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  1. Hmm, not bad... but I'm more of a fan of the stuff from EW/QL. Looking at it, the Dystopia II that's in it seems pretty appealing to me.
  2. I agree with Sil. I've been using Sibelius for a few years now, and nothing else. Although it's got some very nice functions and works quite well generally, the playback in it is it's weakest point. It now supports VSTs, but it can be a bit of a hassle to set them up correctly. Another thing it does is attempt to interpret and emulate the score to play it back like real performers- but again, this is a relatively weak function. Beyond that, and the articulation markings, there's not much you can do to adjust the sound and velocities of what you've got, which leads to everything sounding rather mechanical and "rigid." I'm learning how to use FL Studio, but I'm failing at it. And pretty epically as well. Also, I'm new here too. This thread helped me a lot as well, so thank you...
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