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  1. http://wmucradio.com/stream_ripper/mon/8_Bit_Radio_800_1000.mp3 the interview comes in around 3/4 of the show. i wound up listening to the whole two hours though haha
  2. gee i wasn't expecting it to really happen o_o slaphands, man... slaphands i'm just really amped after listening to the 8 bit radio interview and preview tracks. what a great collaborative effort, seriously
  3. i propose that the remixers and contributors get an early leak of the album D:
  4. oh my gawd those are by far some of THE sexiest acoustic samples i've ever heard you are saviors among the tubes!
  5. why wouldn't it? o_O not like the overseers will just up and abandon the project...
  6. alright here's my success story summers ago in the ripe year of 2005, a friend suggested i check out FL Studio. prior to this, my only experiences with digital songwriting involved sequencing my own MIDIs, which at the time was pretty cool stuff. getting FLS opened up my world incredibly, and i remember i'd sit around sequencing and composing all these random songs with no real goal in mind. it was the most basic stuff you could imagine but it blew my mind so months would pass and "songs" would be pumping out regularly. i think by the end of 2005, i started to get an interest in putting together actual albums. over the course of about four years, i've recorded give or take 30 albums of music, with about a half of those solely dedicated to electronic music (the rest were on guitar and stuff) now you hear a lot about how it's "quality over quantity", and i couldn't agree any less with that saying. however, sometimes when you're pursuing something, it's best to do as much as possible without regards to acute perfection at all. some ambition is key, because it keeps you on the right track. for me, recording full albums of music furthered my songwriting skills tremendously. naturally whenever i'd be finished with one, i almost immediately find it to be subpar and mediocre, because i learned so much more about the recording process in that time. it's something like "alright here's the product of the last few months, i'm proud of it, but i know i can do better and i'm yearning to outdo myself." so you wind up constantly improving. this is one of those rare cases, i think, that quantity benefits you more from quality, because in time you'll gain a natural instinct for what sounds the best it's been a solid four years since i got fully immersed into the songwriting biz. a couple dozen albums and undoubtedly hundreds upon hundreds of songs later, i still catch myself improving after each endeavor. practice has indeed helped make perfect, and it's a momentum that really keeps me on track with new material and getting myself up to standards with today's extremely gifted songwriters, producers and composers just keep at it, no matter how simple you start out with. it'll be a long process depending on how often you set out to record songs or albums, but the more it's tackled, the more it'll get easier and closer to your expectations. keep an open mind and do new things as they strike you, and most of all, make it fun. if i didn't have fun with writing and recording, i certainly wouldn't have poured a large portion of my life into it hope this helps... not sure if this was just inspirational ranting or psychobabble
  7. let it be known publically that i made it in time... uploading this beastly .wav and in the process of thinking up a grandiose title grahhhhhf, man unbelievably stoked for the release of this and FFIV. two of the coolest projects ever
  8. hey, greatness takes patience... from what i've heard behind the scenes (nyuk nyuk), this album is as solid as they come, and i simply cannot wait to hear it in its entirety slaphands
  9. hey avaris what's the status on this? i know i've been dicking you around for a long time now with my track but i'm really trying to get something done and in for this. long story summed up, i have a friend who's a huge fan of xenogears and i've told her about this project album and that i'll try my best to get in on it, and i'd really hate to wind up not keeping my word for taking too long. it's kinda like one of those "man i like this girl and i want to show her my craft by being involved in one of her favorite obsessions" situations, if you're familiar with it hahah just throw me some kind of final end date for when you're seriously done taking submissions and i'll get you the grahf remix as soon as i possibly can. you'd definitely be doing me a huge solid, man, and i do apologize for being a procrastinator about it
  10. i'm still in yo, i dusted off the old grahf project files last night and felt i could finally get it back on track. what kind of guy would i be if i didn't?
  11. lol his birthday is a day after mine good times
  12. that's what boggled me a few days ago when i tried downloading it. merely redirected back to the same page :\
  13. PRIMO! never ceases to impress from jill's side of the field
  14. too complicated for these lowlifes to tackle? no idea. the same thing boggles my mind for brave fencer musashi and secret of evermore's soundtracks
  15. Sennheiser eH150 compared to my old Sony studio monitor set, these puppies are giving me lows and highs i've never heard before in music
  16. WHO: Hawnay Troof (aka Vice Cooler) is an artist who twists the "pop" genre around and fucks it up into sounding something completely different from what you would originally hear. Think of a male Peaches on crack WHAT: Mr. Cooler hosted a remix project in which fans can remix two tracks off his upcoming album "Islands of Ayle" and submit them to be released on Halloween as a free compilation download WHERE: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=6547994 WHEN: ...well, Halloween WHY: 'cause he's cool? yeah Anyway I submitted an arrangement of Connection in which I scrapped 99% of the original melody and backing track and practically recorded a brand new song featuring Vice's vocals. Half of the people I've shown the remix to enjoyed both aspects (backing track and vocals) while the other half claimed Vice was annoying as fuck, which led me to provide an additional instrumental version of the track to those who can't stand his approach to the mic WITH VOCALS: http://xenodesigns.com/uc/nrich/connection.mp3 WITHOUT VOCALS: http://xenodesigns.com/uc/nrich/connection2.mp3 Feedback is appreciated despite no further changes will be made to the mix, but I hope those who listen enjoy the arrangement as well as Vice Cooler's music itself
  17. I can't do complex solos for shit but if you need some general rhythm tracks I'm down for that you got AIM? catch me on there sometime and we'll throw some shit together, man. my s/n is vanishdoom
  18. sup I'm still planning on getting that guitar arrangement in when I have the free time, right now things have been hectic so I haven't had time to try and figure out how to tackle it I can guarantee something in early-mid November
  19. wordiddy word word Playstation port is not worth the cash, and the DS version... well yknow, that's the DS nothing wrong with the GBA port, though. so if you can't afford the ebay splendor, rock that shit out
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