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  1. Coming back to the mix a day later with fresh ears is a catastrophe, as well. Some things you'll end up loving, and the rest you'll realize need to be changed. I myself have rarely been 100% completely happy with a mix; there's usually something that could've been changed.
  3. Nobody's mentioned Secret of Evermore, the American-made Secret of Mana-style real-time RPG, I don't think. The graphics and storyline are classic, and you cannot go wrong at all with Jeremy Soule's debut pristine soundtrack. Definitely one of my favorite RPGs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YMEu9aO8QA
  4. Integrating a web 2.0 function like that could be the sensible way of tackling the situation. If shitty blogs the world wide web over can use it, why not a legit and thriving music community like OCR?
  5. Which is very contradicting... Say you got someone who loves Shnabubula's solo piano arrangement "Anachronism" from Secret of Evermore and wants to hear more tracks like that. How? By searching through hundreds upon hundreds of remixes? Yes, genres are overrated but when you keep them down to a point (rock, jazz, classical, etc., and nothing like progressive swedish death metal, neo-psychedelic rock, baroque indie pop) it would probably work out just fine.
  6. The same can be said about the original Tactics... Not many remixes going on there, either. For such powerful scores, it's odd and disappointing.
  7. Yeah I wouldn't mind remixing the other tracks just for the hell of it.
  8. Not sure entirely, I usually mess around with a track for a while until I settle into something it fits with, but for a final battle theme? It's all about grandiose orchestration, heavy synths and pounding drums. Maybe a guitar chug or two. It's up to you what you wanna grab, man. I'll take what I can get, no problem there.
  9. Album artwork is a great hobby of mine. http://www.last.fm/music/Nathan+Rich/+albums Resolution is kind of small thanks to last.fm's restrictions, but you get the general idea in some way. I have plenty of other examples in high resolution if needed!
  10. I used to be a Winamp fan in the early 00s until I moved onto foobar and iTunes (I alternate between both for studio WIPs and actual albums, respectively). When on Linux, however, Rhythmbox takes the cake. Banshee and Amarok blow.
  11. I can get stressed out easily if it's hotter than 80 degrees when attempting to record. Something about the temperture and atmosphere of a room that affects the process in a large way. Recording vocals is something I don't often do, due to some lovely paper thin walls everyone is familiar with. Voice self-consciousness. The granddaddy of them all would most likely have to be random fatal errors in the middle of an unsaved project. I had FL crash on me just recently after sequencing a sweet synth lead for an original track, leaving me to try and re-create it from memory. Needless to say, it's not the same or quite as good. Neighbors only piss me off when I'm trying to sleep. You don't need your mexicans to landscape at 7am...
  12. Can I request a change from Nathan Rich to nrich? I opted to register with my real name to ensure that if I had a remix submitted to the site, it would be under my name and not an alias, basically for last.fm scrobbling purposes, but I saw that a few others (like Jeremy Robson) didn't have that problem. Thankssss
  13. Can't believe I got it in on time. Certainly a first for me!
  14. I'll be sending my entry tonight before the deadline after I can clean up the EQ and finish mastering... Sleep sounds amazing right now and the lacking presence of it is really disabling me from polishing Red July to mirror-like qualities. ):
  15. I think I just hit puberty for the second time.
  16. Lose the square wave post-intro and incorporate more of that sweet lead synth you have going on in the second half. The drums sound great and should be brought to the front a little more with some extra variation, as with some of the basic structure of track itself. Also, maybe layer some soft synths on the final verses to strengthen the climax? It's a really strong track, and I'd love to hear it cleaned up and on OCR in the near future.
  17. Pfft c'mon, that's one serious growl we're talking about here.
  18. Synths, strings, a prominent drumtrack, and variation within the melody structure would help direct this mix somewhere nice. It's off to a good start!
  19. Good method to use an external LAME encoder. I encountered noticeable differences between FL exports and LAME exports, mainly with the bass and how FL muddies it a bit.
  20. While in Edison: right click > edit > click-free editting Leaves those pops behind without any extra effort, man.
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