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  1. This was so good to listen to but it was to short which was a bummer.
  2. The vocal samples makes this so awesome to listen too. Good work.
  3. I very much dig this a lot. This is excellent in so many ways and is very beautiful to listen to. I just love it so much.
  4. Honestly l love playing this early in the morning for some strange reason.
  5. This is the life i want. This truly makes me so relaxed and calm.
  6. Just what i needed for today. Excellent job.
  7. Love this a lot. The sounds and the guitar playing is amazing.
  8. I'll do it for half the price. Just tell me and my sledge hammer where your computer and game discs are located:<
  9. Seriously this is a pleasure to listen to, the piano is fantastic. Great job.
  10. This is spectacular, it has a mysterious vibe to it but it is good to see pokemon remixes.
  11. Oh yeah, this has a nice tune to it. I dig this a lot.
  12. This is a really catchy tune and it feels like it is going punch me in the face any moment. Awesome work.
  13. Diablo is a great game and this is a great to listen to.
  14. Good god this is awesome and l love the sounds you used from the game. Good job.
  15. Ahoy, your tracks are always enjoyable to listen to halc.

    Trust me:)

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