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  1. Tonight's episode was ricockulous I think they're getting way too much into their own heads with some of this shit
  2. Yeah totally, I think I'm lucky to have gotten a hold of Grahf's theme at the time I did
  3. You and me both, man The Xenogears album could also turn out to be a solid contender with the outstanding original material to work with, courtesy of Mr. Mitsuda
  4. I made an account a while back but I never get the peace and quiet to just sit down and plow through some classics anymore, it's pretty lame I gotz a pimpz layout tho, check dat sheeeet http://www.backloggery.com/main.php?user=nrich
  5. Hey I just recently had to reinstall a fresh copy of Windows due to a bombardment of viruses and spyware, so right now I'm currently working towards getting my recording setup situated I didn't lose any important files/demos (I hope) so this shouldn't delay anything too much
  6. Addicting bastard, it is. I don't think I've attempted to beat it in a single playthrough but I've gotten close to 100% completion a couple years back. I could never find the last few map spaces, it was driving me nuts
  7. Is there any specific deadline that needs to be met for near-finished demos? I'm juggling a lot of projects and several other remixes as of late (most likely a few others in the same position, I'd bet) and I've got deadlines written down for most of them to help prioritize and keep chaos from materializing, with this album project of course being the exception. Late october, early november... any kind of due goal would be great just to make sure I don't screw up and neglect my commitment
  8. Quickest run period? Probably story mode in Tekken 3 with Eddy Gordo, lalz I've beaten Super Mario World in under 20 minutes, Mega Man X in an hour or so (100% without using Hadouken), and some other shtuff here and there... nothing much to brag about really
  9. I can't believe I remember all of that What the hell, Cartoon Network? What the hell, Mike Lazzo? What the hell?
  10. Personally, I'd much rather hear a brand new take on a song rather than an untouched composition with some soundfonts and a drumtrack Being too conservative can be boring and being too liberal can fall apart in a lot of cases, but getting into a nice groove between both can result in some top notch remixes, especially when they take the original feel and turn it into something completely new If we didn't challenge ourselves as remixers like that, not much would be accomplished
  11. truth Tom was only cool before he upgraded into a pot-belly spacesuit
  12. Cranky's Conga is turning out pretty well, it's a fun, bouncy track. Proof-of-creation will be up before September is over, I hope.
  13. He's now playing the great gig in the sky. RIP.
  14. I misread that as "making out" for a second and had to chuckle at the hilarity it implied
  15. he [unintentionally] did it for the lulz
  16. nrich

    Super Mario RPG

    The cover was ruined after a mysterious glass of water was spilt upon it, but I miraculously still have my copy.
  17. nrich

    Super Mario RPG

    It was exceptionally entertaining back in 1996, and still is twelve years later. I'm glad the game was revived for a new generation to enjoy.
  18. About time for another Evermore remix! Supremely underrated soundtrack I'm liking the organ theme for this, I never would've seen such a dark atmosphere come from the original However there is some minor dissonance in certain parts that are wince-worthy, and the organ by itself feels somewhat lacking, which could be easily fixed with some minor instrumentation... dark string synths for example, or maybe some extra organ layers in higher/lower octaves, just something to fill up the space and add texture With some minor additions this would absolutely be submission worthy in my opinion, it's a strong mix
  19. Radiohead got away with the 160kbps In Rainbows because a physical release was to be expected. When you're supplying virtually the only copy, I just think it's a good idea to sacrifice saving a couple dozen megabytes for better quality tracks that will ultimately be more enjoyable I like the pun
  20. Haha absolutely, it's always the most infuriating challeges that end up being the most rewarding. As a competitive gamer, it feels that much more "justified" in a sense to brag about beating the original Final Fantasy compared to one of the more mainstream sequels like VI or VII.
  21. I've just recently gotten to Melmond and the Earth Cave, and goddamn it's a pain in the ass, even with a knight and red mage both outfitted with silver swords. :\
  22. Why 160kbps? Why not 192 or even 224?... Seems redundant to put together such a big project and then offer it in mediocre quality. Sure you don't want to use FLAC, that's understandable, but that doesn't mean you can't make use of MP3's higher quality bitrates.
  23. qft There are those with supportive families and those without. You are the latter. They know nothing.
  24. COWABUNGA DUDES Had a blast with this, and I dig the other killer entries Now to think up a wonderful personal autograph for Jill to sign... :3
  25. Not sure about an entire pattern (unless it was all on the same mixer track), but right click the volume knob of what you wish to adjust, and select and create automation clip. It'll send an automation to the project playlist where you can adjust the volume from there. You can do automation with nearly everything like that in FL. Panning, modulation, delay, etc. Extremely handy (:
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