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  1. This brings back memories. l like how it fits with the atmosphere of the ocean and how it really is great to listen to when you want to relax.
  2. This Month: Get the general rank in killzone 2 Install digital performer again Sleep more Be more productive with time Post more on ocremix Get together with friends more This should keep me busy for a while.
  3. Beautiful and a delicate piece of music that really has a sweet tune, the piano is fantastic. Great job:-P
  4. This is now one of my favorites from Big Giant Circles. This is really just great to listen to and it really never gets boring but my favorite part is 2:35 to 2:56.
  5. Its too good to be true, the guitar work is awesome and amazing.
  6. listening to it right now, this really is a fantastic mix that has awesome written allover it.
  7. This is a great song to chill out too and the choir samples were fantastic to listen too.
  8. The trombone in the mix is what l love about this mix.
  9. Hello there, l request a remix of the song called " Turn On The lights (Hitomi Theme). l would like to hear it as a techno song or something similar. link to original song below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5GZy3pC3YI l really am surprised know one done a remix for this game. Thank You
  10. Well l have just finished doing some painting other art stuff for a assignment thats due in three hours.
  11. Lovely tune that really has a nice melody, the violin is my favorite part of the song.
  12. l enjoyed the song it was great but l would have liked it to go a bit longer.
  13. This arrangement really is fantastic it really deserves recognition.
  14. l found this mix very well done, the ambiance is intreging to listen.
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