hope will bring sales and thus desire to wow us again. The true-blue gaming community hungers for stuff like this! So, Wright, thanks from southern Canada! You've saved the heart of one gamer who otherwise would have...umm...played fewer games. Looking forward to the 7th!
  11. VGM is epic to me because it speaks to my childhood. I've just introduced a buddy to F-ZERO's soundtrack and we're already going through looking to write scores for a Bill Chase-esque Mute City. To me, music is fairly new - in fact, I hated music with a passion until a trumpet got rammed into my face. Now, I love it. Music to me is hard to explain in a definition form. For one, I do not feel that music is in a jingle. Music has to have some appreciable length, or else it's a clip or a sound-byte. I also think that music is fundamentally tonal. As in, street noise is not music. I love VGM because it allows the remixer to express how they want a song embedded in their mind. Some people (djp, to name a great example) have taken F-ZERO electronic, and I've heard Fire Field in a rough chamber form. VGM, by its limitations opens up the musician to an infinite world of mixing. That said, I also do love the jazz. And classical. And I won't apologize for that. I don't claim to understand the composer's message all the time (or the soloist), but I relate it to my own feelings. For example, when I was writing a part of a unit that I compiled (for school), I added the 'March to the Gallows' by Berlioz to the presentation. Now, I associate it with Kemel Araturk's struggle for Turkish independence. I don't know the 'meaning', but to me it immediately conjures up Turkey. That's my take, anyway. And that's why I love VGM - the music brings up childhood memories and I write some sheet music with pals to express those memories.
  12. The opening ceremonies were a massive 'hello world' on China's part, so it was a great show. The Chinese pulled out all the stops, and it was impressive beyond belief. It was really just a fun show to watch, nothing more. As for the events, I really find them boring to watch. The medal standings are neat, but do I really need to watch people run really fast? Between that and all the annoying-as-hell commentary, you have a real bore on your hands. It's not only the Olympics - if anyone's ever tried to watch golf, you understand what I mean. Or baseball. Hell, the only three interesting sports to even watch are American football, football and hockey.
  13. I don't usually watch the events, but the flag-bearing offers some interesting clues into international relations, and the opening ceremonies are usually spectacular. I usually watch those and simply hear about the medal count as it goes. As for the events, I find them a yawn-fest generally.
  14. The opening ceremonies were amazing - easily the coolest opening I've ever seen on television. But, one must remember, this is China's 'welcome to the world' party - much like Tokyo was supposed to be in '44, before it got cancelled. Nonetheless, it was a fitting celebration for a nation now shedding its 100 years of humiliation. Congrats to China!
  15. The scouter says that Zero Punctuation's awesome levels are over nine-thousand. I always look forward to those things. I also don't get what you mean about 'emo' - I hardly find Zero Punctuation emo. Or is it one of Yahtzee's other shows?
  16. I'll keep saying this until my fingers fall off - SMRPG had one of the finest soundtracks in gaming history. It's also, I would imagine somewhat tough to mix - I've arranged the Big Boss theme before, and if arranging and mixing are related (as I suspect they are), the simplicity of some tunes (unlike Big Boss, which was long) can make it a real pain to keep fresh. That said, the Weapons Factory is ingrained in my head from hours of being there. It sounds almost like Boards of Canada, which is a compliment because it's a tough sound to nail down. I must confess that I am not an electronica junkie - that said, I applaud the effort. RadioWar has taken a lot of liberty with the theme, but the fact that I can pick out the original melody means that it's a good liberty. The only complaint I can even muster is that the beginning is a bit long - but since it's well-done, I don't have a huge complaint on that. Thanks RadioWar for the propagation of the epic SMRPG soundtrack!
  17. Congratulatoriations, djp! All the best for a long and prosperous union! But you'd better not be quitting the OCremix scene.
  18. It's called "Fight Against Culex", and I believe it's also from FF IV. There are a few mixes out there, but they're not OCRemix quality. The song (as if not everyone on the face of the planet has heard it) can be found at: http://www.supermariolegacy.com/index.php?p=v3smrpgsoundtrack Actually, I've always thought that SMRPG was an album-quality game. The music is exceptional all around. Unfortunately, while I can do some arranging (high-school music for the win!), I'm not computer-literate and I can't operate any remixing programs. There was one project, released by someone called "Heavy Troopa is Ready to Launch" - a friend had it, but a lot of it was either nerd-core rapping or rave stuff. Not quite what I had in mind, but if that floats your boat it's out there somewhere for download. As an aside, my two favourite songs from that game are the battle music ("Fight Against Monsters") and Smithy's Theme (called Kadijoh on the album). Then again, I did play that game more than could be considered healthy...
  19. There was a way craptabulous game called Barnyard Fun for the Atari 2600. This game could give a brick tinnitus...Jesus, it's so loud! That, and it sounds like a child's toy piano being played...well, by a child. I kid you not: one time, my lawnmower was on the fritz, and the stupid static noise sounded just like that. So, add a small toddler playing on a Fisher-Price toy piano and a screwed-up lawnmower, and you have... WARNING: IT'S REALLY FREAKIN' LOUD!! Oh, and just to bring this back up: Captain Novolin's theme song. Grab a hankie before listening to this - it's brutal. Pay attention to the uber-ass-tastic beginning... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H580n3fbk60
  20. In my humble opinion, the coveted title of crappiest video game contenders are: Captain Novolin - Main Theme: I do realize that this whole game is vomit painted with crap and then shoved into a can, but the title music is both dissonant and cliched. Then again, it is a game about diabetic superheroes... Zoop: It's not so much quality as quantity. There's about 8 bars of simple tune that loop over...and over...and over. Although one could argue Tetris is like that, Russian folk tunes are catchy. Zoop...not so much. I don't know if you'd count Donkey Kong (the arcade) as music, but that stupid sound was really annoying after a minute. Like Zoop, but shorter. That's all I've got for now.
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