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  1. Is it just me or in SC2 was her vagina pulled down to her knees? I LOVE playing Dan, there's nothing like owning with 1 ft range GADOKEN! Awww, Captain Falcon and Bowser are my best characters. -cryface-
  2. Seems like a lot of people are providing legitimate reasons for mixing other people's music. but perhaps the question isn't "Why would someone want to remix another's music?" but more like "Why NOT remix another's music?"
  3. Mirror's edge was a fun game, hell it was a great game, however it wasn't a fantastic game. I enjoyed all the different ways you could jump around, the fact that weapons were available and yet not required, the sheer beauty of the landscapes, and the combat was awesome as well. But there were some key factors of the game that I just couldn't forget. The story was predictable, transparent, and just not very informative. It's to dang short, a short campaign would be acceptable if there were more things to do after you beat it besides racing your ghosts. The problem I think was the demo, it was just too big (I can't believe I'm saying this). You can pretty much emulate the experience of the whole game by replaying the demo three or four times.
  4. That song, Necromancy... God I'm still trying to hide my erection.
  5. I was under the assumption that that was how Raphael was supposed to be played. At least that's how people play him when they go up against me. But really, I would have to say Lieselotte Achenbach from Arcana heart. She has the same last name as me, which was quite surprising considering the name. But she's impossible, uses a puppet.
  6. The wrench was perfect! Although, I was disappointed when you didn't hit anything with it.
  7. Hmm. Well, that's the wonderful thing about mixing video game music. It has quite the nostalgic value. I mean, a song can generate a feeling deep inside someone that is almost completely unique to the song. It goes up to another level when you combine it with a visual aspect, like the feeling of heroicness that fills your soul and makes your skin tingle when watching Lord of the Rings (please insert a movie that you like if LOTR doesn't perk your fancy). This feeling can rise even further when dealing with video game music, not only are you building nostalgia by listening to a song that portrays the mood of a particular environment, but YOU are in that environment, hypothetically. I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this... lol Hearing video game music while maintaining that link with the characters of the game can really inspire people to remake the song in a similar fashion, while adding their own flair. Almost like remixing VG music is a VG by itself. All I'm saying, is that when I hear Felix's theme I get the unmistakable urge to have my broadsword let out a howl, and slaughter the nearest living creature.
  8. Curse you Grammar club! You broke every single bone in my body when I was blown away by this impenetrably awesome track. Pretty please?
  9. Anyone ever see this complete scam? It was well done, I must admit I jumped for glee when I saw it like 2 years ago. It's quite the punch in the face.
  10. I know! I was expecting an "only able to select Ryu" Story play, just to see all the pretty characters and listen to the bitchen music. but the damn thing REQUIRES more than one controller to even consider playing. Bah!
  11. That argument (not this one, but the previous long one) was actually quite compelling! Perhaps I shall give the RE classics another chance.
  12. Really? I hadn't noticed, to be honest my opinion was pretty biased, as I believe I have only played a pre RE4 game once, and it was only for an hour or so. In fact the only thing I really remember is a few dogs crashed in through some window, and tore me to shreds while I was attempting to avoid shooing my shins.
  13. A demo for download you say? I should have been keeping better track. This game looks absolutely fantastic! Actually, I pretty much hated all RE before 4, granted that the style of game did add a very nice spice to the horror genre, but the very fact that my 3 aiming options were a. Right in front of my face b. my toes. c. the ceiling. ...made it a bit unappealing. It was a miracle when RE 4 came out and I could actually aim at the head of my attackers
  14. And that bitchin single style Shoulder-piece, or was that cloud only?
  15. Ya know, I think if they get Steve Blum to make shitty voice-overs for Mr. Reeves, it might actually be a better picture. The last thing I wanna see is Spike beating on Vicious while all the while having that stupid I'm-gonna-kick-your-ass-robot-clones face. His hair better be damn accurate.
  16. SOLDIER! Because purple jump suits are just that sexy.
  17. The film received mixed reviews and despite aggressive promotion by Sony, it became a huge box office bomb. With a budget of $137 million (including marketing costs) the film made $85 million worldwide, meaning total losses were approximately $94 million (the studio typically receives half the box office gross). The domestic box office loss was, at the time, the largest in film history. The merger between Square and Enix, which had been under consideration since at least 2000 according to the then Enix chairman Yasuhiro Fukushima, was delayed because of the failure of the film and Enix' hesitation at merging with a company that had just lost a substantial amount of money. Lawl, thanks wikipedia.
  18. I apologize for this game is far from easy to find. Also I would consider this game good and fun to play. Has anyone ever played Gitaroo man? it's a rare find but probably the best rhythm game on the face of the earth, also the hardest game I have ever played, and I nearly beat Dragon Warrior 7. I mean, it's a battle involving different instruments as weapons, with actual life bars! How awesome is that? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XucTSukJ96I
  19. Not the song I'd choose to display that movie. In all honesty I didn't even really like Advent Children, sure the fight scenes were spectacular, but the overall plot was complete fail compared to the previous game.
  20. I came back! But for a good reason http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAkgaTFq6tg Best song ever, and SM's first published music video, I'm pretty sure.
  21. Lol, you mean the movie where those people went to mars and found that face with the creepy wind-sounds? i thought it was ok, a little slow, but not that bad.
  22. I'm sure I'm alone in this... But my hatred stems from Edward Scissor-hands, and the Kill Bill series. Also the Japanese flick "Suicide Club" is probably one of the worst movies ever concieved.
  23. Nuff' said. I used to listen to a lotta ska in my highschool days, but I would recommend LTJ, RBF, The Mad Caddies are pretty cool, and ya might wanna look up some Mustard Plug. There's always Sublime as well
  24. I'm very pleased to see most of you play Horde. In the past I have played a Paladin and a Priest, but I'm currently addicted to Mage. I've also been fooling around with Shaman.
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