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  1. agreed, but I will add this protip for the mentally idiotic: don't listen to neko.
  2. Fail. Happpy birthday anyway.
  3. Dammit, Brome. Now it's stuck in my head too. It sounds really, extremely familiar but I can't place it, either... Maybe runescape? The reason I say that is the middle part, right before the drum beat sounds a little bit like part of that sign-in screen music... I could, of course, be mistaken seeing as it has been years since I last played that game.
  4. Hello, hello. There is a "Newbie Introduction Thread" so this will probably be closed down before long. However, I'd like to say welcome to OCR and enjoy the music!
  5. Go to the synaptics control panel. Go to device properties Towards the top, click settings. Click on "Virtual Scrolling" on the left panel. At the top, uncheck Vertical Scrolling and Horizontal Scrolling. Click Apply. Problem solved.
  6. That solo sounds like something from the Weather Channel. Or maybe it's just me. I like it though.
  7. I had this happen to me once and it was due to some "annoyance" malware. With your IE messing up, I can only imagine what other viruses you might have. It can be detected by antivirus scans and easily erased so run virus scans now. Hope this helps!
  8. Hopefully it renews. HBE.
  9. OH MY GOD! LOVE IT! The single rifle shot before the alarm and intro in the bass instruments reminded me of a Novellization I read a long time ago. 4:19-ish is really cool. Really liked 5:30. Ending was interesting. Alarm fading out with pitch lowering was different. I was almost expecting a final rifle shot and abrubt end to all sound. Overall a great remix. 5/5
  10. I was gonna ask the same thing.
  11. point taken, I apologize.
  12. 1.) The idea is there, no doubt, but getting people to pitch in... 2.) Good Question.
  13. Fixed. And I would love to see this done in my life but that probably wont happen. 13 years of game development. Wow.
  14. I have things like that but I don't get thoughts, I have a semi-dream that involves falling somehow and I wake up spasming. Weird, eh? I've gone a week on end with maybe an hour of sleep per night. (That's an average) Best grades I've ever gotten in school came during that week.
  15. I think this may have made better music for in the Shinra tower than the music used in-game. But anyway, this piece is really cool, very dark, and yet still gives the feel of an evil, planet-killing, cash-mongering company's HQ building. Very nice.
  16. Love it. And the fact that it is a waltz makes it that much better. Especially how the theme jumps between instruments/instrument groups. can we say... TUBA SOLO!!! WOOO! Great piece, nice work.
  17. Great piece. Very nice, laid-back, jazzy feel. BIAS ALERT... I love the cello part throughout the piece. The piece sounds like a bit of what I like to call a "jam-session" maybe cause of the drum in the begining that sounds like a door closing or maybe by the staggered entrances by the different instruments, either way I love it all. Nice Work!
  18. Very chill indeed. Love the guitar towards the ending. The vocal theme sounds great, too. It definitely takes the main theme to a new level of greatness not seen by many. Overall, nice work!
  19. I definitely agree with all of this.
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