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  1. Woah, Wait, What?!?!? No more OCAD? This... just... no.
  2. Loved the album. Still love the album. Listened to it a few times all the way through and I have to say: the only track I personally don't like is 'Us Monkeys Together.' No offense intended to Amy and Vinnie, but it just sounds like it could've been better. Overall, though, great work by all parties involved! (I don't have much else to say without repeating myself. "LOVED IT!") (There, I did anyway.)
  3. http://ocremix.org/forums/member.php?u=33146 Wanna take a trip to Colombia? Ask this bot for information!!
  4. Woah, hey, I have the same birthday as a judge? Awesome. Happiest of birthdays to you, sir!
  5. Happy B-Day, diotrans! (also, really? a whole 2 pages went by and no one posted it?)
  6. my thoughts exactly. I was going to reccomend that if no one else had. +1 to Station Ripper, it works.
  7. Listened to a couple of the previews, and I have to say, it sounds great! Definately my cup of tea. Downloading now.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if he posts some of it in here today just because you said that. btw: HB, Schwaltzvald.
  9. That was a good show, guys... Too bad the recording got messed up
  10. I'm now a subscriber to the OCAD podcast! Moving up in the world, huh guys?
  11. First off, they're moderators, or mods, for short. Second, why should they do it for you when you can do it yourself? Edit your first post, click "go advanced" and change it from there. They don't need to waste their time doing that, they have lives, and day jobs, etc.
  12. I'm getting it in IE8, also.. And after you do log-in, the Private Message notification(specifically "total") gets in the way but not nearly as bad as the Log In button.
  13. Looks like someone never saw Office Space...
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