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  1. Aw, crap. This song always sticks in my head...and now it's got VIDEO GAME CRED. My life has no meaning any more.
  2. I have a bad feeling that this thing hooks up to Skynet. Just saying.
  3. Chippin' through your album whilst putting the final touches on the importance of Buriyat Script on Mongolian history is, in a word, enlightening. I picked up 'You're Not Here', and I'm enjoying it immensely. I'll do a more proper review later (hopefully), but, for the moment, I'll just say that I'm really likin' it. It never hurts to re-post things if they've been idle for a while - if you hadn't, I'da never found your stuff!
  4. I frickin' love that box thing in your sig, man. It's awesome! Is that thing real?

  5. I got a pile of games from an attic that a co-worker's mom's relative-person was going to throw out. They are in DREADFUL condition - the only way those contacts can be saved is with fine, fine sandpaper to the contacts (or eraser). The swab tried and failed. The only solution I can see is to open 'em.
  6. I've listened to a little bit - thus far, I'm liking what I'm hearing! Lovely ambience! I'll be sure to pick up a copy of this! Thanks for posting (and making)! That was 4 - FOUR - exclamation points in a row - impressive. I'm really getting a Metroid feel here - I know you mentioned it as an influence, but it seems to be the strongest one thus far. I'm digging it!
  7. Hey man! Outta curiousity, did you make a GoldenEye song, once upon a time? I was digging through an old computer and I saw a neat GoldenEye song with your name on it and the title 'O2ff52fqsg2', or something (in other words, it had no title because old computer is crap).

    Did you make said song, or is it mislabeled? I don't trust the computer (for obvious reasons) to have it right. Your tunes are awesome, by the way!

  8. No problem, man! Dunno quite what I did, but I'm happy to be of service.

  9. Yo man! I have a comment and a question for you:

    First, since it says you're from Italy (and thus, I assume you speak some form of Italian), how do you say happy birthday in Italian? A friend of mine in Italy is having his birthday there, so I thought it would be good fun.

    Also, I was reading your post about the 3DS - the past tense of the word 'buy' is 'bought'. It's a stupid irregular verb, like 'see' (which becomes 'saw') and feel (which becomes 'felt'). I don't mean to sound arrogant - your English is amazing for it being a second (or third, or fourth, or whatever) language - but I just thought I'd let you know for the future.

  10. Hey man! Can't honestly say I have, I don't think - why?

  11. So, I'm too lazy to buy the screwdriver, but I really, REALLY wanna clean my Nintendo games. I've been told that you can mold your own tool (kinky) by lighting some plastic and ramming it in there; does anyone have better ideas that don't involve the screwdriver, or experience opening the games, or whatever?
  12. http://ocremix.org/forums/member.php?u=33349 Printing in Oakland, anyone?
  13. Thirding halc and Emu - this is some solid stuff you got pounding here, but I'd kinda like to hear just one more thread playing. The bass-line is EPIC. Good to see this theme done justice! I'm looking forward to this album action, too. As Heavy Weapons Guy would say, "ANOTHER MEDAL!"
  14. Mine was super-easy (it took about 20 minutes): maybe it's just the old models that're easy to hack? And even using the Sony "Fuck-You Brand SD", it can still read stuff that came from the compy. What about people with one eye? I didn't think of that.
  15. I know the PSP doesn't sell well - but, of the people I know who've bought it, most did for the ability to hack it to play emulators and the like. PS1 games are up there, too, but the PS2 can do that (not to mention, I think, the PS3). The trouble with the DS is, it takes effort and the ported games cost a lot. It can emulate, but it requires on-line purchases. A PSP can be hacked from a computer, or, worst case, a faulty battery; from there, you can just upload stuff to it. A DS, because it lacks a hard-drive (and the DSi's is tough to crack), makes it necessary for every would-be emulator to have the tools (a DS-accepted SD card) I think the 3D thing is gimmicky - all I really want to see is a hard drive that I can put stuff in. Give me a calendar, some sort of document reader (DS e-Book?) - that kind of thing.
  16. Don't wanna nay-say, but...wow...3D? Really? How about a more-powerful DS with the ability to play Wii's VC games? I mean, let's not kid ourselves - the PSP sells effectively so it can be hacked for Nintendo emulators. Why doesn't Nintendo get this? If they would just sell a machine that let me play old games without jumping through hoops, I'd be all over it. Instead, whadda we get? 3D. It's like the 3D TV crap. I don't know if this is Avatar's influence or what, but it's making me worry for the future of televisions. Hoard your regular ones now!! ...Of course, that's a bit overstated.
  17. http://ocremix.org/forums/member.php?u=33289 Posted random crap in off-top about drugs.
  18. Happy birthday, man! ...Wait. You ordered everybody out already. Does this mean no cake?... *shuffles away*
  19. Sorry, Emu...Brandon just seemed heavy on the posts in here - hence the confusion. Hope I didn't offend.
  20. Oh, man. I'm loving this song, but I can't put a finger on why. I hated Star Fox Adventures (although, in retrospect, the music was pretty rockin'), and I don't have good memories of the source material, which is usually what pushes a ReMix from 'good music' to 'oh-my-God-it's-my-childhood!' status. This isn't my style of music, either - so, despite having three strikes against it in my books, it's still a pleasure to listen to. And I don't know why! Moral of the story - musical tastes can be modified by random new discoveries. Thanks, Level 99 and Luiza! I can't explain how I like your tune, but, by God, I do!
  21. Yeppers! This'll kick ass; plus, closing out the DKC series is simply an epic way to do business. Well played, OCR! Well played, Emu and Brandon (and anyone else I'm missing - sorry)!
  22. Legend of Zelda could do it. Especially Ocarina of Time. How about a Mega Man movie? Good ol' random shooting.
  23. A retardedly ambient Death Wind - I love the source track. It feels like it wants to be ambient but strong - like a hurricane or something. Always wanted to hear that. As a side-note, an F-ZERO album project would be win in itself, regardless of style. Death Wind:
  24. How? Most of the games were just little beeps 'n' boops. I mean, if you've got any ideas, fire away, but...I can't see how this is ReMixable. Personally, I'm a huge fan of Nintendo's take on the G&W sound ( ), but I don't know how else to take the sounds.
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