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  1. I can not stop playing this it is just so great to listen to.
  2. Excellent remix you have made good sir. l really would recommend it.
  3. Takes my breath away when l listen to this. You never seem to disappoint:razz: Good work.
  4. This really makes me want to chill out and watch the world go by.
  5. I really was not a fan of the game but this is pretty decent not great but decent.
  6. This song blew my mind, the guitar work was amazing to listen. Good job.
  7. Hello there, l request a remix of the song The ending theme to the legend of dragoon. l would like to hear it as a guitar medley or something similar. link to original song below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SE4LjZ3mZtc l really am surprised that know one has done a remix for this game. Thank You
  8. Well I thought this song was brilliant from beginning to end.
  9. One of my favorite wingless mixes by far. l really enjoy the atmosphere you brought on the table here. Good work
  10. I have been listening to this for a few weeks and it still sounds awesome.
  11. Rap is somthing l don't really like but this is something different.
  12. I have been playing this on repeat and it still rocks.
  13. WOW, this song really has a soul to. The saxophone was perfect for it. Good Job.
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